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  1. My apologies if this is covered elsewhere, but does anyone know if the unmasking info for the demeanors introduced by characters in Emerald Empire is covered anywhere?
  2. Can we get an update for Whispers of Shadow and Steel, Imperial Gifts, Children of the Empire, Like Seeds on the Wind, and the new sets' fictions?
  3. I'm taking more for the older histories, details and things I can use for plothooks for the present era: For example: Hantei Satorii being given a fan that is haunted by the Steel Chrysanthemum or what AEG tried to do with the Tomb of Iuchiban as examples.
  4. So, is Fantasy Flight Games going to be putting out an official timeline of events for the new Canon any time soon? Or will GMs have to make due with the old AEG one and have to alter it/randomly place the events and pray they're right?
  5. I mean that, when I played the CCG, there was just Battle Phase. The LCG (At least on jigoku, haven't gotten to try the LCG IRL as when it got to my area, construction season was over and the lean winter months of unemployment were ahead. Now that we're back to work, and i'm caught up, I can afford a massive splurge next check as my car, back rent, next month's rent, and credit card are paid off.) was split 1 military battle and 1 political battle.
  6. I hope like I don't seem like i'm being an *******, but 1e's adventure that came with the book was 1118, 5 years prior to the Coup. And Kachiko is presenting one route that could be gone down. Another, being offered by Shoju, is slinking back into the darkness. The LCG puts greater emphasis on Political battles than the CCG ever did, which gives me hope that instead of 'automatically everyone's going to start wagging spears at each other' that this 'Clan War' might be far more political in nature. After all, in Rokugan, a word can kill just as fast as a Katana. And the message I was trying to push was all we have is speculation, and it's too early to even hazard a guess as to what could happen, so bothering to worry now is like trying to catch water in a net.
  7. It's got all of them, from what i've seen so far... Tengu, Kappa, Hengeyokai, Fox-wives, etc. Check it out on DrivethruRPG.
  8. It would. I was using it for L5R. Just throw out the stuff you don't want/need, like PF's fantasy races, and use the rest as you wish.
  9. It's because you get offended and defensive, and seem to be arguing/trollbaiting every time that you post something. Plus, thanks to bad decisions, by 4e the canon was so full of changes, conflictions, etc that I got into an argument one time with another GM about who would pour the Emperor's tea for him. Look at my first post that we clashed over. It literally said "We don't know when in the timeline or where we are getting dropped at on the map beyond 'Somewhere in Rokugan' until the final product is dropped on us" yet you kept harping like you're a member of the creative staff that knows what is happening and with enough power to fight it but needing fan backing to win the argument when you know nothing more than us. Look at AEG: 1e card game was post Coup, 1e RPG was pre-coup. Just because two different games share the same universe/background Canon does not mean their timelines are going to sync up. Go back to Star Trek. A parent company that had game creation rites created both an RPG and a CCG of Trek, but neither was linked by a shared timeframe. For the LCG, the Coup era is the most logical restart point. As far as we know, the RPG might start us any time between year 0 to year 1,000,000 of it's canon. Plus, just because the war might be waging in the background doesn't mean your setting has to be drawn into it. Look at Mimura, a 2e setting book. It can be dropped anywhere, and in almost any timeframe. How do you know that the 1e book isn't going to be a giant sandbox that lets you do the same with it in the new Canon? And who's to say that what the new Canon is building to is going to be a new Clan War? I see possibilities for not only that, but a million other things. The current LCG reads and feels like small border disputes with something brewing in the distance, which the border skirmishes do not need to affect your campaign unless you say "this clan and that clan are going to war.. and the game's city/province is stuck in the middle."
