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  1. I have some problems determining the difference between a few skills that all have simiral uses. Tech Use: Use, Build, Understand and Maintain. Trade (Armourer): Design, Upgrade and Build. Trade (Technomat): Maintain and Repair. Common Lore (Tech): Soothe machine spirits. Forbidden Lore (Archaeotech): Understanding complex tech Logic: Understand complex tech. Security: Bypassing locks wether they contain machinespirits or are normal mechanical. Security i can see the obvious difference but it still falls under tech use for me. So for me the only actual skills something like a tech priest needs are Tech Use and Trade (armourer). You can add Forbidden Lore (Archaeotech) for special macguffin-tech, Security for BnEs and logic for Ciphers and random cool techpriest stuff. But if you ever get any skill in tech use Trade (technomat) and common lore (Tech) is worthless right? Got the same problem with Logic and Scholastic lore (ciphers) if you get logic you never need the scholastic lore. Sorry this got kinda ranty... Any thoughts?
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