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  1. Mexicute

    K'n-yan Unearthed Mystery

    They mystery token does not move. All of the K'n-yan encounters are resolved on that space
  2. Mexicute

    Which to buy next?

    honestly finish out the small boxes with "strange remnants", then i'd go with the theme that you enjoy the most in regards to the sideboards. I'd hold out on "masks" due to the mass amount of cards (personal stories) you wouldn't be able to use. I personally like "UtP" the best out of the big boxes, due to the AOs (Abhoth has the coolest cultists imho).
  3. Mexicute

    Masks of Nyarlathotep

    I'd assume if you faced off against Shudde M'ell the cities would be forever ruined throughout the rest of the games. If he's even included into any of the campaigns.
  4. Mexicute

    Shudde M’ell

    We've played with the disaster deck twice now, one with Shudde M'ell and once with Sysygy. The argument was that it was already devastated, so why were we resolving the disaster. Thank you guys!
  5. Mexicute

    Shudde M’ell

    When playing this weekend we ran into a disagreement between players. We started the game with Rome being devastated, but later in the game we drew the Rome devastation card. Since Rome is already devastated do we resolve the card? It may have already been specified in the rules and overlooked. Would appreciate any input.