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  1. This is a really cool idea. Dream Park was an interesting RP concept and its execution was pretty well done. You've got some very intriguing elements going on here. It will be fascinating to see this develop.
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    Genre Books

    As a huge Trek fan from TOS onward, I could not disagree more concerning Enterprise. As with any Trek show, it had its weak points, but its lack of reliance on technology (a weakness of TNG) was wonderful and placed the success of any given situation squarely on the shoulders of the heroes and not a random technobabble. I do agree that DS9 is pretty much just made of awesome and that Voyager was beyond painful. But I have to defend Archer, T'Pol, Trip, Malcom, Phlox, Hoshi, and Travis. It was a solid show, especially as it neared the end of its run.
  3. I have been slowly building a horror wild west/steampunk ala Deadlands, Through the Breach, and Shadows of Brimstone that was going to use 5e as its foundation. But now...well...the narrative dice system and the talent trees (if such things are kept) might fit much better. Especially with fantasy magic and steampunk settings already baked in to the system.
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