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  1. So I do like these, but don't (can't) use them. Any way to not use scripted fonts, and switch it to adjust text size (vs hidden overflow)?
  2. I am near the same. I got the PDF first to see if I felt the book was worth it. I could have used a lot more crunch and far less fluff, but everyone's different. The nice thing is the PDF allowed me to pull out the monster pages and put them into a separate 42 page book for faster reference. I am die hard D&D fan but... I prefer the character design/progression of Genesys better.
  3. This pleases me to know, thank you for the inspiration!
  4. I'll get flack, I'm sure, but... as one of the people who no longer have time to make their own worlds, monsters, etc. How is this book in regards to "I have enough spells, monsters, talents and skills" to play a campaign/adventure? I love the system (when I got pulled in via Star Wars), but won't pretend I don't still rely heavily on someone else's fantasy setting because it is "complete" and "ready to run".
  5. I believe I have the most recent version, but a small request. Place a version or date in the footer to help us out?
  6. So I had noticed that in many of the books, most folks might have access to a modified laborjack, but the warjacks were still "mostly" in the hands of the military groups or your BBEG. I also noticed that by the time they went after these folks they were prepped with corrosive grenades, sleep grenades and heavy guns to combat the marshals or jacks. I'm hoping to keep to this theme, and help limit access by cost.
  7. OK, first pass, reading from the IK book and using the descriptions of how chassis and cortex work... this assumes how they ship from factory, no personal modifications. Once the cortex is added to the chassis, the stats increase by the cortex values. Keep in mind this isn't something every person has, nor can control, you should not be running into these (as an opponent) on a daily basis. Attached weapons and accessories will vary these stats dramatically. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eZwFgDcNB5E1rUeyniCkVqgGJcSBFKNYj0FltZHf51Y/edit?usp=sharing
  8. Yes... because if you hit the boiler that's a problem, not just the battle at hand but long term use... that and things like shield arm (if it has one), attached weapons, etc. And that's why I asked. While they are not specifically vehicles, they are only semi-autonomous robots, and still require a commander. Their armor and design could have been easily spec'ed as you might say an AT-ST. So I wasn't thinking of it as a vehicle per-say, but looking for how to best lay out the stats.
  9. In my mind, they remind me of overgrown Warforged, to reference another system, and I think that's how to best handle them as Kommissar suggested. Because this adventure is basically taking a previously published IK adventure, and the 6 characters already released, I'm using them for my base. If this goes well, fingers crossed, I will continue the development. The exception being, for our adventure, Pog (gobber jack marshal) has a harness on his jack that allows him to ride it in most situations. Think Master Blaster. Many of the jacks have set purposes, labor jacks are strong, not combat oriented, even if equipped with a weapon. Warjacks can be equipped with ranged or melee, but are not normally both. So the nice part is that Jack Marshaling and the cortex upgrades can enhance both jack skills and handling, perhaps even grant (specific) talents to a jack.
  10. Iron Kingdoms, Steamjacks. Looking for suggestions/example on building them for Genesys. While they have all the properties of a vehicle, most (none?) have an onboard pilot, but they do have a control mechanism. So, my first thought is make them non-pilot vehicles... Iron Kingdoms has a large list of chassis, attachable weapons, and equipment. Is there any current game conversion that might have something similar already in production? (mechs, robots, etc)
  11. Works perfect now, eager to take a peek, thank you!
  12. Awesome, and thanks. Just to ask, these links... they go to a (one drive) login page, and nothing appears to be there.
  13. Has any additional progress been made on this, love to see what you have, even if incomplete.
  14. It appears that the dice pool for the example encounter under the [Cheat Sheet 0.9.5] are incorrect. They show 4 purple for Agility (4) and 1 yellow for ranged (light) making 1 yellow and 4 purple. This continues through the encounter example.
  15. So I'd ask you to share anything you have, as it always helps... but I'm also about to ask a really dumb question. If say, I were reading Murder in Corvus, or Black River Irregulars... what version of IK am I reading about? I was not aware the game went through various systems. There appears to be "unlimited" and "full metal"
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