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  1. Dang. all very good points. Thanks
  2. Ok. I thought maybe unit card rules trumped that rule. Or maybe im not fully understanding the "engaged" state. That would have been a little bonkers! haha
  3. wraiths can- during a march or shift you may ignore any number of units and terrain. Lets say my wraiths are engaged with an enemy unit and i want to get away. Can i dial up a march and go through them or do i still need to shift to disengage to get away?
  4. Another situation my opponent and i were confused about. My Ardus had his back touching terrain because he marched out of it in the previous round. A unit of Deepwood archers entered the terrain at init 3, making the archers and Ardus engaged. At init 5 my Ardus was suppose to march away from the terrain. 1. Is Ardus able to march away? 2. If so, does he take a panic? 3. would the archers be able to shoot him/someone else next turn if he were stuck in place? thanks for any help!
  5. lets say you put concussion grenades on your troopers. its range 1 only but adds blast. do your rifle shots get blast out to range 3?
  6. I ran in to a bit of a rule disagreement last game. The issue was on how to assign damage..i think. My 9 block of demons eventually whittled my opponent's 9 block of reanimates down to 1 rank. On my next attack i wanted to assign damage his necromancer, which was placed in the front-most hole. My opponent said he got to choose which unit takes damage, and the units in the back-most holes take damage first and if i had an accuracy i could choose his necromancer. I guess i thought that the attacker chooses where the damage goes, and once your'e down to the front rank the attacker can choose any figure unless it splits a unit apart. How does assigning damage work when down to the last rank? hope i didn't sound too confusing. thanks in advance.
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