  10. Also, no, I don't hate the story. I look at it and willingly admit it was flawed in areas (thanks to Kotei fanspank, rushed decisions, and AEG not thinking about placing limits on what choices to offer during the tournaments). Which is something a fan does. Like Star Trek. I enjoyed the experience of the TOS, TMP, TNG/DS9/Voyager era, yet still analyze it and call the stupidity where I see it... That's what a fan does. Like when I call Enterprise or Discovery on their dumb decisions. I also gave the JJ Abrams Treks a shot. (I didn't like the feel of them, but don't call those who do stupid for it.) A Fanatic, on the other hand, tries to force everyone to take their very narrow view, even when it's the viewpoint of an ostrich that's put his head in the sand like yours is. My objective is to try to help polish the diamond that is L5R's potential so that it might have a chance of becoming a pseudo-east asian D&D as far as popularity goes. And you are making rash decisions based on conjecture about something that's still pretty skeletal. It's like if I was building a skyscraper and you walk up while the outer walls are still just the framework and ***** about the landscaping designs used in the pitch art by the Architect during the bidding process. All we know for sure is it's 1123 in the LCG's Canon, the Great Clans are still Crab, Crane, Dragon, Lion, Phoenix, Scorpion, and Unicorn; there's still a form of Mantis Minor Clan; there was a Tsunami around 1120; and these are the characters/groups that have been introduced plus these events have happened to them. As far as we know, the Boar and Snake might still be Minor Clans, the Fox Clan might be kitsunemimis (litteral semi-furry fox people), the Tortoise might have an archepelago they use for foreign trading, and the Sparrow might have died out first generation due to starvation. Don't judge until the product is out or at least a timeline and list of Minor Clans is finished. If new Canon feels like nothing but Waifus, yuri for the sake of yuri, and fanspank once finished, i'll personally be the first to tear it to shreds as a critic and use the salvagable remnants to create my own L5R experience with my own people. However, if it turns out to be a quality product and shows us what L5R can be, i'm going to be able to sing it's praises from the rooftops long before you finish making your apologies to all of the project's supporters.
  11. No. My words were a nice way of saying "If my players have fun with my adventure, what do I give two **** if the collective yous, as outside persons looking in, are screaming from outside the proverbial window 'that's not what happened! What are you doing to L5R canon?' And that the outsider needs to stfu and sit down." Nothing will make sense to everyone. ****, there's people who are convinced that the Sky is purple. We are not the Borg from Star Trek. We do not share one enforced prospective. We are a species of individuals, with individual world views. What works for my group and my campaign might not work for you and yours. It does not mean we have to come to a flame war equivalent of a fist fight over what each other do. It means we have to respect the fact that we are both GMs with different views and groups. What works for me and mine might not work for you and yours. So quit trying to drop such flimsy troll bait. It does nothing but hurt your cause, especially against someone intelligent. Right now, your credibility is resting on the ocean floor next to the Titanic thanks to going up against people like me... the master bai... Whoops, almost master baited myself.
  12. One note: PF DOES have a pseudo-japanese setting, created by Rite Publishing called Kaidan.
  13. Actually no. It needs to make sense to it's players. Everyone else can go and do indecent things with their anuses with their katana sheath... If my players like it, as GM I did my job. It doesn't matter if it's something as stupid as who stirs the Emperor's Tea, or something as major as Yoritomo kills the other thunders and names himself Emperor of Rokugan... the game is the game is the game. It's players and GMs that make it not just a book or pdf, which is why GM Discression is a thing.
  14. Still you ignore my point even as it sinks your ship, how sad. Right now, they're still in the groundwork phase. Look at 40k's RPG. It got set long before the Game's official Canon even started because they had the groundwork from the tabletop. FFG does not have that. They have a turd (**** AEG Kotei fan spanks) that got handed to them along with the words "There's a diamond in there somewhere. Find it and polish it." when they bought the licences. Who's to say that, when the RPG comes out and background changes are finalized, FFG might not do the same thing. We saw a test, a TEST, of a system. We don't know when or where they may drop the RPG's starting point. As far as we may know, the RPG's canon may start anywhere between the time the Kami fell to the world and the moment the big major first event pops off. They might go with one of the Eras/timeframes that never got touched with a book or, at most, beyond 'What if' speculation from Imperial Histories 2. When you assume, you make an *** out of you and me. Just wait to see like the rest of us, and if they screw it up you'll have the energy and credibility to do the flame war equivalent of lighting a torch, taking to the streets, and starting a mass riot with looting and pillaging instead of blowing through it all by raving like a conspiracy theorist.
  15. Actually, despite the question of "was it done," or "was it done that way," it was a legal Japanese Statue. You have a blood feud? Go to your Daimyo or City Governor to seek permission to settle it before you do it." Why do you think the Emperor had to pass a law banning Vengeance Duels after the Shogunate fell? Because there was laws allowing it and defining how to do it legally. Those codes were the basis of creating the L5R dueling system and it's traditions. If it was a completed book, i'd agree with you, but anyone who's been a gamer in either a Tabletop or Video game genres know that BETA means 'it's still in development. This is what we have for you to test of our system. Send us questions, comments, complaints, etc. during a period from XX/XX/XXXX to XX/XX/XXXX. This is not a completed product, but we encourage you to use this, that, etc. to continue to play with it even after the Beta is over.' For example, when I was running Star Trek Adventures Beta in the first round of it, they encouraged us to kitbash older Star Trek Games' adventures for further testing.
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