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  1. Perfect, this was my biggest concern. Assuming I was missing it.
  2. Because I'm not seeing it, it might be me, does this latest release include the Nightsisters Spec? If not, I saw a data set by nlx3647, but cannot manage to import it, "cannot find a valid dataset". Is this set any different anyway?
  3. Last night while playing, I had a player that wanted to shoot past their adversary (they were in engineering on a ship) to hit a turbine engine that was powering an electrical field that was currently charging the floor. The field was empowering the droid and helping to protect it. The adventure didn't really have anything written for this, I guessed it just assumed they would simply work to kill the droid, but I felt the idea was great. A quick look, and I saw no rules for hitting or damaging inanimate objects. The object was at the edge of short range 2, and obstructed by the field and droid 1, so I gave it a difficulty of 3. The engine was metal, not a quick creation or flimsy device, and recessed among other working gears. Therefore, attacking with an energy weapon at range "I felt" was less effective, so I gave it a defense of 1 range. I then took a wild guess on the soak value of the device. They hit it, and damaged it, but not destroying it. Our session ended so we will continue next week. Good bad or indifferent, was there a chart or set of rules I should have, could have, used?
  4. Nice, this is a great explanation and makes a lot of sense.
  5. Can you detail this or explain it a bit more? A quick walk-through on how this works (the way you do it)?
  6. Nice, thanks. OK, and for my clarity, Discipline vs. Discipline truly is actually "Discipline"? Like if I'm using the force to lie to you and misdirect you, that's not like Deception vs Discipline?
  7. As I'm reading online while at work, and don't have a book handy for reference. Was looking here: http://swa.stoogoff.com/#elaiza-jedi-in-exile And reading: Force Power: Influence: : Inflict 2 strain on engaged target. Make an opposed Discipline vs Discipline check, as well as an Influence Force Power check, if successful can force target to adopt an emotional state or believe something untrue for 3 rounds or 5 minutes. I am new to the game, I'm just starting to get a grasp on Force Powers, and want to clarify. This power sounds like it requires three rolls, two checks, correct? 1. Roll Force Dice to activate 2. Roll Discipline vs Discipline (is that literally the Discipline skill, or is that figurative "opposed" check such as Discipline or Willpower or whatever skill seems most appropriate?) 3. Influence Force Power check? (is this in addition to the last roll, or is it somehow added to the last roll?) I am assuming 100% I am missing something because I don't see why you have to roll two contested rolls to use this. Is the last upgrading the first?
  8. This topic is old, and I hate to respond to it, but my question is directly connected to the OPs topic. These new class skills you get from a second or third spec, for example if you picked up Hired Gun (Coercion, Melee, Resilience, Survival) you get them AS class skills, but you DO or DON'T get to put 1 point into 2 of them? That's the only part I'm not finding in the book.
  9. So this is how we've been thinking. For example, earlier you mentioned Battle Meditation, but does that path really break if you remove the "living" ally aspect, and replace it with ally droid? Same with your comment above, if the Pathfinder works specifically with droid instead of a beast, does it still work? We also looked at Harm (thematically) being electricity... and when you but range, it becomes a bolt of electricity. If it simply does the damage mentioned, does it really matter what you pretend it is?
  10. If not for requiring force rating 3, that works perfectly.
  11. I have a player that has asked if any of the force powers, and suggested career/spec, will give her the ability to create, control, enhance drones (as combat allies). In her mind, she's thinking like "summoned creature". Also, she's looking for ways to thematically use the force to: pull power from electronics around her to create temp shields (add difficulty to enemy attacks, or add defense). pull power from electronics around her to "shoot" bolts of energy at enemies. I had told her, as an example, that she can thematically use the Push power to says she builds energy and then pushes an enemy away. So, we can thematically alter a lot of existing powers. Is this at all possible in any way for a character with aprox 75 xp (beyond their initial creation and starting xp)?
  12. OK, and that's why we asked, were were not clear. Thank you.
  13. OK, so then FR 1 is considered normal and "powerful enough" at start.
  14. OK, crap. That's part of my issue, I was calling them Force Points and not able to find the info I wanted online, Force Rating. I'm sorry. I could have likely found this on my own if I had not been too hasty! Yes, he is interested in a Force character with influence/emotion powers. So we were trying to figure out how he gained Force Rating beyond his first and if their was a way to start at 2.
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