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  1. When you process an order there is a little checkbox (can't remember at which stage) that asks that the work isn't copyrighted to anyone else etc. You just need to ensure that you've checked that box. As you're printing with personal use in mind, you shouldn't have any issues.
  2. Pheonom

    Alternate Ending - Demons and Dragons

    I see where you're coming from. I added the clarification to avoid the "so can I capture this regular dragon?" question. Although rule 3 does seem to cover that base - I'll consider removing rule 4. I've not seen this before, why the * (asterisk)? Agreed, I'll change that. Thanks! I've found that our group end up being a little overpowered at the 3-hour mark (if we don't battle each other much) and the regular endings were getting a little stale. I wanted something challenging without being over the top, but something that people could work towards from the beginning. It puts players under pressure to seek out the D&D cards, knowing they need to defeat them to win the game, while also knowing they could lose and spawn another card (which would potentially remove a useful card from the board). The mechanic for drawing cards whenever a player loses a life came about due to wanting to try a new way of drawing cards for players to encounter. Then I thought about linking this to an alternate ending without them being regular Adventure cards, so that they didn't get lost in the 400+ card Adventure deck I have. Finally, the reason I wanted to "discard any other cards there" when a D&D card is placed, was purely to keep the board fresh. Sometimes Talisman can get boring when the same cards stay on the board for the whole game and block potential spaces to draw something new and exciting.
  3. Hi everyone, I've created an alternate ending that focusses on summoning enemies (by losing a life), capturing (by killing the enemy) and delivering (reaching the Crown of Command with 'x' amount of enemies). On paper I think this is a challenging win condition designed for the more experienced player, however I would appreciate input on what I've created so far, along with observations of any glaring errors or balance issues. I don't tend to play with the corner boards, so this ending has been designed with the standard board in mind. Link to Demon and Dragon enemy cards: https://ibb.co/album/m96kVa
  4. Now you've said it, the card backs seem so simple now... thank you! ? Input would be really appreciated on the endings, as things that sounded fun in theory, might end up being complete trash on the table. My intention for these endings was for them to be played without any of the corner boards and using the regular main board.
  5. That’s correct, the dragons are to go with the Dragon Hunt ending. I’ll edit to make the post clearer. I just used the Grilipus card back as I’m not sure how to import custom backs into Strange Eons and not very familiar with creating custom backs in general. Thank you for the suggested image though, I love it! When I get more cards printed (stable/spells/quests) I may end up reprinting the Dragon Lords anyway, as I don’t yet know how balanced that ending or those enemies are yet. Likewise with the other endings, none are tested and I’m very open to any opinions on balance or gameplay issues that I may have overlooked.
  6. Ok. So I’ve tried to upload all the images again, but this time from a different source. Has this helped at all? Can people see the images?
  7. Pheonom

    Talisman: The Hungry Forest

    The theme here is fantastic. I love the flower mechanic, very well thought out!
  8. Pheonom

    Talisman: The Clockwork City

    I think the concept is fantastic. For some reason when I read “moving city”, Howl’s Moving Castle came to mind. I think the card front does complement the back and fits thematically with your vision. Im sure you’re already aware, but if you’re looking for clockwork artwork, check out the Dwemer stuff from The Elder Scrolls Legends card game. I can find you a link if you need it.
  9. Pheonom

    my stuff just arrived! :D

    Bludgeon, as per usual... very good work! Your dedication on expanding this game that we all love is fantastic, which in turn inspired me to do the same. I’ve only expanded on Adventure cards (200+ of them!) which I detailed in my own thread and I’m very happy with the results. However I’ve also been working on my own alt endings and more steeds/spells/quests to add more variety. I haven’t dived into creating more characters yet, but that’s on the to-do list. Anyway... I just wanted to say how good your work is and that I really enjoy seeing your content. P.S. I’m totally stealing your wound cards, such an amazing idea! ?
  10. I don't have much luck trying to link from Dropbox... I've tried another source, can you see them now?
  11. The following cards are to go with the Dragon Hunt and Ring of Power endings:
  12. Pheonom

    Expansion Idea - The Hidden Valley

    Fair point about the price, the Skink Starseer is £30 on GW's website! Although you could always use the Skink Starpriest as a proxy? He's only £12 and still a gorgeous model.
  13. So I have an update for those that are interested, I've completed some alternate endings; The hawk-eyed among you will see that the Battle Royale, Blood Hunt and The Usurper are inspired by other endings already out there. However, I have also created originals that I haven't tested yet, so opinions are very much welcome! ? Dropbox Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/k16xtu2obar7c4x/AADJ5k7c10CyGVv2Z7nZB48Wa?dl=0
  14. Pheonom

    Expansion Idea - The Hidden Valley

    A little late to the party but I've just had the chance to look through your Hidden Valley decks on Talisman Island... very good work! I love the idea of splitting into the 2 distinct decks and am absolutely smitten with all your lizardmen content! 10/10 P.s. I also like that you've used the Skink Starseer as a character, which is easily obtainable as a miniature from GW to complete the experience.
  15. Hi, sorry for the late reply. Yes the US Mini size is correct, you just need to select 310gsm (linen) to get the same finish as what I used. Hope this helps!