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  1. K. . .bud I never deleted the post, It's still there to see to this day. My initial thought was yes, you can use it. I get to change my mind given time and new information. I specifically didn't delete it so people could see my thought process on the matter. I'm not new to Legion, the wording is unclear if you're going for a pure RAW approach. I've stated in every post since that "I THINK Fire Support should be able to be used, in general.I THINK Fire Support shouldn't be able to be used out of melee.I THINK the rules are written poorly on both of these matters." So you can take your negative attitude elsewhere, other's are in agreement that the wording is not 100% crystal clear and needs clarification. I don't know what you think I'm wrong about exactly. I posted in Reddit and Discord about this too. Just trying to get as much input as possible, not trying to "cover my tracks" as you seem to have accused me of. I did delete some more negative reactions to your very unhelpful "You're wrong bud" (Assuming that was you, if not, my bad), because they weren't constructive.
  2. I've already stated I agree that it's probably not RAI, but VERY much so appears to be RAW. Do you have any proof of this "There is no intent to allow clones to fire while engaged. . ." from the developers? Any stream to reference? I've submitted a rules question to the FAQ already, I suppose that's sufficient for now. Really just trying to get a feel for how other people are seeing this RAW
  3. As I'm reading it, Fire Support shouldn't be allowed to happen EVER with Rules As Written. Now I don't at all think that's Rules As Intended, but just trying to show how screwy the wording of the whole thing is. Just stay with me. -First and Second bullet of Fire Support (pg 39) "•During the “Form Attack Pool” step of a friendly unit’s ranged attack, each mini in a unit with the fire support keyword may contribute an eligible weapon to the attack pool if that mini has line of sight to any mini in the defending unit. •A weapon is considered eligible if it is a ranged weapon, if the defending unit is at the weapon’s range, and if any other requirements of using the weapon are met." -First Bullet of Ranged Weapon(pg 57) "A weapon with a blue range icon (1/2/3/4/5/+) is a ranged weapon. Ranged weapons can only be used during ranged attacks." And from the official FAQ thread, posted Oct 11th. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/277344-star-wars-legion-official-rulings/ "The errata'ed version of Limited Visibility limits attacks beyond a certain range. Using the Fire Support keyword is not an attack, and thus its use is unaffected by the condition card." Now, I don't think Fire Support actually shouldn't ever be able to be used. But I also think the same reasoning that allows it to work through limited visibility is the same wording that would allow you to add the weapons dice to the attack pool, despite being engaged. Rewording the previous ruling in the way that makes logical sense to me, based on RAW. "Being engaged prevents ranged attacks from being made. Using the Fire Support keyword is not an attack, and thus its use is unaffected by being engaged." I just want to be done with this, but can't wrap my head around the Rules As Written. To be clear. I THINK Fire Support should be able to be used, in general. I THINK Fire Support shouldn't be able to be used out of melee. I THINK the rules are written poorly on both of these matters.
  4. Yeah, still exhausted. I mean it's different, but it's not that weird or undoable.
  5. The pierce side exhausts, the suppressive side does not. So if you're move - shooting you'd want to stay on the suppressive side. The Pierce side you'd have to be recover - shooting. Though I've considered reducing the range to 2 on that pierce side as well
  6. Woooow. . . called out hard huh? I put a lot of hard work into this, but eh, maybe it wasn't mine you're talking about. Anyways, I think the cards are awesome, thematic, and perfectly functional. And I've been nothing about open when taking input and suggestions. Here is the last iteration I was working on. They initially had team work as part of body guard. This one is supposed to read "Lightning" mode for the pierce side Let me know what you think or any changes / suggestions if you try them out.
  7. Modular Terrain progress and battle pictures! So much fun!
  8. My first attempt at my "Black Squadron" Storm Trooper leader mini. I'm happy with the table play quality, gonna move on and keep trucking.
  9. Here is a link to the progress. I'm first playing with unpainted minis so I can learn and teach my friends. I'm trying to take baby steps to avoid burnout. I'm gonna paint minis first then flesh out the terrain and battle mats.
  10. Thank you, I'm gonna definitely watch them..
  11. I believe it is page 31. At least in my PDF it is.
  12. Jon_DDA

    Specialists done

    I love these pops of color!!! Diggin' it hard. Good work!!
  13. I think this is gonna do me quite nicely. I'm excited and nervous to paint minis for my first time. These guys claim a 1. Spray 2. Paint 3. Dip 4. Complete
  14. Awesome, thanks for the reassurance. I ended up going with Army Painters 50 bottle kit. There were a lot of colors I liked in there. I'm now thinking that's more than enough.
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