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  1. CryOfFrustration

    [BLOG] Cry of Frustration Netrunner posts

    Oh there's some great End of Game memes, I hope someone saved them so we can put them all online somewhere!
  2. CryOfFrustration

    [GUIDE] Building Competitive Decks on the Cheap!

    I forgot this thread existed ever since I made another one to aggregate all my posts in instead of starting a new thread whenever I published something new. But for anyone who stumbles on this, this guide has been updated: https://cryoffrustration.wordpress.com/2018/07/21/netrunner-competitive-decks-on-a-budget-august-2018-update/
  3. CryOfFrustration

    [BLOG] Cry of Frustration Netrunner posts

    Way overdue update to my Competitive Decks on a Budget buying guide: https://cryoffrustration.wordpress.com/2018/07/21/netrunner-competitive-decks-on-a-budget-august-2018-update/ Only a month's left of officially-sanctioned tournaments left, so get it while it's, uhm, still there.
  4. CryOfFrustration

    Completing Revised Core Collection

    I too understand your frustrations and agree that the situation sucks. I don't know what the business realities of printing cards are, and how much it would cut into FFG's profit margins to make every 1x card in the box a 2x, but I assume there's a reason why all their core boxes are between 300-350 cards. What I used to do back when I owned a single original core set is borrow my 2nd (and sometimes 3rd) copies of Desperado and SanSan whenever I needed to go to a tournament, and use proxies in casual play. (just slip a scribbled piece of paper into the card sleeve of another card) Seeing as there are far fewer absolute must-have 3x cards in the revised core set than there were in the original, it shouldn't be hard to find someone to lend you the card you need, especially since a lot of the older players have multiple sets of some of the 1x cards, like Hostile Takeover which anyone with 3x original cores will have NINE of!
  5. CryOfFrustration

    [BLOG] Cry of Frustration Netrunner posts

    There's been a lot of old players coming back to the game and asking "what did I miss?" lately, so I decided to write an article about it: https://cryoffrustration.wordpress.com/2018/05/03/the-history-of-competitive-netrunner-2015-2018/
  6. CryOfFrustration

    Newb looking to buy collection

    I think the Netrunner Dorks group on facebook is the place where most used collections get advertised. Check there, or on ebay.
  7. CryOfFrustration

    [BLOG] Cry of Frustration Netrunner posts

    I just posted a new article on how Reign and Reverie will impact the cardpool, and the future of deluxe expansions: https://cryoffrustration.wordpress.com/2018/04/08/reign-and-rotation-a-netrunner-reverie/
  8. CryOfFrustration

