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  1. erlucius90

    Next expansion?

    If they are smart, an entire wave just for fixes for older cards (with no expansion needed) would be something amazing.
  2. erlucius90

    Best list to combat spectre cell

    So far i've seen 2 lists doing great against SC: Mercenary hungry for VP with Hondo and Sabine and pickpoketing jawas; Trooper rebels with eRangers, Fenn and CT, The old dog is **** strong attacking 4 Times the same target.
  3. erlucius90

    How to deal with spectre cell

    Vader is weak to Kanan and Ezra, so you need to get as less attacks as possible from them, while on the other side killing kanan with Vader would hurt both their defense power painfully and would Lower pretty much Ezra's damage curve. Zeb is not a huge threat to Vader since he doesn't Pierce, but he's terribly dangerous for thrawn and jets due to his double strike, so watch out. Hera is not a threat but her power to add a surge/damage is powerful especially on Zeb. Sabine is OP. Free grenade and Free VP make her probably the most dangerous figure in terms of gaining point to win. She should be the most wanted, but she will stay behind and you can't ignore Ezra, Kanan and Zeb. You should play with 7 activations to grant Vader the last activation during round 1, and despite of that always keep the dark lord with 2 block tokens up. EDIT: Imperial lists without Zillo just WON'T work, that has to be adjusted.
  4. erlucius90

    Second Chance

    Not really, it's a timing clarification for the trigger condition.
  5. erlucius90

    Second Chance

    Actually, Second Chance states "before you would be defeated", while Dying Lunge states "before you are defeated". I guess you can't even decide nor play Dying Lunge before Second Chance because from timing sentence Second Chance pops first.
  6. erlucius90

    Second Chance

    I don't see any Instead.
  7. erlucius90

    Second Chance

    If you use Dying Lunge, you get defeated even if second chance pops up.
  8. erlucius90

    Lothal Skirmish Upgrades First Impressions!

    It's Probe Droids time 👾
  9. erlucius90

    Lothal Skirmish Upgrades First Impressions!

    So far, this is the Pierce meta, figures without it will do no harm, hunters apart just because they CCs are still the most performing,. Imperials might find new lights with different figures, and perhaps even Vader might be replaced by the Inquisitor to save 4 very useful points. Btw, since doubt came out, Scum lists don't run Weequays anymore, or at last you can find 1 group of them per 10 games played against mercenaries. Hondo + Sabine with pickpocketing jawas is the new way to go it seems, followed by IG most of the times. EDIT: Oh and Han is a ghost aswell...literally, i've never seen him once in a game. Well, actually so far i've seen rebels playing SC only, exception made for 2 games in which i saw another FU list and a Trooper list with Fenn and CT which was totally amazing.
  10. erlucius90

    Lothal Skirmish Upgrades First Impressions!

    The new meta has less figures with more health and defense power, against spectre cell Vader Will die due to the too many Pierce 3 no matter what token you use, while against other lists they Will just run away from him to kill the test of the list forcing you into a chase that makes you lose enough time to lose the VP race
  11. erlucius90

    Lothal Skirmish Upgrades First Impressions!

    1st Impression: everyone's waiting for the counterlist to spectre cell. Rebels dominate atm; mercenary lists run Hondo instead of weequays and IG is everywhere since doubt cannot remove his focus; imperials suffer from Vader's fall of performance so imp lists are going to get several shapes...with thrawn in all of them
  12. erlucius90

    An Ode to Rebel Graffiti

    Which maps are going to come into rotation? For i forgot them and when it is gonna be
  13. erlucius90

    An Ode to Rebel Graffiti

    I'd rather make it cost 1 special action to be used, because for what seen so far Sabine doesn't even need to hide, she can move, toss a free grenade, move back and gain 2 free VP in the worst case. With Spectre Cell (which is really more broken than Graffiti imho), she can just say f**k off and just move, grenade, attack with +1 and graffiti, cause if someone goes after her, he will just die to Ezra or Kanan, if not even from Sabine herself with Spectre Cell special effect.
  14. erlucius90

    Spectre Cell Command Cards

    Hour of Need? Can help you recovering quite a bunch of health if it procs with any of the recover abilities
  15. erlucius90

    Spectre Cell Command Cards

    Element of Surprise is the only card i literally see "weak" in that list...that should say enough on its absurdly high damage rateo