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  1. They releases Lowhrick, this argument is invalid! This meta has seem some of the slowest X-wing matches in history.
  2. Well someone has to be disappointed after Gen Con...
  3. Chibi-Nya

    Force Friday

    Tomorrow is Friday, is that the day?
  4. I find the game you can play with the TFA set is more fun as the T-70 is way more interesting to maneuver with than the T-65. BOOST ACTION! Imperial player has all the fun in the original core set.
  5. Harpoon Missile is a good weapon, but keep in mind the majority of tournament lists nowadays are 2 ships that don't have to stay close (FSR is the main exception). You won't get a lot of mileage from the splash abilities.
  6. Lockdown ain't my girl either... Always does this this me.
  7. I'm not sure there were any attacks performed by that list.
  8. I suggested this in a Punisher thread a few weeks ago and was told it would be a crappy fix. Probably right since that ship dies before it can unload.
  9. I'm surprised the first one lasted as long as it did TBH, those tiny shuttles aren't meant for dogfighting! They pretty much only use it for exploring and sneaking.
  10. Wookie Gunship was in the very first episode of the entire series. Shadowcaster was somewhere in mid-late season 2. Also, the Protectorate Fang Fighter is featured in this show.
  11. The "I get nerfed for winning tournaments" mentatlity for balancing is really bad. Mortal Kombat X and other vfighting games by NRS do this somewhat and it's really annoying for the top players since it doesn't give anyone time to "adapt". Knee jerk balance reactions are the worst, the game meta needs a pretty long time to settle after a big change... The Wave XI one is far from determined yet.
  12. On one side, it gives a reason to actually use generics in a way that can compete with the top pilots without needing to include those pilots at all. On the other hand, the same, wouldn't wanna mix Aces with pilots much anymore. Would be All generics or All aces, but there's still variety.
  13. Never not had fun in X-Wing. But I mostly play with my friends, so never see all the dumb stuff. X-wing still fun game if you have people to play with that won't bring Metawing lists! However, some ships still suck even in Casual <.< RIP Punisher.
  14. And it's part of the VCX family too, so the Ghost is somewhere in the family tree.
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