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  1. FFG will slowly replace IA with Legion. The new expansion box of Leia let me think that there will be a lot of expansion packs as IA.. And FFG will focus his attention on the new wave, rather than a dying game.
  2. Do you really think that regular riot troopers are below average? For 2 points each?
  3. Ehm, no. I don't wanna be rude, but you have not clear the game maybe. They are so strong for many reasons: - autoboost - chance to reroll a green dice when attaccking - chance to force reroll a dodge - smuggler trait, that allow to use Black Market and interesting command cards for smugglers Assassination and Hightened Reflexes are good cards of course, but even rangers can have it Of course I'm speaking about Pirates, because are most common hunters. Anyway, I think there so doubt about the efficacy of Onar and Vinto..
  4. I think the same, they will probably have this profile, but I don't think they will change so much Empire strategy. We also know that regular riot troopers cost 5 (2 single model): we can suppose that elite will cost 7-8 (like egammos).. So it's difficult to imagine again how can work with actual empire strategy
  5. You're right quite at all. The really important thing is the fix of temporary alliance and the abuse of Gideon and C3PO in scum lists. Without this fix nothing will change. The other big problem is the fact that empire has not good low cost units: you can get 7-8 activation only including useless officiers. Rebels are quite competitive, and Ashoka will be absolutely a good boost!
  6. I don't think that Rebel need unites to fight scum. I think rebels and Empire need more Skirmish upgrade for "upgrade" poor unites, like focused on the kill
  7. Man, Gw sell squads of 10 miniatures at 35-40 dollars. And there is no discussion about the quality and the details of Gw models. IA miniatures are cool cause are based on SW universe, but are really poor as quality, especially when compared to others games.
  8. Rogue One Characters!!!! Jin Erso would be a great addition!!
  9. I was meaning a fix like Rebel Saboteurs. Or a revised version for Alliance for non-unique characters
  10. It would be really appreciated a fix for scum Hunters... ?
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