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  1. This may be worth a shot! I've really been struggling to deal with the lack of a K-turn on the Gunboat's dial, and this would definitely open up more options for quickly re-entering the fight.
  2. So I recently I picked up a glorious Alpha - Class Starwing. I've got a few games in with it, but I just can't seem to get the darn thing to work! I'm absolutely sure that it's my fault and I'm flying in the worst way possible ? So does anyone have some advice on how to build/fly the gunboat effectively? Any advice is very much appreciated, since I would love to actually be able to fly my gunboat well at some point! (And because it'd probably be helpful, here are the builds I've tried) Major Vynder (26), PTL (3), Adv. Slam (2), OS-1 (2), Harpoon Missiles (4) Rho Squadron Veteran (21) Crack Shot (1), HLC (7), XG-1 (1), Linked battery (2) Nu Squadron Pilot (18), Harpoon Missiles (4)
  3. I've been playing since about.....December 2015 and have been having a blast ever since. I (sadly) don't have an active X-Wing group in my area to really judge the meta for myself but I'm pretty much ok with how the game is at the moment.
  4. Unfortunately, Swarm Leader is a unique card, which means you'll have to choose which pilot you want to carry it. Personally I like the idea of it being on Zeta Ace. Then I'd swap out Omega Ace for the standard Omega Leader build. With the remaining points, I'd then switch your three other TIEs to Black Squadron Pilots all with Debris Gambit. This will give you much more opportunities to trigger Swarm leader, as each TIE can use it's Debris Gambit independently, as well as three very slippery TIEs.
  5. This actually works quite well with my current collection, Predator has been my go to EPT of choice to stand in for FCS.
  6. I guess that might just be my best option...I'm just hesitant to spend $20+ on ships I don't really want just for two upgrade cards. The Striker I'd definitely consider though, I've seen some solid lists with Quickdraw and Pure Sabaac.
  7. Greetings everybody So Quickdraw is one of my absolute favorite Imperial pilots, and I would love to fly him/her more often. The problem is.....I don't own FCS..or Lightweight Frame....or ASTS, which are all pretty much standard for all of Quickdraw's strong builds. So my question is, are there any passable alternative ways to get a solid Quickdraw on the table, or should I suck it up and try and track down a Phantom/B-wing, Agressor/Striker, and a Quadjumper for those select upgrades? Any advice or ideas are very much appreciated!
  8. Soontir Fel or Talonbane Cobra, can't decide so I choose both
  9. I agree with this. The Firespray's dial has a somewhat limited selection of green maneuvers, which could make shedding tell stress from Maul and PTL tricky.....and Assaj will definitely benefit from having a second dose of 'stims on hand.
  10. Great, now I'll never be able to run that card again without getting that great mental image ? thanks
  11. So, as the above title suggests, I'm curious to know what crew cards (epic included) are your favorites thematically? Mine is Darth Vader....I love the idea of Vader crushing enemy ships with the force but wreaking havoc on his own in the process!
  12. It's all my fault. I uttered the fateful words and changed this thread forever ? forgive me
  13. I second this notion. I've had some experience flying two Black Sun Assasins with PTL, Autothrusters, and StarViper M.K II. They're horrifically slippery with the curved barrel roll.
  14. I couldn't remember but it was too good to pass up
  15. In my (small) experience with the G1-A, I've discovered that this ship really wants ways to passively mod it's dice so you can exploit the ships dial and barrel roll action. Cards like Predator, Sensor Jammer, FCS, Outlaw Tech , and Dengar are massively helpful in keeping consistent dice while pulling red maneuvers and barrel rolls.
  16. I beg to differ! Fearlessness can be quite destructive on Scum Boba and Talonbane Cobra (who gets it free)
  17. Thanks for the advice everyone! It's been good to get some outside input. As of now I'm leaning towards getting a Protectorate Starfighter and a Phantom II. I've heard enough good about the Sheathipede to have me pretty much convinced
  18. That's a good idea thanks! But I'm still kinda on the fence about the Phantom II, I feel like I'd need the Ghost to really get my money's worth out of it.
  19. Good point, I forgot to tell you guys ? my collection currently consists of: 1 TFA core set 1 A Wing, 1 Y wing, 1 T-70, 1 Scurrg, 1 ARC 170, 1 HWK 290, 1 Rebel Aces, 1 Imperial Aces, 2 Special Forces TIE, 1 TIE punisher, 1 TIE Interceptor, 1 Upsilon class shuttle, 1 Lambda, 1 Guns for Hire, 1 YV 666, 1 Most wanted, 1 Slave One, 1 Khiraxz, 1 G1A, 1 Starviper
  20. So I have around $30 to spend on some X-Wing stuff (Yay!) and I'm looking for some advice on what to buy. I'd like to make the long over-due purchase of a Protectorate Starfighter, and that leaves me with around $20. Any suggestions on a good, self contained, solid expansion to get with the rest? I play all 3 factions so anything goes. Any advice is sincerely appreciated!
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