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  1. Kakita Toshimoko 5 cost 6/2 3 glory Bushi, Duelist, Kenshinzen, Sensei Toshimoko is considered as having the honored status while participating in a duel.
  2. Okay so- this issue is very clearly devisive, and I'm not going to try and jump in on either side, because I think people have good points on both. ...But can an we all go ahead right now and agree not to call Asian people Orientals? Cause regardless of whether or not L5R is cultural appropriation, that is racist/colonialist. At least in the States. Everybody else, sorry if this is less true for you guys. Still, refering to an entire group of people with a word that is loaded with connotations of "foreign" and "mysterious" kinda leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I just think it might be helpful to leave the adjective Oriental to describing objects like rugs (or old DnD supplements.)
  3. I would love to see an alternate art of Adept of the Waves with a female shugenja, maybe with some of Stephanie Law's artwork? (She was always my favorite old l5r card artist from the CCG days.) I imagine this artwork might be too difficult to use- but I might as well plug her website in case anyone isn't familiar with her work: http://www.shadowscapes.com/image.php?lineid=13&bid=885.
  4. Or the Bayushi, or the Moto, or maybe there is just one really f*cked up Hida. With the right (new) story we could have any number of fantastic blood-thirsty warlords. And I honestly find them a lot more interesting than some dude who is evil because he contracted the equivalent of a magical disease.
  5. I think it only makes no sense if you assume that sacrifice as the mechanic is defined as death (flavor wise). Which is probably true for the Crab, but hardly has to be across the board. Similar to the way characters getting discarded in the fate phase is more a symbolic of them leaving the narrative of the game for various reasons, not just dying.
  6. Mechanically I agree 100%. But I get why, design wise, she works the way she works, and am glad she can't be used by the Crab. Since the idea seems to be that she isn't "dying" so much as "taking on a persona".
  7. I can't help but feel like there is no happy ending for that Asako. Even if her husband would welcome her back with open arms the rest of the Lion certainly wouldn't.
  8. This is good news! I'm living in Boone, which is kind of a gaming wasteland. I've been trying to decide if I was going to make my home base for all things L5R Charlotte or Asheville, and this definitely helps make that decision!
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