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  1. MrGnomish

    Armour Value

    Yes sorry, i meant the resistance points on weapons just because i found the Lathe Blade Weapon on page 147. Thank you, very kind
  2. MrGnomish

    Armour Value

    Hi, i've a question: does Weapons and Armours have an Armour value? If yes: how is it possible to calculate it? Thank you PS: Merry Christmas to everyone and to Jargal!
  3. MrGnomish

    Heightened Senses

    Ok, thank you. What about Senses like "Touch" or "Sound"?
  4. MrGnomish

    Heightened Senses

    Hi, i've a doubt: if a take the talent "Heightened Senses (Sight)" can i take a +10 on dodge test? If no, what are for example the others skills that i can improve with those types of talents? Thank you.
  5. Hi, i have a doubt about this talent: imagine that i have the opportunity to get 3 spells (I have 6 on willpower) and i already have two schools of magic at my disposal. If i take this talent i gain 3 spells for every school of magic or do i get 3 spells in total to spend in schools i know? Thank you and sorry again for my bad english
  6. Hi, i've a question: a weapon of best Craftsmanship give me also +10 on parry test or only +10 to every type of attack?
  7. Hi, a question: Is possible with this talent knock aside a grenade? It be part of class "thrown weapon"...
  8. MrGnomish

    Red-dot laser sight on Exotic weapon

    Haahahahahahaahahahah! Ok, thank you!
  9. Does Unnatural Characteristics stack if they are of the same level? Example: If i have a player with Unnatural Agility x2 and i use a drugs like "Ghostfire Pollen Extract" (p. 184 Inquisitor's Handbook) i will take Unnatural Agility x3 or it doesn't work? Thank you
  10. Hi, i've a doubt: Vindicare assassin has a rifle called Exitus Rifle. This weapon is an "Exotic weapon" class: basic. The description of the weapon say that: "The Exitus rifle has a built-in telescopic sight" but telescopic sight and red-dot laser sight are upgradeable only for "Any Pistol (for red-dot only) or basic Las, Solid Projectile, Bolt, Primitive or Plasma weapon." Now i want know: can i upgrade my Exotic weapon with Red-dot laser sight? And if no, what equipment who give me +10 BS can i mount? Thank you and sorry for english
  11. MrGnomish

    Maltek Stalker

    Where is written that i've to be a Tech-Priest?
  12. MrGnomish

    Maltek Stalker

    Hi, i've a question: i'm an assasin and i want become a Maletek Stalker. Can i choose talents like Luminen Shield and Barrier from "The Lathe Worlds"?
  13. MrGnomish

    Enhanced Potentia Coil

    So you think that you could not get it right? Always speaking to the interpretation of the right regulation?
  14. Hi, I have a doubt (sorry for my bad English). Having become a Magos and evaluating my equipment (as outlined in the "Ascension" book: "two Best-craftsmanship bionic implants or cybernetic limbs of choice, badge of office, auspex, combitool, vox-caster") can i take an "Enhanced Potentia Coil" from this list or the item in question is not be included in the following categories? Thank you