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  1. Hi, sorry for the late reply. Yes the US Mini size is correct, you just need to select 310gsm (linen) to get the same finish as what I used. Hope this helps!
  2. The images show fine for me, how odd! For those that can’t see them, they can be found by using the Dropbox link from my original post. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fws3ns87i6orvr7/AACof2W4QcV1yY3lf3UK0UUca?dl=0 Which one did you use? I’m intrigued
  3. Update: So I received my cards this morning and am delighted at how good they turned out! Honestly, they are such a close match to the original FFG cards. Things to note: The 310gsm linen finish is a perfect match for card thickness and texture. The card size is almost identical. The colour of the borders and card backs are slightly darker, but I personally don't see this as an issue. They can easily be shuffled into an existing Adventure Card deck, without being 'obvious' homebrew cards. Overall I'm extremely happy with my purchase, I spent around £30 (incl. p&p) and received 224 professional grade Talisman cards. Seriously, well done to Make Playing Cards! Edit: Added pictures (below).
  4. Did you check the add bleed option when exporting your file? I found that my stuff fitted perfectly with those settings
  5. Wow, no idea what happened to the font there...
  6. Make sure to... 1) Export your .eon file to a .png (ctrl + e). 2) Select the drop down option that allows you to adjust settings. 3) Set the ppi to 600. 4) Tick the box that says ‘allow bleed’. This is what I had to do to get the cards to look right on the MPC website and it worked perfectly
  7. The road I’ve gone down is to have my designs printed over at MakePlayingCards.com. They have a size that’s pretty much the same as the adventure cards and a linen finish to boot. My cards will arrive in a week or two, so I’ll be happy to post comparison images to see how close they actually do match.
  8. I wanted to add a few pop culture references, but without it being too far outside the realms of Talisman. My favourites are the Link follower and the Ring of Power. I have an Alternate Ending (work in progress) that revolves around taking the ring to the centre and destroying it. I’ll post my Alternate Endings on here when I’ve finished them. I love the odd nightmare card too, which is why I put a few burn cards in there. It doesn’t matter if you have the Firelands expansion or not, as you could always treat burn effects as regular discarding. The Greater Demon of Flame could be a real board clearer, which you could use to your advantage if there cards that everyone wants to discard from the board. I have zero issues with people using anything for their own games or inspiration. I’ve actually got all 224 cards on a printing order. I’ll post images on here once received.
  9. Steal away! I put them on Dropbox so people could download and print if they liked. I’m happy to provide any specific cards if anyone is interested.
  10. I've been working on an assortment of Adventure cards over the last 6 months or so, and have finally finished everything that I planned on printing. There is no particular theme to my homebrew cards, just things that appealed to me. Often I'd find really nice artwork and come up with the card type and detail afterwards. Below is a Dropbox link, so please feel free to take a look and let me know what you do and don't like. I would like to point out that out of the 194 card deck, there are around 3 or 4 cards that are from other people's homebrew expansions. I'm not trying to pass their work off as my own, I just really liked their ideas and wanted to include them amongst my own cards. Dropbox Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fws3ns87i6orvr7/AACof2W4QcV1yY3lf3UK0UUca?dl=0 Critique is very much welcome! Edit: Link updated to individual card format - enjoy!
  11. Pheonom

    my stuff just arrived! :D

    These look fantastic - do you think your contact would consider printing homebrew files from other people? I have 194 cards that I'd love to get printed to this sort of quality.
  12. Pheonom

    Is IA going to die?

    One option that I think someone eluded to was a “make your own scenario” tool. I know that Descent has its own official FFG website that allows the community to do just that. I’ve had a browse and think it’s really good stuff. I’d guess it’s something that FFG would consider for Imperial Assault whenever they are able to work on it, as I imagine their roadmap is dominated by Legion stuff at the moment. Especially trying to take advantage of the Star Wars and Xmas market in December. How would people feel about prequel/sequel content? The (likely) success of Battlefront II’s prequel stuff could signal that there is certainly a market for such a thing again. Although this could potentially be a completely new “Separatist Assault” series of boxed games. Something I know I’d like to see if Imperial Assault is capped off.
  13. This looks fantastic. I wouldn't worry about the eyes or teeth as I don't think the mini suffers from not having them painted. I love the gold on the inside of the cape, very well done!
  14. Thanks for confirming @Sorastro, that image is the perfect comparison. I suppose you could use the Legion miniatures if you wanted for IA as they aren't that far off, or vice-verca. Sure the heads look quite different, however as someone who enjoys painting more than acually playing, I'm happy enough with the scale.
  15. Pheonom

    Azanian Invasion - Expansion

    With a little bit of zooming to cut out the goblin, could work perhaps?