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  1. Been playing my Bothan Politico for over a year now, weekly games and I can say as many have before, KEEP THE 1. I think it really defines your character and is always a good laugh when my 1 in brawn always making life interesting for the group. It also forces you to be creative... oh I have to jump over this canyon... I ain’t gonna try that with my one green in athletics ? So I’ll get the trandoshan marauder to throw me over haha Edit: Yea.... after that much time and XP still haven’t upgraded athletics or resilience
  2. 1. This has always been a thing in Star Wars (in almost all movies, they make a big deal of getting hyperspace right or your ship is gonna get obliterated by smashing into something else). 2. It’s just not flipping practical... You have to get big enough ships to take out whatever you are trying to. That means larger hyper drives, engines, parts etc. I don’t know about you but that’s gonna cost A LOT for some glorified suicide rockets. #SmhForLastJedi #LovedIt
  3. To sum up: NEEDED - 2 x SWRP Dice Sets 1 x Core Rulebook (of whichever of the three you choose *Edge of the empire*, *Force and Destiny* or *Age of Rebellion*) Highly Recommended - 1 x Beginner Game (of the same Core Rulebook you plan to buy) Good Additional - Career Sourcebooks of the same careers your PC’s choose (I would suggest playing a number of sessions, to see if your PC’s really do like their Characters) Advise: Just use a small chess pieces for your miniatures, the tokens in the beginner game are annoying. Also buying proper ones is quite difficult and expensive. So as long as your PC’s have imagination, the chess pieces should be fine
  4. These are amazing!! I passed this onto our GM and it’s defiantly going to help him with description and us for a visual. So a huge thank you for it. If you get the chance, would be really cool to get Monastery
  5. The form filable character sheet link no longer works. I have found a forum where somebody has done form filable character sheets, talent trees and vehicle sheets. They can all be found here: http://bastionkainssweote.blogspot.com.au/p/character-sheets.html?m=1 Note: I am not the owner, creator or designer of these. Please credit the person who put these awesome resources together - Bastion Kain
  6. Here’s a Language Translator for; Old Correlian, Proto-basic, Smugglers Cant, Catharese, Cheunh, Minnisiat, Flora Collossi, Mando’a, Ortolan, High Smith, Sith, Huttese and Ryl http://starwars.myrpg.org/coruscant_translator.php
  7. I feel ya.... that’s why I was looking for any others Ah good call. I’ll add it now
  8. I’m not the creator or owner of this. I just simply found it and thought it was pretty decent for what lack of information we have. I’ve done a bit of research on most of the languages and it seems that they have taken what information is known and filled in the blanks through language and sound patterns. Obviously it’s almost impossible, to have an even 80% accurate translation as there’s usually very little to go on
  9. Star Wars is known and loved for its diverse species and universe. So in light of that... I’m really interested in compiling a resource of Star Wars language translators. So feel free to contribute Here’s one for; Old Correlian, Proto-basic, Smugglers Cant, Catharese, Cheunh, Minnisiat, Flora Collossi, Mando’a, Ortolan, High Smith, Sith, Huttese and Ryl http://starwars.myrpg.org/coruscant_translator.php
  10. I play a Bothan Politico in my game and am the Face of my group. Nothing gets me more excited than when my GM has thought through a characters motive and past so much so that the characters reaction to my PC’s question and statements seem realistic and consistent. Also, the best social encounters I have, always come from situations where I feel there is many different approaches to it (this however falls back on me to think up interesting approaches as well). The GM gives me clues (not answers) to generate my ideas. Finally, the reason why I love social encounters so much is that my GM has created a culture where he rewards and celebrates ‘our of the box’ ideas. None of my ideas a shot down but we work through it and roll dice accordingly to see if ot becomes reality. So my recommendations, from PC to GM, is prepare prepare prepare (sorry, no easy solution). Put yourself in your created characters shoes, understand their background and what makes them tick. This can be done on the fly but is much better when pre thought about. This will make social interactions immersive. Give them real responses, they mention something touchy with the person, make them react in a truthful way. Secondly, create a culture!! Never shoot down ideas, make sure you make it known that the more interesting the idea, the bigger the *roleplaying* rewards will be (as in, if they put in the time to think up something interesting, make sure you spend just as much describing it in epic detail). Finally, and this will depend who you are playing with but, DO VOICES and SOUND EFFECTS. This is how you make it known to your PC’s you have done the work on this character, and will make it 100 times more immersive. The best social interactions always have voices. Hope this helps. Keep up the hard work of a GM Us PC’s love it
  11. We only really have one PC who is full battle orientated marauder, but yeah he does most of the time he gets enough advantage. He has a few talents which upgrade them though, which means that essentially our GM allows him to cut off arms or puncture lungs (which I can tell you makes it very worth while to use). I guess if you don’t have any upgrades to criticals, it possibly wouldn’t be worth it. Finally, criticals make gameplay a million times more interesting... having your gm explain a nemesis punctured lung is quite amusing haha
  12. Very well done! - Love this. Any chance this will ever be put into an App rather than in browser?
  13. I agree to a point. But again, failing the check doesn't mean they automatically jump to the blinking core worlds haha. It could just mean it makes a small difference
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