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  1. My first attempt at my "Black Squadron" Storm Trooper leader mini. I'm happy with the table play quality, gonna move on and keep trucking.
  2. Here is a link to the progress. I'm first playing with unpainted minis so I can learn and teach my friends. I'm trying to take baby steps to avoid burnout. I'm gonna paint minis first then flesh out the terrain and battle mats.
  3. Thank you, I'm gonna definitely watch them..
  4. I believe it is page 31. At least in my PDF it is.
  5. Jon_DDA

    Specialists done

    I love these pops of color!!! Diggin' it hard. Good work!!
  6. I think this is gonna do me quite nicely. I'm excited and nervous to paint minis for my first time. These guys claim a 1. Spray 2. Paint 3. Dip 4. Complete
  7. Awesome, thanks for the reassurance. I ended up going with Army Painters 50 bottle kit. There were a lot of colors I liked in there. I'm now thinking that's more than enough.
  8. This is so helpful!
  9. How did it play!?? What's your experience with extended elevation, like your corner piece and such. I could see a battle map going 1 or 2 more levels up, possibly along one entire side. This is inspiring!
  10. Picture Just glued my whole set together today 1 of each (Core, fleet, Pathfinders, commandos, Jun, Han - Snows, Scouts, Death Troopers, Krenick, Boba) Buying for my friends and I to all play. The three story bunker is 3 cardboards from Commander or Operative expansions. As is the single flat one pictured. The expansion punch was glued together in various 1, 2, or 3 piece sections. I used the square proof of purchase punch to brace the 3s and 2s and as stands for the singles. I still plan to: -Cut up the punch pieces, make them jagged, remove sections, then paint it like very rusted metal. -Come up with ramps, stairs, and ladders for the white cardboard pieces, then paint them like The Imperial Forest Moon Bases.
  11. I am buying for my friends and I to play together, so funding both sides. My current setup at first is going to be (already ordered). -2 Core Sets (66), 1 Fleet Trooper (7), 1 Pathfinder (6), 1 Rebel Commando (7), 1 Jyn, 1 Han, 1 Imperial Scout (7), 1 Snowtrooper (7), 1 Deathtrooper (6), 1 Krennic, 1 Boba. I was trying to convince myself that the 2nd core set was unnecessary as I didn't want doubles of Vader and Luke; wasn't initially interested in having 2 units of vehicles; I didn't realize just how many things I DO want doubles of. So All in all that's initially . . .110 minis to paint. I am currently looking at buying WotC's painting collections as they are priced around $1.70/bottle which is a fairly good price. However, my question is, how much paint should I expect to need? Obviously a lot of white for the storm troopers. Though I plan to do a kind of desert sand color for maybe two units of my stormies. How far will a 1-ounce bottle of any given color for general areas get me? I just want to make sure I'm spending my money on paints wisely. Thank you for any help!
  12. Of course, while typing my first response others post, making it look like I ignored so much input.
  13. That is correct Jonas, but instead of out right affecting your game when they claim it just becomes a game of wits. You're not just milling for good cards, activating Ackbars special consistently can really pay off, and you give them limited rerolls. And Swagon, That was definitely the idea. I had quite a few different cards at first and followed the general idea of having doubles of everything, this seems way more fun and is a "Jack of All Trades" if you will. I'm looking at my constructed deck and realize I do have 3po in there replacing shoot first. And I know this is a dumb reason, but part of the reason I kept so many high cost supports was I like the deck thematically. It kind of tells a story. Also I'm fairly confident that I can either 1. Get one or two out quick and cheap. 2. Discard for rerolls and possibly get back with rebel. Also I'm betting on Vehicles getting a slight buff in the next expansion. Like a squad tactics type card letting you roll in multiple supports or who knows. My idea for milling was mostly through dice. Saving events for burst or control. I am still thinking of including cards like commando raid for a burst of discard, but with Jyns dice I don't mind resolving discards. Leaving modified dmg to hopefully accompany the support black damage sides. Also cheat is something I'm interested in just to get one more use out of something. I like the possible combos and synergies in the 0 and 1 cost range. I may transition to a more conservative gun style, I bet it is much quicker and bursty. But for now I still have yet to play a game against someone else with it. I want to try this out a few times. Thanks for the response, I'll post back after some games
  14. So I'm pretty anti meta in anything I've ever played in that I always do weird things in games. I think this deck is reflective of that. But even so I still think it has some bite. It's based on my collection as well. I'm not gonna go out and buy a bunch of single cards to make the hyper competitive decks of the current meta. Let me know what you think please! E-Jyn/Ackbar Aggro Mill - "Rebellions Are Built on Hope" Hero Rogue / Command Sets: From Awakenings to Spirit of Rebellion BATTLEFIELD ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Maz's Castle, Takodana (Spirit of Rebellion #155) CHARACTER ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ 1x Admiral Ackbar, Perceptive Tactician (Awakenings #27) 2x Jyn Erso, Reckless Operative (Spirit of Rebellion #44) UPGRADE ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ 1x Diplomatic Immunity (Awakenings #50) 1x Second Chance (Awakenings #137) 2x Overkill (Spirit of Rebellion #33) 2x Bowcaster (Spirit of Rebellion #48) 1x Lone Operative (Spirit of Rebellion #49) 1x Ascension Gun (Spirit of Rebellion #59) 1x Con Artist (Spirit of Rebellion #60) SUPPORT ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ 1x Launch Bay (Awakenings #31) 1x Millennium Falcon (Awakenings #49) 1x Infamous (Awakenings #163) 1x U-Wing (Spirit of Rebellion #31) 1x Quadjumper (Spirit of Rebellion #58) EVENT ¯¯¯¯¯ 1x Daring Escape (Awakenings #126) 1x Let The Wookiee Win (Awakenings #130) 1x Negotiate (Awakenings #131) 1x Shoot First (Awakenings #133) 1x Leadership (Awakenings #141) 1x All In (Awakenings #152) 1x Disarm (Awakenings #158) 1x Electroshock (Awakenings #159) 1x Reversal (Awakenings #160) 1x Our Only Hope (Spirit of Rebellion #93) 2x Rebel (Spirit of Rebellion #112) 2x Long Con (Spirit of Rebellion #113) 1x Never Tell Me The Odds (Spirit of Rebellion #115) 1x Swiftness (Spirit of Rebellion #139) " Hybrid Aggro Mill. Lots of different control cards, almost entirely yellow to work with Jyns special. You have the ability to burst down a character quick along with the staying power to mitigate and outlast while you mill good cards and rerolls away from your opponent. Rebel and Millennium Falcon allow you to get multiple uses from the wide variety of cards. There are also a few ways to get these high cost supports out cheaply or to generate enough resources quickly and pay full price. Quadjumper, multiple Long Con uses, and again Rebel and Millennium Falcon. Maz's Castle - Takodana was chosen for a couple reasons. It doesn't directly hurt you to not claim it. With all the supports I don't expect to be claiming much, if your opponent has the cards they want then milling is more effective. If they play quick then you're left to reroll and do what you want with your dice with which you have many options. If you do get to claim you just have a better chance to get what you're looking for. With so many different cards this can come in handy" http://swdestinydb.com/decklist/view/11641/jynackbaraggromill-rebellionsarebuiltonhope-2.0
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