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  1. Version 1.2.0, Android The filtering of the card collection does not work properly. If a faction is chosen and the next filter is set on elite upgrade cards, also the elite upgrades which are limited to other factions than the chosen one are displayed.
  2. I tried K2-B4. If there is a one-shot incoming he will not save you. Usually your opponent will take the strain and the strain is a lot better than having a ship shooting back. Double calculates however are very good. Also the option of turning while keeping a calculate is great. I would always choose kraken if I have the points.
  3. Vultures pop incredibly easy, you usually loose at least one vulture in the first engagement. The Infiltrator does pop fast, too when it takes fire. My experience on flying the ship was: The more Vultures, the better. Keep the Infiltrator a cost efficient as possible. I suggest flying a minimum of 5 Vultures with it (I tried 4 but it was a lot weaker) If you want to keep 0-66 I would rather go for something like this: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Separatist Alliance&d=v6!s=200!335:,,,219,,,,222:;279:209,,108:;279:209,,108:;279:209,,108:;279:209,,108:;279:209,,108:&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs= If you are willing to try another pilot I strongly suggest Maul with Kraken, Grievous and Hate. This will only allow for 4 Energyshells though.
  4. A friend of mine plays double falcon quite a bit. It is stronger than one would think, especially since the falcons are so incredibly fast. Trick shot is great. Hot Shot Gunner is not really worth it. Like Yearfire said, you can consider Leia instead. Also a rigged Cargo chute on one of the ships is nice. Since Nien is a staple on Lando drop the Idea of the second list.
  5. I like heroic on all my T-70s, there is some maths on heroic vs. elusive here: https://zombiesquadron.net/2019/02/18/such-heroic-nonsense-how-good-is-heroic/ In your case you have 1 reroll on one ship, vs. 2(situational) rerolls on 3 ships, that multiplies your trigger by 3 and suddenly the math isn't so bad anymore. As soon as heroic triggers only once and rerolls into 1 evade, it already made up for the 3 points you spend on all of the ships together since it basically functioned as a shield upgrade. Aside from the maths, the psychological value of not blanking out is just awesome. And heroic won me a couple of games with Poe blanking and rerolling into 2 evades. Also I suggest trying black one on Nien. That enables you to do a 4 straight, 4 k, lock. More shennanigans include being able to pattern analyser trigger the slam, so you could do two talon rolls... it just feels more versatile on Nien. Also dropping primed thrusters for either two HLC or one HLC and a bid would be my suggestion I do not think the upgrade is worth its 10 points.
  6. I agree with @Stryker359. Positioning is key, be patient and only engage the swarm at your terms. I usually use asteroids to lure them into. If you are in a tournament I would even go as far as letting it come to final salvo if your enemy does not engage at your terms, since it is only 10 vs your 9 red die.
  7. @NLJUNGBERG I started to win games with triple T70 when I started playing them as Arc Dodgers. This is probably the biggest difference between T65 and T70, the T70s focus is on maneuverability. I flew PhilGCs(https://suchanxwinghipster.wordpress.com/) list a lot and had good fun and great results with it. About pilot abilities: I think Nien Nunb has one of the best pilot abilities in the game atm.
  8. Nien without patternanalyser looses a lot of potential, if I were you I would try to get that card or borrow it. It is an auto include imo.
  9. On the A-Wings Trick Shot is the go to option. I have recently come 2nd on a 32 player extended tournament with an XXA List, where I flew predator on L'Ulo. It triggered almost never since more often than not you will just fly past your opponent using your rear arc. I guess the occasional trick shot is much more easy to line up, even without trying very hard. As predator only triggers with your primary, trick shot is also the better option for the X-Wings, since you are more likely to use the HLC if you actually manage to get someone in your bulls eye. This is, however not an easy thing to accomplish, I flew HLC on Poe quite a bit and managed to pull it off often enough but this was only due to his great repositioning and high initiative. Dropping the HLCs for Jamming Beams will give you access to Nien Nunb with Pattern Analyser, R4, Black One and Elusive, which is probably one of the best ships around atm and by far the best resistance ship. You could also consider dropping elusive on nien for heroic to save another 2 points. I would also drop composure on Temmin for heroic, which triggers on 15% of your green dice rolls on an x-wing. Well worth the point imo.
  10. I think you can do it since the first part of the upgrade reads: "While you boost or barrel roll, you can move through and overlap obstacles.After you move through or overlap an obstacle, you may spend 1 charge to ignore it's effects until the end of the round." I think both parts are independent of each other.
  11. Let's assume I have a ship with collision detector equipped. I was wondering whether if you choose to Decloak or Barell roll over an obstacle you have to roll a red die for damage if you choose not to use a charge of your collision detector. Also, do you loose your evade action if you do not spend your charge and this happens while decloaking a phantom?
  12. Two more games in. One against 4 M3 and one HWK piloted by Torkil Mux. His ability is really strong. I managed to take him out in the second engage and finally won by points after time ran out. I made a big mistake in the first engage so only 2 ships could fire protons. Second game against two Defenders. This was my first game against ships which actually flew after my bombers and it was hard. Still managed to win. I like this list.
  13. I dropped the Trick Shots for a bid and have managed to play a second game. Granted, it was against a beginner but these torpedoes are strong. I took out a U Wing in the first engage. The linked Barrelroll into lock action on the bombers is really good.
  14. After reading about the Y Wings being all point efficient if they are just carrying proton torpedoes, I wondered what the imperial counterpart could be. I came up with this: (36) Captain Jonus (9) Proton Torpedoes (1) Trick Shot Points 46 (34) Major Rhymer (9) Proton Torpedoes (1) Trick Shot Points 44 (44) "Redline" (9) Proton Torpedoes Points 53 (52) "Whisper" (4) Juke Points 56 Total points: 199 I only played the list once, against 4 Xwings, my green dice were mostly blanks(2 evades over the whole game) and I made some terrible mistakes, yet I still won pretty easily. Captain Jonus is great, usually rerolling two dice is enough, giving the option of k turning after the first engage to fire the second torps. Whisper is solid for late game. What are your thoughts?
  15. I feel like Fearless is an auto include on Fenn. I've experienced, that having enemies in the bullseye is quite hard and Fearless gives you a free hit without needing to reroll.
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