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  1. Yep, it's back. The Anniversary Edition is coming out...or should I say, "Anniversary Edition" with quotes. I have no clue why they didn't include all expansions with this one and make it a Big Box. Either that, or they should have mentioned if they were going to reprint the expansions as well. If they're not going to do that, then I see no reason to get the "Anniversary Edition" because you can find used copies of the original base game on ebay.
  2. And the baiting continues...the moderators have been made aware. Needed to inform them in case anybody goes report-happy. *Notifications will turn off after this so I will not be replying. I do not tolerate being notified about threads that contribute substantive nonsense...lots of words, looks good, but very superfluous.* "But the majority of players used JL's deck to much better effect against Mount Doom." This statement really holds no water. I do not see ANY proof that the "majority of players" used this to "much better effect." RingsDB doesn't have any of those statistics. The deck only has 7 heart-likes, too. The statement above really is so ludicrous that it's worth not contributing further to any of this discussion. "...doesn't mean it is automatically a worse deck for all the other players..." *for all the other players*....I never said it's worse *for all the other players*. If I think it's a bad deck, I think it's a bad deck. For ME, it's a bad deck, and there's nothing you will EVER do to change that. I don't support using it either. I still stand by what I say whether you like it or not. I do what works for me, and that's my good friend, openMfly's, deck. Period. Thank you for reading, thank you for playing.
  3. Ok, so a huge red warning flag went up, and that was your last sentence. Why bring the JusticeLizard deck into this when the deck was not discussed, mentioned, or linked to at all in this entire discussion thread? It's very apparent that the comment is of a baiting nature, since you were also active in the thread where it was mentioned. Not too good since it's reportable. You definitely seem to highly defend JL's deck in the penultimate paragraph. "I think this deck is less likely than JusticeLizard's deck to win in six rounds." I don't care if it can be won in 6 rounds, 15 rounds, or 1 round. The fact is the deck I used beat it. If it can beat the quest, I don't care how many rounds it takes. Another conundrum is why you feel the need to strongly defend his deck when it isn't even your own. It's also not worth going into further analysis of the deck I used. It seems like you have more negative criticism for it than positive, first of all. Secondly, from what I gather, it doesn't appear that you have tried the deck out for yourself...just made some assumptions on what could work, might not work, is a poor addition, etc. Lots of criticism without actually playing the deck(s) falls flat. Fact of the matter is that I beat the quest with the deck *I* used, and that's all I care about. Is it more effective than JL's deck? Absolutely. I played with both of the decks, and that's my final conclusion. Defend his deck all you want. There are some nice things about it, but overall, I don't advocate for it with this quest. The deck I used is far superior, speaking from actual play experience.
  4. I don't play the optional campaign mode. I stick to stand-alone like the vast majority of the quests in the series. Heavy and Tired was never a problem. I had Firyal out and that was avoided. She is equivalent to Power of Orthanc in that respect. I would say Firyal is much better than Orthanc because you also get questing power out of her and stays out on the table (she is an ally after all). 3X Test of Will wasn't entirely useless. I used 1 of them during the stage where treacheries were not immune to player card effects. They also make excellent discards for Daeron's Runes. I didn't find using Denethor to always quest to be odd because it actually worked and helped move the game along. I can see how he could be an excellent defender with a defense value that's the same as Elrond's, and I did put a second copy of Gondorian Fire onto him, just in case, but I never used Denethor to defend whatsoever in the quest. He ended up having a +3 questing power with Visionary and Fellowship in play (I had Fellowship right in my opening hand, which was great). Little Snuffler never came out early, so I can't comment on that. I imagine it wouldn't be that big of a problem. You really should mulligan for Steward of Gondor/Unexpected Courage/Vilya/Heir of Mardil/Shadowfax. Any card that allows you to ready a hero, in particular, absolutely must and should be in your opening hand, whether via initial draw or mulligan. The chances of this happening are rather excellent (including the chances of getting at least 2 of the aforementioned cards into your opening hand) because you have hero Gandalf who lets you basically have a seventh card in your hand (once per phase you can play it...for some reason, I feel like that could get errata'd, but hopefully not...it was fantastic to have a 0-cost card on top of my deck and to just put it into play during a future phase). [Interesting how you never discussed or gave credit to Gandalf in your reply, but no matter. His hero ability can't be underestimated.] So if Snuffler comes out in the first round, you can easily defend against his attacks. That Burning Brand is absolutely lovely on Elrond to basically discard shadow cards when he defends. Thanks for the tip on Steward being able to ready a hero (with Mardil out)! That totally slipped my mind, but thankfully, I didn't need Steward's ability to do that. Denethor's resource transfer ability was enough.
