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  1. Ugh. All they had to do was add the word "facedown" and it would be explicitly clear how the card works. I'm getting sick of having to dig through the rules to explain how every sloppily worded card can't be used cleverly.
  2. Small correction: as long as a character has access to kata, they can buy any kata they qualify for. Some kata can be bought early based on school, and different schools start with different kata. Same goes for Shuji. So all Bushi and Courtier can buy striking as Air.
  3. It also doesn't help that strife builds up far too quickly, shattering any illusion that you're playing a member of an elite warrior caste and instead babysitting an angsty teen who often decides to do their own stupid thing.
  4. Sort of, but... 1) frankly there aren't that many reasons to increase your school rank unless you're shooting for a specific high-end kata or are one of the couple of schools that actually have very strong school techniques, 2) even if you do care a lot about rank progression, you can invest in rings, since every rank of every school rewards you for rings, and rolling 4 or 5 ring dice and 1 skill dice is pretty big.
  5. This is wildly off the mark. Because of how dispositions work, sometime's it's beneficial to be Earth over Air when talking to certain characters. Rings no longer predispose any character to any sort of activity. Each ring is equally viable in all fields. The only thing that divides a Crane from a Crab is their techniques. Skills, Kata, Shuji, Equipment... these can all be obtained by either with few exceptions.
  6. Your arguing that RAW you don't need a ready weapon to deal damage with an attack technique. OK.
  7. I agree. It doesn't fit the definition of an edition in any way. It's the first edition of a new game entirely.
  8. Iaijutsu doesn't work with Naginata becuase Iaijutsu requires you to draw the weapon in a one-handed grip, which is mostly why Iaijutsu sucks as written.
  9. I dread the idea that we're going to keep Keeper/Seeker forever. When they first announced the system I was very hopeful that roles would shift as the game grew an expanded. Surely there are better ideas than our current Keeper/Seeker split.
  10. The difference between you and I, I think, is I would rather just play another game that doesn't require rules gyrations to be fun in the first place. To each their own, my dude.
  11. Generally speaking, a product that needs to be altered/changed/fixed by its consumer, specifically because it doesn't work well when following the instructions, is considered broken.
  12. I think we can both agree that a game that is agnostic to specific tone has the potential to support a broader range of tones that suit different groups. I think mechanically enforcing a narrower tone makes the game appeal to people who enjoy that tone, at the detriment to other tones. I think pivoting and suggesting the game double down on being snarky, violent "pulp" is strong evidence that the system fundamentally does not achieve its stated goal of "encouraging samurai drama".
  13. You can believe that all you want but for some people (myself included), the system has fundamental problems that are dealbreakers. Further, not everyone actually wants to play pulpy samurai drama, so that is a solution based on personal preference.
  14. I would have to assume the other poster meant "gygaxian" when they said "traditional", and the gygaxian school of thought is that the character and roleplaying comes first, and the mechanics are how that character is represented. A person allowing the mechanics to dictate their character is a person that many old school roleplayers would call a munchkin or powergamer. Of course this all gets chucked out the window, I think, in the context of a game that has specifically designed mechanics that tell you how to roleplay on occasion. Needless to say, your history with the hobby doesn't make you "traditional" by default.
  15. @Doji Tori is correct. As a side note, you can win conflicts even when all of your characters are bowed because the Favor still gives you +1 as long as you control a character in the conflict.
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