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  1. As much as I do think giving Rebels a second Biggs was a huge mistake, I think of all the super charged 120-130 point lists, it's the most balanced one. You just joust it at your opponent. What about flying a 120 point squadron is special? I can't believe I just said that sentence, but that's power creep for you. Palp Defenders and Parattanni got to that insane efficiency too, except on ships that triple modded attacks after consecutive white 4 K-Turns. Asajj has stress control/super defense and your Jumpmaster can block things very easily and Fenn gets infinite Proton Rockets. I remember doing some rough calculations and playing 134 point games with Palp Defenders. Speaking out of my *** by the way, I've only faced it once and it was a 3 ship version and I had my own turbocharged regen 4 ship version, haha. But look at the Lambda for example, it's an efficiency monster but it lacks mobility. Does that analogy not work for Fairship Rebel? Do Jess's Primed Thrusters and Lowhhrick's 180 make up for the mobility problem? I feel like you could block with a Jumpmaster and come around with Fenn and Asajj.
  2. It doesn't go far enough. It's also arbitrary, you deserve 24 points for reducing Fenn to 1 health. This is a problem with more ships than just the ARC, Miranda, and Auzituck. Partial point scoring for everything. Regenerated health should not regenerate MoV. Once 5 damage has been done to regen Corran or whatever, you should get your 48 points. Then the lazy player with his ship that has died once over and yet still has full health has to actually play the game and chase you. And then MoV will be fixed and it will no longer be the, "Democracy is terrible, but it's the least terrible option" option.
  3. Autoblaster or no balls But seriously, HLC or you've wasted points. HLC allows you to punch through Fenn. If things are regularly getting into range one of Dash or Leebo, you're doing it wrong.
  4. The most annoying thing about Miranda is the regen and TLT. Other regen ships aren't firing at you AND running away AND dropping bombs. At least with Nym you can kill it. You can put some damage in and disengage, chip away at him. With Miranda you can't do that. I'd be more willing to accept the Advanced SLAM nerf and the loss of Wardens from the meta as collateral damage if Bomblet Generator didn't exist. Krayts are right yet again. If you nerf something in the meta, nerf everything at that same power level, don't just nerf a single thing or else nothing will happen to the meta except shrink. A ship like 48 point Miranda has multiple things wrong with it, and fixing only one of its problems does little except knock Wardens out of the meta. As far as I'm concerned, PS 2 Wardens with bombs and Advanced SLAM are fine. It's PS 8 regen TLT ships with bombs and Advanced SLAM that are the issue. But **** it, infinite bombs, sure, why not. Hey, I know how we fix bombs. Dropping a Bomblet gives you a weapons disabled token, SLAM gives you a second, and now you can only clear one a turn. With wave 11, the nerfs to stuff in the previous meta are almost meaningless now. Why is there a second Biggs in the game? Why does Scum have Deadeye Scouts back? Why is there a bomb upgrade that doesn't get discarded without some sort of dual card recharge mechanic or weapons disabled token? I'm getting tired of FFG's, "Let's wait to see if it's broken first" approach. It most often turns into, "We'll wait until it fails and then show up late to fix the problem." How many metas as have been dominated by stupid bull that never gets fixed? Seemingly all of them besides for waves 1-3.
  5. Of all the problems with the JumpMaster, the maneuverability of the thing is astounding. Dengaroo was missed in play testing. Deadeye isn't immediately apparent, so sure, maybe they missed it. But this is so apparent, so obviously a problem. Why? Why do large base turrets need white Segnor's Loops?! Why do any of them have green hard turns?! Why does this thing have barrel roll in its action bar, it's a large base!!! It's a ship with a white Sloop, why can you drop bombs from it now?! Look at the Firespray dial. Now look at the JumpMaster dial. Completely fair.
  6. What makes you think that problem gets worse with more people? What about closed play testing solves that? They're not paid, they have no incentive to balance the game.
  7. Pretty sure Krayts came up with the Fairship Rebel name. It's a joke because it's not at all fair.
  8. I faced a Miranda Nym bomber list with my variant today. Biggs with R2-D2 and IA Rex Wookie Defender with Jyn and Jan Lowhhrick with Selflessness and Chopper. He got Rex early with a bomb, 2 hits + Sabine love this game. I eventually chased down Nym and killed it. I realized that I may have been better off just running all game and going to final salvo. Maybe not, I'd probably die to too much plink damage from TLT and I can't run away and get proc Jyn. IDK, just accept the 50~ MoV loss in that matchup and hope you don't face it too often? With your 180 degree arcs, you do have some good anti-Miranda tech, idk.
  9. If you don't fly something that's broken, you will get stomped into the mud in a competitive environment. That's not fun. I admire the spirit, I wish someone could do well Flying What They Love(tm), but that's not realistic unless what you love happens to be the top tier stuff. The meta is so harsh right now and has been for a while. It's not fun to Fly What You Love(tm) and lose all day.
