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  1. 8 minutes ago, machfalcon said:

    Thanks for posting this! I’m actually a bit surprised that overall it lines up pretty closely with how I would rate them. With that said, I think I would rate :

    * Davith: B (easy to wound, wounded loses force speed which makes him very immobile, can be hard to pull off all the tricks he feels like he can do)

    * Onar: B+ (No defense makes him fairly easy to wound, 4 speed and endurance with no upgrade)

    * MHD: A- (can be good in the right campaign but a step below most other support characters in my experience)

    * Jarrod: A (maybe recency bias but can become extremely difficult to wound, low credit investment required to be effective due to Jax) 

    That sounds reasonable, but I tried to make this completely objective based on the numbers.

    That said, I allowed Drokkata and Verena to go up to A+ due to being 3.74, and knocked Jarrod down due to being 3.25 so maybe I'm a hypocrite, lol.

  2. Very sorry about the delay, and thank you everyone who contributed.

    Here is the tier list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WpCY1W0MjcRv_k2enMAX_rB1Qg-_lPZCkYuXVKRS54U/edit?usp=sharing

    S-Tier Heroes    
    Gideon Argus S+ 4.92
    Fenn Signis S 4.65
    Diala Passil S 4.41
    Shyla Varad S 4.35
    Vinto Hreeda S- 4.14
    A-Tier Heroes    
    Mak Eshka'rey A+ 3.91
    Drokkatta A+ (Honorary) 3.74
    Varena Talos A+ (Honorary) 3.74
    Gaarkhan A 3.72
    Jyn Odan A 3.69
    MDH-19 A 3.49
    Ko-Tun Feralo A 3.41
    Onar Koma A 3.34
    Murne Rin A 3.27
    Jarrod Kelvin A- 3.25
    Davith Elso A- 3.17
    B-Tier Heroes    
    Loku Kanoloa B+ 2.95
    C-Tier Heroes    
    Saska Teft C+ 1.95
    Biv Bodhrik C+ 1.82


    The link to survey data and histograms can be found on the sheet or by following this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zvAYGTByHy_dltrCMPEFM3JVyQszkkQC?usp=sharing

  3. 2 hours ago, Tvboy said:

    So it looks like you're using modal results, I'm not an expert on statistics or anything, but am I correct that should theoretically prevent any outliers from skewing the results? 

    I am going to convert the letter grade to numbers then take a trimmed average. I will then convert that average into letter grades ranging from S+ to Biv Bodhrik

  4. 1 hour ago, Tvboy said:

    If enough people participate in this, the results should actually be pretty accurate. Might be good not to be hasty to publish the results after only a few days though, you need a good sample size to create a true aggregate. Have you been sharing this doc on the other forums?


    This has been posted on Reddit(first) and boardgamegeek. If you know of any other is forums, please post it there and inform me

  5. 11 minutes ago, Pollux85 said:

    Hi friend. Welcome to the boards. Don't mean to slow your roll, but you might want to check out either of these threads. 




    Hey Pollux,

    Consider my roll unslowed. I haven't posted before but I've been playing IA for a while now. I always found those two posts to be less than helpful because it is a single person's perception of the characters. Not to mention the posts are rather dated as of now.

    This post was made to scratch the itch of knowing how the community views the heroes, not just a few people.



    Thank you regardless, of course

  6. Hi All!

    I am currently gathering data to make an unofficial community tier list for campaign heroes. If you could fill out this form, it would be greatly appreciated! 



    Here is the google sheet with live results:



    After a few days have passed I will post an analysis and the Tier List


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