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  1. I have always wondered why Scum & Villainy weren't allowed as allies in games of x-wing. When they first came out I was completely surprised that wasn't an option. I really hope that's something that they bring into the game. It makes sense - most other table top games have some way to bring in allied detachments of other forces. Who wants to make an ally matrix for x-wing?
  2. Twi Lek Dancer (Crew 2pts - 2 sided) While Twi Lek Dancer "Perform" side is showing, ignore all crew & pilot ability text. Your Ship cannot be stressed while "Perform" side is facing up. At the beginning of any round where the "Perform" side is facing up, flip it over to the "Negotiate" side. Spend one focus or calculate token to flip Twi Lek Dancer to "Perform" side. If Twi Lek Dancer "Negotiate" side is visible at the end of your turn, reduce Initiative by 2 the next round.
  3. Meta Distortion Device (Modification, 8pts) Once all forces have been placed, but before the first activation, you may discard "Meta Distortion Device" to replace your forces with one of the top 5 most popular net lists & apply the "Condition" condition to an enemy ship of your choice. "Condition" (Condition) Any condition that is placed on one of your ships also targets the ship with the "Condition" condition.
  4. He's one of the few Scum pilots where Snapshot may make sense - maybe in a list with other Tractor Beam shenanigans... but I'm not sure it would synergize enough to be worth the effort (& the points). I love the ship design & Zuckuss crew, but I don't think it can be top tier, or probably even 2nd tier, but for fun games and working out squad synergy, he's worth playing for fun.
  5. I think they will make it. It is all over Rebels, FFG already has it for Armada & the Ghost showed that they were willing to think outside the box for large ships. I do think it would have to be a large & not huge ship to keep the flavor...
  6. I swear, FFG should just draft my account each month for all the things. I'm totally a Scum & Villainy guy, have been since it was released, but the completionist in me wants at least 1 of each model, two if they are cheap on the table. Edit: Oh yeah, Gunboat ftw! If Legion becomes popular enough, which, there's no reason it shouldn't if only for the models, can you imagine the expansions possible? Even the games I don't like that much are fun to muddle through a time or two, then sell on eBay. I've been fighting my urges to get into Armada just for the models... The game is fun - I just prefer X-wing... but the models!
  7. Starfall

    What's left?

    No, legion is somewhere between 1/48 & 1/60 scale (28mm - 30mm) like Warhammer & all the other tabletop war games. An x-wing would be way bigger at that scale: https://www.hobbyworks.com/index.cfm?action=products&sku=396784&gclid=CjwKCAjww9_MBRAWEiwAlaMJZkJUkIlJRAHQI9Juv0JFNM1x7-ZzjUYx8VC91dwX9lReqvy0iadWqRoC2-gQAvD_BwE
  8. Starfall

    What's left?

    I'm honestly surprised that doesn't exist yet. A ship's mechanic is a no brainier. My guess is that it has been in line for a while, but FFG doesn't want to add fuel to the fire for the already OP lists out there.
  9. Starfall

    Nerf beer!

    I don't know, too much salt on margaritas' effectiveness on the table. Unless it has the "free pour" title, maybe.
  10. Starfall

    Nerf beer!

    I find my morning games work best with the meta standard triple bloody Mary boats. There's usually enough points left over for spicy or celery upgrades... Problem is, if you bring that to an evening game, everyone else will boo you off the table.
  11. Hold out for "Rebels" B-Wing fix???
  12. So, Dengar is the scurge of the competitive scene with some help, of course. I was talking to a friend & fellow x-winger about Dengar & joked about causing damage 4 different times in 1 round, but then we realized... it could be 6! JumpMaster 5000: · Dengar (33) Snap Shot (2) Anti Pursuit Laser (2) · Bossk (2) · Punishing One (12) Black Market Slicer Tools (1) · R5-P8 (3) -- TOTAL ------- 55p. -- Not really his strongest build but holy cow, he could literally cause damage 6 times! Scenario: One ship ends its movement within range 1 of Dengar which triggers Snap Shot Another ship hits him, which triggers Anti Pursuit Laser Action phase he could use Slicer tools if there happens to be a stressed ship near by Shoots as normal If shot at, has his retaliation shot & R5 triggers. Just wow.
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