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  1. YOu might like this: It uses most of the good rotated cards.
  2. I wrote an article on how to build yourself a tournament-level deck for the 2018 Store Championships season with as few purchases as possible: It includes links to decklists on NRDB and lists of packs needed to make them. It's addressed to beginners who want to move into tournament play but aren't sure if they can build anything good with the packs they own, or people who left the game and sold their collections years ago and want to come back. Decks should be viable all the way to Regionals season unless some new meta-warping card is released during Kitara, or a new MWL makes them illegal. Let me know if you make the top cut at a tournament using one of these so I can send you an e-high five!
  3. List of Common Beginner Mistakes

    Forgetting the bad pub credit doesn't affect the gamestate, sure, but can hugely impact the course of a game. But a lot of the time the kind of missed triggers you're talking about could be things like forgetting to trash Crypsis if it doesn't have a virus counter, which is a HUGE deal, makes it a much better breaker than it is, and makes it harder for the corp to win in core-only games (which is the level of Netrunner I'm talking about in the article). Also, game-changing mistakes do happen. I once won a game because I forgot my mandatory NEH draw when installing a new server. My opponent ran R&D and saw a piece of ice, which I should've drawn, and the card under that was an agenda. Next turn I scored the winning agenda from hand. Only after the game did I realise I had basically cheated 2 turns before the end. And even very experienced players make mistakes, like the time Dan D'Argenio revealed the top 3 cards of R&D when he fired an Accelerated Beta Test (instead of just looking at them), which revealed them to the runner and irrevocably changed the game state. It's a pretty complicated game, even at beginner level. It's not just a credit here, a credit there kind of mistakes I list in there!
  4. Every once in a while, someone posts a news story about real-life cybercrime and declares that "the most Netrunner thing ever just happened!" Well, this time, the most Netrunner thing ever has happened, IN NETRUNNER! And I wrote about it here:
  5. Blog post on Core 2.0

    No argument there, change is good, baby giraffes are awesome
  6. Blog post on Core 2.0

    I was surprised to see others commenting on other places I shared this agreeing with you that siphon is a problem, for me it was actually one of the cards that hooked me, just like the Breaking News/Scorched combo. I guess different people like this game for different reasons For me it was never a huge power card, especially back in the San San / Data and Destiny meta, when glacier was king, but it was one of those cards that could swing things your way if you saved it at the right time. Most of the time though, it's very easy to play around, and I'm starting to wonder if maybe the issue was that the original core didn't have the tools corps needed to play around it. I'm talking about things like cheap gearcheck ICE (oh, you thought I was gonna bankrupt myself rezzing this to stop you? Well, have a Vanilla!), defensive upgrades that either stop the run dead, like Caprice, or stop the run event from resolving, like Crisium, or high rez cost assets you could keep on the table to deny the runner those credits like Eve Campaign. Actually we did have some of that last on, there were expensive cards like San San and Adonis you could hold back for when the runner tried to siphon you, but with corp economy being so terrible in Core Prime, could you really afford to keep an Adonis in reserve for that? Actually that last point might be the most important why a lot of people have soured towards siphon: corp economy was MUCH WORSE than runner economy in the original core! So Siphons were far more impactful than they are when playing with the full card pool. But it's possible that if you had a negative experience with siphon when first learning the game, your impression of it doesn't change, even if the card is nowhere near as oppressive anymore. I think that with giraffe baby staying in Corp economy is much improved in Core 2.0, and siphon wouldn't have been as oppressive. Especially with the new cheap barriers they've introduced (Wraparound makes Crypsis sad!) and Corroder gone! Now the best use for siphon isn't to actually get money, but to force a rez, and with cheaper ice around, that doesn't slow the corp as much either!
  7. Blog post on Core 2.0 This isn't an analysis of how the new core will affect the meta, it's just me publicly owning up to my mistakes!
  8. I wasn't sure whether to post this in here or in the rules questions subforum, so admins should feel free to move it! I put together a list of the most commonly made rules mistakes that Netrunner beginners make, and, since most posts here are by beginners asking questions about the game, I thought this would be an appropriate place to post it! I mostly only cover stuff that complete beginners get wrong, with the absolute basics of the game. For more complicated card interactions,, the official FAQ, and other forums like Reddit or Stimhack are the place to ask.