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  1. Not broken, but 0-2 Friendly Ship would be...broken...
  2. SCSkunk

    Advanced Daredevil Corran is super fun to play

    Agree to disagree?
  3. SCSkunk

    Fat Han

    You can only fit one more ship, which better pull its weight. You can just fit Wedge in at 71 points. Elusive/ProTorps/R2/S-Foils No bid, but two I6's could still work. Wedge will die, just make sure to get those Torps off first! Or drop the Astromech and EPT to gain a seven point bid.
  4. SCSkunk

    Fat Han

    Skinny Han is pretty legit. 10 points for R2-D2 and Lando. It's pretty much all you need. Though I REALLY want to run Luke Gunner...
  5. SCSkunk

    Why does the YT-2400 still cost so much?

    I was using Han with Homing Missiles/R2-D2/Lando/Vet Turret Gunner and Wedge with Elusive/ProTorps/R5/Shield Upgrade/S-Foils Two i6 with nine point bid. I was really only having trouble against very high health lists. Now it's back to the drawing board, lol!
  6. SCSkunk

    Why does the YT-2400 still cost so much?

    I don't know. I was planning on bringing Rebel Han to the Hyperspace Qualifier in a couple of months. He's been working just fine for me. And that's BEFORE he dropped ten points. Now I feel like it's no longer the cool hipster choice and I'm less enthused! I guess I could throw Luke Gunner back on and feel "non-viable" again while winning consistently... Han is really good.
  7. SCSkunk

    Darth mini swarm list advice

    I know it is not the popular choice, but I also run Heightened Perception on Vader. Albeit in Hyperspace format. This allows you to PS kill another i6, is that correct?
  8. SCSkunk

    Hyperspace Trials

    I've got two in close proximity and I am very excited about it. Never been to an X-Wing tourney, so may as well start with these! Who knows, may even win a match...
  9. SCSkunk

    How many ships

    I have a 2, 3 and a 5 ship list. Still working on a 4...
  10. Han Solo Millennium Falcon (6) Lando Calrissian (5) Rigged Cargo Chute (4) Luke Skywalker Supernatural Reflexes (12) Proton Torpedoes (9) R2 Astromech (6) Servomotor S-foils (0) Total: 196 pts Thoughts?
  11. SCSkunk

    Kylo Ren ~ who are his best FO wing mates

    Great thread! I think I will now roll Vader with Heightened Perception from here on out...
  12. SCSkunk

    Han & Wedge

    Unsure of how effective Veteran Turret Gunner will be. I guess if you fly right down the middle and hope to split the opponents formation... I like to kite Han around the outside and fly from rock to rock. A lot of folks mention Agile Gunner as a solid option. I'm not sure if a Gunner is needed, myself. Though when I do use a Gunner, it's Luke. However, in the search for the perfect Wingman for Han, I may have to use pilot Luke. But when I've used Wedge I had more luck trying to increase his defense. For the 75 pts you are currently at, I'd instead go Elusive/ProTorps/R5 Astro/Shield Upgrade/S-Foils. Extra shield and can repair hull(and no disabled weapons token!), hopefully mitigate incoming fire and still pack a punch. That would allow you to put R2-D2 on Han and Han really makes R2 shine, especially with Chewy there. Tanky with a crew slot for shields and a crew slot for hull. I do like the Homing missile choice! Mobile Arc to the sides and inexpensive rockets to hunt fragile Aces. I see where you were going with the Vet Turret Gunner, now. Still... Anyway, just some thoughts. Have fun, Han Solo is pretty great. Expensive, but great.
  13. SCSkunk

    Slave 1 and Havoc redux

    Wait...where's Slave 1?
  14. SCSkunk

    Vander with R3 or R4?

    I could be wrong here but I believe that even with R3, you still pass the target lock from your first target? Then R3 triggers? EDIT: I like R4 myself. Opens up the dial for Barrel Rolls and Reloads.
  15. SCSkunk

    Rebel synergy

    I'm taking the same path. Still trying to balance the list. Token economy and damage mitigation/regen seem to be the core flavors of the Rebellion. Four ships feels about right. I currently have Biggs, Garven (Selfless), Dutch (Selfless/ProTorps/R4 Astro) and Jake (Selfless/Homing Missiles) in there and it feels solid. But I need more table time and it still feels one ingredient short...like a B-Wing would be nice...maybe run Jake naked and trade Biggs in for Braylen Stramm (Selfless)? But it's tough to lose Biggs...I just don't know. Need more reps.