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  1. As in when he arts, it is evil or he is just regular ol' evil?
  2. You can pretty much reskin anything to make it an Imperial adventure. What are you looking for exactly?
  3. Or better yet, make them cry over all of those smoking corpses THEY created.
  4. Often forgotten are those environmental and situational factors. People are more focused on the mechanics and less on the beautiful world that they can create in their mind as the story progresses.
  5. Coming from a heavy narrative game such as Pendragon, the social interactions are almost a breeze as that system was designed around the primary act of courtly interaction and leveraging your clout. For this system, there are a few ways to make the rolls more frequent and more meaningful. Usually the PCs should come armed for the engagement with propositions or collateral to get started. Encourage them not to dump their loads (of info) onto someone immediately, because they have given up all leverage. Maybe you have the face make a check to see if he is even interesting enough for the person to interact with if it is a large ball or something. Everyone is angling for something at one of those events, so maybe your PC face knows that interacting with so-and-so might get the attention of the real target, because the real target will think you can get them an audience or something. You can also make the amount of info you give out increasingly more difficult to get. After all, they aren't giving up the goat either. Maybe you talk to the gentleman pointing and laughing at the target to get dirt on him for leverage. There are lots of roll potentials, and making it a full (and fulfilling) encounter can be easy. I think folks have provided so very useful templates above for improvisation. Just keep in mind what they want, what you are willing to give, and what you are going to take in return. After that, it's all about respecting the rolls and enjoying the moment. Parting advice: if improvising is hard, utilize strong arm tactics in your speech to give yourself so breathing room and control the flow of the engagement; too many times will soft GMs let strong personalities walk all over them, despite the powerful NPC they are working with.
  6. Google shopping has all the books you need.
  7. Depending on what your play style is, raising your characteristics higher could be useful. Is three enough? Sure. Is two? Sure. It just depends on you. From what I have seen online, general practice is to invest a healthy portion of your starting XP in characteristics since you can never raise them after creation (save for Dedication talents of which you will only get one or two). Do you want a well-rounded character or a specialist? This is also important to know going in.
  8. Fair enough. I never disagreed about it being unbroken. I think auto fire is fine as is. Our experience is that getting that two advantage is not so difficult (as Bantha's eye adds one automatically for example). But we also do not see our heavy cutting down swaths of enemies on the regular. In fact, it is our assassin type character in normal combat doing some serious killing.
  9. The beautiful thing about this game is the endless possibilities. Maybe she has a knack for being indistinguishable. Perhaps she always manages to escape in the nick of time (though you wouldn't tell your players that)?
  10. I wouldn't rely on statistics like this because it is a real simple matter to get 3 boost die in there and even a setback. Not to mention the copious amounts of upgrade talents that exist for various roles.
  11. You guys know that they kill the developers after every source release, right? The new dev team just carries the mantle of the original devs as a title (and to abate suspicion). I think the printers caught on and are intervening by sending coastal pirates to target product headed for the states. Guys, they will come for us if we talk about this any more. ::adjusts foil Imperial Officer hat::
  12. I may have gotten the two mixed. I know one was on the boat and we were salivating. Personally, Fully Operational is the one I have been looking forward to the most since it fleshes out engineers and demolitions better. Since Sabine Wren on Rebels, I have been excited about the prospect of running a demolitions focused character.
  13. Does anyone know what happened to the process? It was on the boat one week for Q3 release and then suddenly it is in development again and slated for Q4. I couldn't find any info out, but was bummed because we are now playing a covert ops campaign and it would have been a stellar addition.
  14. As mentioned, there is no power creep in this game. A person with a hundred points past creation is just as viable as someone with 400, just maybe not as diverse. Also if you get around 800 points you should start to look at a capstone adventure to retire the characters. The game recommends reducing experience given per session to prevent xp from getting to these ludicrous levels.
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