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  1. I likely will. Officially, our tiny group is not moving on to 2.0 (we are not the best casual players and we never were affected by all the extreme broken-meta wailing and gnashing of teeth) and we are relieved that we will no longer be explaining $300 orders from CSI to our wives. But some of the new models might be fun to table--like the new y-wing. Pew Pew Pew.
  2. Couple of things I cant seem to get clarity on: Can Krennic optimize his own Reaper--is his Reaper a friendly ship at range 1-2? And does the optimized ship need a targeting computer in order to get a target lock on the defender?
  3. They got rid of the little upgrade cards. They got rid of the little upgrade cards. The little cards.
  4. Rey with Dash and Poe is fantastic. Send Dash sideways and stack. Send Poe off to engage whoever.
  5. I was freed weeks ago from this clustercuss. Yeah, they play tested 2.0 while they play tested wave thirteen. Sure they did. Some of us players are old, real old, like we’ve been around. We see the capital grab. Well done, FFG, well done.
  6. I keep ready-to-go lists with everything a player needs in those black letter boxes they sell at craft stores. I currently have seven, really fun lists. Makes the start much quicker.
  7. I spent the afternoon sorting my 1.0 upgrade cards, the most beautiful components I own. Turns out, I have 16 proton torpedo cards. Instead of wasting any time with these FFG threads, I just admired them. I don’t use them, but they are beautiful.
  8. I’m really looking forward to this unboxing. The entire X-wing community will rejoice, casual and competitor alike. There will be no complaints; there will be no second guessing. Their will be no facepalming and no rage. The X-wing forum community will be at peace. That was difficult to type.
  9. Yup. These are good points. Though I am not of the camp, I feel for the camp, however: I’m thinking of the competitive player who has scraped together a 1k collection, felt part of a community, aspired to be a great player, loves all things Star Wars and wants to be up to date and cutting edge in all things x-wing. That player, however small his demographic, is rightfully angry.
  10. I’ve been reading these threads for over a week now. And full disclosure: I’m a casual player who has spent somewhere between 2k and 3k on this game. I love this game. I’m happily not moving on to 2.0. But let me just say that the apologists for 2.0 are really an amazingly zealous group of individuals. And though this will likely be a skirmish in the wilderness, I really cannot remain silent on this. The decimal numeracy for all this was the first flag for me. Point-oh. Point-oh. Point-oh. To our post-digital brains that sounds nice. Yeah. It is the same software but better. I’ll walk away from the computer while the patches do their thing. This is not 2.0. This is a different game. This is Wimbledon with larger tennis balls and longer courts. A better game? Likely if you like blood! But the same game? No. No. It is not the same game. It is not 2.0. It is a different game. It is a different software package, not a version. The point-oh was clever. Very clever. The second flag for me was not the conversion kits but rather the defense of the conversion kits. People are right to be a bit perturbed about the cost to make their expensive collection relevant again. And the beat downs! Oh gosh has FFG employed goons? Imagine if competitive tennis attempted this conversion: sorry. Your racquet is now officially too small. We need the 2.0 racquet. The apologists: well you only need the larger one when you play Wimbledon. Use your old racquets when you play at home. Oh and the costs? Don’t like the costs? Don’t buy it. Sheesh. Let them eat cake. And yet flag three: is personal. Cooler miniatures. I won’t even mention the x-wing. The y-wing? Yeah the new y-wing is pretty cool. FFG is trying to reel me in with my love of miniature coolness. Well it might just work. But something tells me they knew they should sweeten the medicine to make it go down easy. Cause without the cool miniatures, this new game would be tough to stomach. For the fans of the other game anyway. This is a new game for new players. I’m sure it will thrive. But I can’t help but smell a fault. This new game is not so much a fix as it is a second harvest.
  11. The novel Tarkin also suggests that Geonosis is enough out of the way to hide the station from the Senate as it is being built.
  12. All this rancor regarding 2.0 is disturbing my quite appreciation of the artwork on 1.0’s feedback array.
  13. My small, casual group will not be moving on. But our interest in 1.0 has only increased. Game planned for Wednesday. We have a preorder of Saw's Renegades and the TIE Viper with CSI. And we just keep adding stuff to it. I swear to God I WILL field two Raiders before I die! And four brobots. And a swarm of T-65s. And since I have no 2.0 purchases to make, I can start saving up for a Scarif shield gate.
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