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  1. Dry brush those Desert houses, do a couple of coats of lighter and lighter sand colors and it will finish it great!
  2. The two printed are the initial test pieces. The three pieces make up the STL file. Today I scaled the sizes up and re-positioned them better and re-printed. I will be adding additional variants as well so that there will be 2x of the new "small size" 2.5 in by 2.5 in and 2 inches tall, the attached picture shows the new scale. Correct me if I'm wrong but both the commander and 2 other units have to be behind terrain to receive the benefits?
  3. The minis are the Wizard's 28mm. I feel like the crates are too small for "Legion Scale", it will be easy to scale them up, wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy in my scaling.
  4. I was contemplating designing up a modular hangar of sorts in the ord mantell style, cant wait to see the variety of these boards!
  5. I have some stuff up at imperialterrain.com , STL's and the such
  6. Let me know what you guys would like to see, I have a 1/2 done "Starfighter" that looks like a certain letter and the rebel ship from episode 7 that Leia rescues Han on. Didnt go down the ship path modeling yet because wasnt sure about game rules/mechanics for mission objectives, such as rescue downed pilot, etc.
  7. I'm starting a line of 3d printed terrain for Legion, Here is a early prototype of a downed pilot objective marker.
  8. Thanks everyone that messaged me, you'll hear back and be added to the list. At this time between reddit and here I have over 45 submissions which will be plenty for mulitple phases of testing. Thanks and I'll work on the panels opening via blaster bolt contact.
  9. Hey folks, I'm a GM and avid 3D Modeler / the terrain guy for my group. I built what I think is a cool modular system for buildings (initially) and looking for a few groups to test out my pieces! I'll send you a set of them for free, and all I ask for in return is to fill out a survey after using them. Check out the pictures to see if its something you would be interested in. I'm NOT selling anything. Send me a message if interested, also check me out on the reddit/swrpg as Tex447 to prove im a GM and a 3d terrain nut with some of my postings since I have no history here. -tex447
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