  5. You're not kidding! It was really fun with this particular deck. I've heard many people say it's a "race," like you should complete it in 5 or 6 rounds while keeping all the enemies in the staging area because if you don't, you won't beat it. With the above deck, you can beat it in almost 10 or so rounds if needed, and you can easily engage enemies (especially if/when you build up Elrond into an attack/defend quadruple-readying machine). I was at threat level of 89 when I won.
  6. Maybe you should be a linguist or some kind of charlatan lawyer since you like to reason through things or provide "explanations" for somebody else's criticism when it's a real waste of time. What REALLY made me laugh was "Thank you for time." LOL like, seriously? Who the **** are you to just pop up out of nowhere and criticize criticism nonsensically (which is exactly what it is...nonsense)? It's amazing how merely saying "this is a bad deck" can generate so many ridiculous responses. Like who would have thought that so many *wasted* words would be typed just by saying "this is a bad deck"? Man you people are sensitive af. Must be a generational thing... Also, my replies on this thread had nothing to do with you at all, and "thanking me for my time" makes absolutely no sense. I have nothing to be "thanked" for (especially since I'm not looking for thanks for anything), and nobody should be thanking you either. *notifications turned off, so anything you write will not be read by me, so please continue wasting your time since you have nothing better to do. I take great pleasure in denying you the satisfaction of me reading your senseless drivel. Quest has been beaten. End of story. Final post.*
  7. It's really no use explaining the deck to people who criticize my criticism, so it's a waste of my energy. I ended up beating it on the first attempt with a deck on RingsDB involving hero Gandalf, lore Elrond, and leadership Denethor. Fellowship sphere Frodo with the willpower boost was also used. When I asked for a specific strategy for the deck, the creator said "no specific strategy." Sure enough, he was right! You just let the cards fall where they may and they took over for themselves. One of the best, if not THE best, deck to beat the scenario.
  8. It's amazing how in today's society, nobody can take criticism. What others may find helpful others do not. This is a fact in life, and you must accept that. If it's bad for me, I can criticize it however I want to. In fact, I can go into detail on why the deck is not helpful, but even that is likely to be branded as "oh no! You should not criticize this deck!" This same psychology reminds me of a GMT games group where anything negative said about a GMT game was censored and removed. If you want to live in a fascist totalitarian state, go do it somewhere else!
  9. This is the deck that did it. Beat it on the first attempt with this one! https://www.ringsdb.com/decklist/view/6947/solo-deck-mount-doom-1.0
  10. This is the deck that did it. Beat it on the first attempt with this one! https://www.ringsdb.com/decklist/view/6947/solo-deck-mount-doom-1.0
  11. This isn't a good deck at all, just FYI. Tried 5 times and lost them all on easy mode. One of the games was lost due to the Heavy and Tired that came out. I don't advocate using this deck whatsoever. Just not a good one at all.
  12. Nope, not that I know of. If you've beaten it solo in 4-5 rounds 8 times, what is the exact deck-build you used? That would help.
  13. After over 25 tries of this scenario with 3 different decks from ringsDB, I am officially concluding that the quest is absolutely impossible to beat one-handed. This was the third (and now final) deck I tried: http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/6904/mount-doom-hobbits-1.0 It's a pretty bad deck for this quest. And keep in mind that I played this on "easy" mode where you remove the gold ring cards and start with an extra resource. There's definitely something wrong with this quest if you can't beat it after 25 tries using 3 different decks...on "easy"! Unless anybody else has a deck that could beat this solo one-handed, I am now forced to try it out two-handed, which I don't have a problem with. I was just hoping to beat it solo, but we now know that the quest is definitely not meant to be beaten using only 1 deck. This makes thematic sense because both Frodo and Sam (2 players....2 decks) were involved with Mount Doom anyway. Let's hope for the best with 2 decks! I'll be selling off my whole collection (which has everything to date) if this scenario can't be beaten.
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