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    I've been running this- Optimized Prototype: (84) Colonel Vessery (55) Lieutenant Sai w/ Director Krennic and ST-321 Title (35) Inquisitor (26) Night Beast Still getting the kinks worked out but having the shuttle coordinate Vessery for a Boost/Barrel (ala Adv. Sensors) before a 4k Turn OR Focus for both ships AND the shuttle gains a Target Lock with Range 3 of Vessery, which of course Vessery loves... Inquisitor gets Optimized Prototype to strip Shields or flip Crits on whatever the shuttle coordinate/locked with its 2 Dice Attack. Night Beast is my Flanker/Blocker Shuttle may get burned early but at least they're leaving your Defender alone...of course, the Initiative of the pilots makes this look good on paper and is harder on the table...
  2. SCSkunk

    Defender Thoughts?

    I'll throw my hat in with the "Why is Rexler the least expensive named Defender" crowd. But then again I'm just super stubborn about using that Imperial Veterans set... I've been running AdvSen/Daredevil Ryad as a point fortress backed up by Lt. Sai/Title carrying Krennic. It ALMOST feels right...I mean, it's HARD to pin down the Countess, and she really loves Optimized Prototype. But still, that's 150 pts. And the third ship needs to be threatening, and while I'm loving Rhymer with Cluster Missiles...if I lose a ship before my opponent, I'm in serious trouble... Needs more firepower and I have 6/7 pts to play with, with maybe leaving a 1 pt bid for CIS/Republic opponents. That allows me to switch out Daredevil for Outmaneuver, but I love dancing with Ryad and Outmaneuver puts her over 100 pts...
  3. I like them as Super Luke's wingmates. Benthic w/ PerCop and Pivot Edrio w/ S-Foils Luke w/ S-Foils, SuperNat, R2 Astro 190/200 Good for casual nights, both X-Wings basically have SuperNat. Good for blocking, but doesn't put out enough damage for me...likely because I'm bad.
  4. I run Jake, Ten, Garven and Dutch myself. Still fine tuning it, but the games have been close even if I lose.
  5. I would argue R5 on Wedge. But solid list at that point.
  6. I've had solid results from my all-comers list, Han's Toolkit: Han Solo: Lando/R2-D2 Dutch: ICT/VTG Garven: ProTorps/S-Foils 200 pts. Doesn't win everytime, but more than it loses! Hyperspace legal, has most of the Rebel cards effected by the last point adjustment (I know, no Princess), efficient and trades points well.
  7. I would say almost all of my games go to time. But I also sort of gameplan and list build it that way...
  8. Han w/ Trick Shot, Engine Upgrade, Luke Gunner Wedge w/ Elusive, ProTorps, Shield Upgrade, S-Foils Leaves a ten point bid. Which you could use instead on Lando and R2-D2 to add some tankiness to the Falcon. But now it's no longer an arc-dodger with a bid... Oh, could drop Elusive and Shield Upgrade from Wedge. Let's be honest, he's going to die quickly. That gives you a tanky, high health, arc-dodging 1st Edition turret and a lethal ProTorp platform, both moving with probable perfect board knowledge?
  9. Sticking with Original Trilogy. Rebels and Empire. Giving my friends my spare Resistance and Scum from 1.0.
  10. SCSkunk

    Bullseye Talents

    I don't use Crackshot because I would only use it on TIE's...and Ruthless is better. Marksmanship goes on Seyn. Predator for Wedge and Soontir. That's pretty much it for me!
  11. I like Captain Feroph myself. With just Death Troopers he's solid. I have that paired with the rest of Black Squadron, because I have a thing for fluffy lists... Vader: FCS/Afterburners Feroph: Death Troopers Mauler Mithel: Swarm Tactics Wampa 191/200
  12. I also think that was a bad call. Magva's ability effects re-rolls. Han clearly states that his ability does not count as a reroll. Hopefully there is some clarification on that! But again, it's clearly worded. I don't understand how a judge could interpret it differently and make Han's re-roll even better...
  13. Han's pretty tanky and I like him better as an end-game piece. His rerolls are strong. And with double-modded ProTorps/Double-Tap Y-wing on the field as well, I've found Han gets a few clean rounds before he gets shot at...and then he's tough to chew through before time runs out.
  14. I am taking a hard look at: Han Solo: R2-D2/Lando Dutch: ICT/VTG Garven: ProTorps/S-Foils 200/200 It's been decent in practice. Obviously the reliance on an i4 Target Lock and hoping Garven rolls an eyeball with his ProTorps tempts fate a bit, but it's been fun!
  15. Not broken, but 0-2 Friendly Ship would be...broken...
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