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  1. I hardly write on this forum, but this time I think it is worth of it. I used to consider myself a great fan of FFG: I own all Battlestar Galctica, Eldritch Horror, Descent 1st and 2nd editions, Battlelore 2nd edition, Mansion of Madness 1st and 2nd editions, Civilization the Board Game and more... and when I say all I mean every single expansion published... And I have cinvinced a lot of friends to play them. Even who usually prefers simpler and shorter casual games. But I have never been a fan either of Games Workshop or of Wizards of the Coast, with their miniature and card games. May be the game world is heading in that direction. But it's not mine. Till a few months ago, I used to wait with impatience any news published on FFG. Since it was acquired by Asmodee, unfortunately, everything is changed. They are pushing miniatures and cards, cards and miniatures. It's not for me... With sadness, a former huge fan of FFG from Italy...
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