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  1. erlucius90

    Ferocity and Nexu's Pounce

    No, Pouce is a special action while Ferocity allows you to perform an attack, not a special action.
  2. erlucius90

    2017-18 Regionals Lists

    And then, in that moment, you realize there's no Take Initiative and you just twist and shout.
  3. erlucius90

    ABQ Regional report

    So many imperial lists! Meta's shifting?
  4. erlucius90

    Help me Optimize this list

    It's usually 1 Officer only going after the terminal, the second one can be kept attached to Palpatine since he moves by 3 only. Imperial fifures contest better objectives because of Zillo mostly, which makes them the most defensive in the game.
  5. erlucius90

    Nal Hutta

    It's true, you can. I've seen myself a Ko-Tun sniping my Vader from 13 of distance and hitting him for 6 damage actually. In times like this i would seriously like a saber throw
  6. erlucius90

    Help me Optimize this list

    http://tabletopadmiral.com/imperialassault/9a8d31311a1a5c7073730000000000705b47947792a941b6c12b87359c1c Reasons behind this: 2 sets of eSentries are too much of cost. I'd rather replace one of them with Palpatine, this move gets to you to gain 2 points which i actually spent on Rule By Fear and a second Targeting Computer for your second Jet group; Rule by Fear is terribly good at the moment, it's mandatory on every imperial list i'd say and helps you a lot both to mill your deck and to draw and get your hand stronger; 6 activations for the Empire is the retailed number at the moment, nothing bad on it; Palpatine is a shiny diamond, he does so many things you can't even realize how good he is until you actually play him; Your command deck has some cards i've replaced due not to being optimized for imperials, 1st of all inspiring speech. Covering Fire does perform so bad for 3 points in this meta, it's so hard for it to see the light. Imperial lists usually don't run Celebration due to being very strong in contesting objectives with their units.
  7. erlucius90

    Nal Hutta

  8. erlucius90

    Explanation on Chaotic Force

    Step 1: "Each player chooses up to 3 figures." This means you can choose 0, 1, 2, 3 figures in the game, wether they be yours or from your opponent's list, but i don't think you wanna hurt your own figures. Step 2: "Roll 1 green die." You only get to roll the die, that roll will influence all chosen targets by both players. Step 3: "Each of those figures suffers strain equal to the Accuracy result."
  9. erlucius90

    Evac Chewie

    5 VPs. You follow "initiative". First you increase VPs due to the kill on him, so it would be 11+4+1=16 Then Hera comes into play and VPs become 8. Last card is Celebration which raises VPs to 12.
  10. erlucius90

    Explanation on Chaotic Force

    Up to 3 means each player can either select 0, 1, 2 or 3 figures from the opponent's list, then they roll the die and see how much strain they hurt.
  11. erlucius90

    Evac Chewie

    Don't....tell my math teacher.
  12. rWeequays and rWing Guards are totally useless, you'll never see them in any list for the time being; rGamorreans might come in handy in some list so you might see them played sometimes; rHired Goongas are still a resource, i've seen them being played pretty constantly even now.
  13. erlucius90

    How to effectively use Jabbas 3 strain

    Short Answer: You don't use it. Long Answer: Wait for an enemy figure to reach you in your DZ and Bully him. Enemy Tournament answer: Ru..CRAWL as fast as you can, you big lizard! Just double move each turn and go into first line!
  14. erlucius90

    Evac Chewie

    Hmm, i don't know if that works as intended, due to the fact his attachment card has an immediate impact on army cost. By sheet, VPs you would normally gain are still 11 from Chewie, that means you should be gaining 5 VPs.