    [BLOG] Cry of Frustration Netrunner posts

    For the sake of completeness, my previous Netrunner articles were: Guide to building competitive decks on a budget: https://cryoffrustration.wordpress.com/2018/01/25/netrunner-competitive-decks-on-the-cheap/ Thoughts on the Glass House Hack: https://cryoffrustration.wordpress.com/2017/10/05/netrunner-flavour-notes-the-glass-house-hack/ Core 2.0 thoughts and oopsies: https://cryoffrustration.wordpress.com/2017/09/19/dr-ruselove-or-how-i-learned-to-stop-siphoning-and-love-the-imp/ Compendium of common newbie Rules Mistakes: https://cryoffrustration.wordpress.com/2017/07/09/netrunner-newbie-mistakes/ Flavour notes on Seidr: https://cryoffrustration.wordpress.com/2017/06/07/netrunner-flavour-notes-seidr/ 2016 MWL predictions: https://cryoffrustration.wordpress.com/2016/12/28/netrunner-drunken-mwl-predictions/ Intervention review: https://cryoffrustration.wordpress.com/2016/11/11/netrunner-intervention-first-impressions/
  9. In that case maybe try building the decks recommended here: https://runthenet.wordpress.com/2016/08/23/recommended-teachinglearning-decks/ They are pre-rotation, so you can probably build them with what you already own. There's a Jinteki list floating about as well on another blog post on there. (These are not mine, but the guy who made them is very highly regarded in the community.) EDIT: Turns out deleted those decks from NRDB and republished them. The links in the blog post go nowhere, but you can find them if you search for his name on NRDB: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklists/find?faction=&sort=popularity&rotation_id=&author=thebigboy&title=teaching&is_legal=&mwl_code=&packs[]=1&packs[]=8&packs[]=21&packs[]=28&packs[]=35&packs[]=51&packs[]=55&packs[]=2&packs[]=3&packs[]=4&packs[]=5&packs[]=6&packs[]=7&packs[]=9&packs[]=10&packs[]=11&packs[]=12&packs[]=18&packs[]=19&packs[]=22&packs[]=23&packs[]=24&packs[]=25&packs[]=26&packs[]=27&packs[]=29&packs[]=30&packs[]=31&packs[]=32&packs[]=33&packs[]=34&packs[]=36&packs[]=37&packs[]=38&packs[]=39&packs[]=40&packs[]=41&packs[]=42&packs[]=43&packs[]=44&packs[]=45&packs[]=46&packs[]=47&packs[]=48&packs[]=49&packs[]=50&packs[]=52&packs[]=53&packs[]=54&packs[]=56&packs[]=57&packs[]=58
  10. Well, depends on who you play with. Is it just a closed meta of you and a couple friends and you don't observe rotation at all? Or are you taking it out to casual meetups and playing with people who use rotation? If it's the former, then maybe not. There's a lot of fun cards in Kitara, but there's also cards that are "replacements" for cards that rotated out, and if you're not using rotation that could be problematic. For instance, are you gonna have 3 Account Siphons and 3 Diversion of Funds in the same deck? (That one's not out yet, it's been spoiled in the 6th pack) That would probably be a little on the broken side, and frustrating for your opponents. OTOH, there's also a bunch of good fun cards, and it's probably a better cycle to get than Mumbad (which was right after you stopped), as that had a bunch of cards that enabled some very frustrating decks to play against. Flashpoint too had some absolutely broken cards that have since gotten on the banned and restricted list, and might unbalance your meta if you're not using it. I guess you could get Red Sands? Or Terminal Directive? Or you could choose to join us in this fun new post-rotation future (if you own the first two cycles and the original core, then you already own all the cards in the revised core set), get Kitara, and go find a local group to play with
  11. Hi, I decided to start a thread in which I can post whenever I put a new Netrunner article on my blog, so that I don't spam the forum with too many new threads. I posted two new ones last night. The first is my (very late) thoughts on the new MWL 2.1: https://cryoffrustration.wordpress.com/2018/03/11/delayed-cogitation-netrunner-mwl-2-1-response-and-uninformed-analysis/ The second is a purely gratuitous raving rant about why SacCon should've been restricted: https://cryoffrustration.wordpress.com/2018/03/12/crime-never-pays-an-android-nerdranter/ Thanks for looking!
  12. At the moment if you're getting the Revised Core, the packs that go best with it aren't any of the deluxes: it's the datapacks of the latest cycle (Kitara). They've got "spiritual successors" for a lot of the original core cards that didn't make it into Revised Core, so they really complement the starting box very well. They also just announced Reign and Reverie, which will be a new deluxe coming out after Kitara with cards for all factions, so it'll probably also be a good buy for a beginner. But it's at least 3 months away right now, so get started on Kitara rather than buy any of the old deluxe boxes. (I might have misunderstood your question though: if what you were saying is that you already HAVE the deluxe expansions, and wanted to play with just them until you get your core, then my answer is irrelevant, sorry! To answer that question, I think you can construct a legal deck out of each of the original 4 deluxes, but without any of the basic economy staples of the core set it'll be barely functional. The ones that work best are probably corp side D&D and runner side O&C.)
  13. CryOfFrustration

    [GUIDE] Building Competitive Decks on the Cheap!

    Well, yes and no! The decks in that article are pretty beginner-friendly, in that they're nowhere near as complicated to play as the deck that won Worlds (see here and here). And yes, they're built with very few packs, so cheap to put together if you have a limited card pool. But they're not really intended as beginner decks for people to learn on, they're intended for people who want to go to a store championship and want to spend as little as possible building a good competitive deck. If you don't care about being competitive, and just want to expand your card pool and get a feel for each faction, I think your best route would be to start buying packs in the Kitara cycle (Sovereign Sight onwards). They're the first packs to come out after the revised core set and they're intended to "fill in the gaps" that the cards that were cut out from Core left. They really complement the core-only card pool very well!
  14. CryOfFrustration

    [GUIDE] Building Competitive Decks on the Cheap!

    Just updating this to say I've checked the article against MWL 2.1 and the suggested decklists are still absolutely legal. Minor edits were made to remove the suggestion of Whampoa as an optional addition to the corp deck, and to suggest swapping Employee Strike for Rumor Mill for one of the runner lists as an option.
  15. YOu might like this: https://runthenet.wordpress.com/2018/01/26/thebigboy-cube-draft-reviving-my-love-of-the-game/ It uses most of the good rotated cards.