  10. Maybe with open play testing we could better tell.
  11. You know someone is giving you good advice when they put meta in scare quotes and tell you to purposefully fly bad lists. If you have a bad list and you lose, that teaches you nothing except to play a better list. Want to know what I told a BBBBZ player that asked me for advice after I 200-0'ed him with Commonwealth Defenders? " I don't really know what I'd do against my own list with 4 B-Wings, Palpatine and x7 are super broken." May as well go straight to the meta instead of intentionally holding yourself back, getting frustrated, and playing meta squads anyways. What everyone in this thread would like you to believe is that you can have fun Flying What You Love(tm). That is absolutely not the case in a competitive environment unless what you love is Mindlink, Kanan Biggs, Fairship Rebel 2.0, Jumpmasters, Jumpmaster II, Miranda, Nym, Dengar, etc. Your list doesn't necessarily have to be a meta squad, it just has to be good. If by chance you've stumbled upon some power combo with Backdraft, OL, and a Firespray lay it on me. I just want the OP to have the capacity to enjoy the game. I don't want him to pay $10 and get rocked for 5 rounds in a row by some Scum Nym Genius infinite bombs bull. I want him to be equipped with a squad that would have a chance because that's the only possible way to have fun in a tournament. If you have a good squad and you lose, you know that you need to improve and you'll have mistakes that can be pointed to and corrected in the future. If you bring BBBBZ to a Commonwealth Defenders fight, have zero chance and the only lesson you'll learn is to stop playing this broken game.
  12. What list are you bringing? If you don't bring a good list you'll automatically lose.
  13. Then those select few ships are held back, IF that's a problem. Some bottom of the barrel EU Q-Wing with a white 2 Segnors is open play testing fair game.
  14. Boom. 2 Wookie Cruisers with Tactician, 26 point Stresshog, VI captured TIE ahsoka with EMP. RIP everything.
  15. Spread out all of your ships in one huge net. Surround Nym.
  16. 2 PS one Wookie Cruisers with Tactician Zeb Attack Shuttle with Tactician Biggs with R3-A2 and IA
  17. Because of @ficklegreendice pointing out how good it was.
  18. Deadeye Scouts wasn't obvious. The instant I looked at Lowhhrick's ability or saw the cost of the PS 3 EPT Scurgg, an overpowered build instantly came to me.
  19. And even if it's discovered, let's see what happens: A casual player either doesn't see a problem with Deadeye torp scouts, or isn't good enough to be able to figure out the combo. "Look guys, I put Expose on Zuckuss and I flew Manaroo with push the limit to feed Zuckuss tokens isn't that neat?" That's the only input that a casual player can contribute, absolutely nothing but worthless chaff data. A competitive player doesn't think that it's a problem because "It's not broken, just get good and fly exclusively Wes Jansen". Because these issue are figured out in a vacuum, not a competitive environment, there is no rigorous testing on this stuff. Let's say you weren't on the forums and had only been to a handful of tournaments. When you're given the Jumpmaster to play test, do you figure out Dengaroo or Deadeye (of all cards, right?) torp scouts? No, of course you don't. And if you're a tournament player, let's say that you share @Rat of Vengence or @Icelom's opinion on game balance. "Okay, so let's have a look at what people are saying. We have the usual threads of people caterwauling that the sky is falling, Nym is going to kill everyone and the horse they rode in on. Then we have threads where people are asking how to stop him dying so quickly. That sounds like balance to me, at least so far. Let's give it a bit more time and get used to how he plays and the interations with other ships/cards before we have more people mistaking bad play for an OP ship" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Now imagine that the person that said this is a play tester (I don't know if RoV or Icelom actually are, just making an example). That's how stupid bull gets into this game. Flying at someone, bumping into them, and hitting them with infinite bombs that you ignore yourself isn't broken, and if you complain about it you're just, "Mistaking bad play for an OP ship". In other words, " It's not broken, just get good."
  20. Getting blindsided by Dengaroo is one thing. Lowhhrick's ability or triple Deadeye Scurggs or Bomblet Generator on anything besides a Punisher or Cad Bane crew, these are all obvious, blatant problems.
  21. I sleeve my Kallus tokens because I don't respect my opponents enough to touch them with their grubby animal hands and I bought a picture stand specifically to display my store championship plaque while playing. I need a second one for my second plaque now. I am the king of disrespect.
  22. And that's why the podcast is so great. I'm just a fan. I listen to a lot of podcasts and consequently a lot of X-Wing podcasts, and yours is absolutely nothing but truth and hilarious jokes. It's like the radio show Loveline from the 90's and early 2000's. Dr. Drew drops solid relationship or medical advice and then it reminds Adam Carolla of the time a friend of his figured out that he could use a jacuzzi jet to fill his anus with water and hold it in in order to later shoot it out onto other people. Or A caller would ask Drew about anal beads and Adam would say, "Wouldn't it be funny if you pulled on the anal beads and a lamp turned on?" Is there any Krayt swag that I can purchase?
  23. The play testers are comprised of both of these groups. FFG gives them something that's broken to play test. The casual players don't care that it's broken because the card does something thematic or cool or whatever and they're too stupid to utilize it correctly, and the competitive players don't think it's broken because, "It's not broken, just get good". These attitudes feed off one another and both hold the game back. The third group, the reasonable group that just wants the game to be fun and not broken and wants broken things fixed ASAP, is likely very small in the play testing community as it is in the larger X-Wing community. They get shouted down by both groups.
  24. Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding. Yeah, I would have absolutely no issue with buffs to the dumpster slime pilots and upgrades. I'm just used to idiots asking for Soontir to get a second EPT or Palpatine's nerf to be reversed or whatever.
  25. If I was in charge, the game would be fun for everyone. Like it used to be before the old design team left and Alex Davy and Frank Brooks ruined it with the crew in the Corvette and wave 4. There would be no NPE's. Sure maybe you didn't like swarms but at least a swarm player is still playing the game. If you were in charge, the Phantom, fat turrets, Palpatine, x7, Zuckuss, and Manaroo would still be broken. There probably wouldn't have been a wave 11 without the Phantom nerf or a nerf to fat turrets. At this point the game is so based around abusing NPE's that ignore core aspects of this game that too much would have to be nerfed. I'd settle for a dozen moderate balance changes.
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