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  1. gpd924

    Pre-Order Problems

    I noticed that when you click on an item, it goes into a pre-order cart. This is totally separate from the normal shopping cart. Why can't I put a pre-order item and an in-stock item both in one cart? Then you can just ship the whole order once the pre-ordered item comes in. Miniature Market does this, which is why that's my go-to gaming store. By FFG doing 2 separate carts, I'd be paying $30 in shipping!! How atrocious is that? Is this just a way for FFG to scam people?
  2. gpd924

    Epic Moments

    If I ever saw that happen to me, I would have easily quit the game after WAYYYYY less than 16 orcs were brought back.
  3. It would REALLY help if you let us know what spheres of influence those cards come from.
  4. gpd924


    What I really want to know is when exactly you can claim a guarded objective. For example, if an enemy is guarding it and then is brought down during an engagement check, does that automatically free up the objective for claiming? Or do you actually have to defeat the enemy guarding it to claim it? Same thing for a location...do you free up the objective for claiming once you travel to that location, or do you have to fully quest through the location to claim it? The rules are exceptionally unclear on this.
  5. gpd924

    Erkenbrand and Wolf Rider

    I got a response from FFG and the verdict is in. You do have to exhaust a separate character or declare the attack undefended. They acknowledged the fact that it was unclear and it's going in a future FAQ/errata. So for now, I'm treating the scenario I beat (Journey Along the Anduin from the Core set) as a win, which is great because I remember that one of my heros would have died from this attack.
  6. gpd924

    Erkenbrand and Wolf Rider

    and FYI: you don't have to put in the whole rules onto an encounter card. Saying that is sheer stupidity. All you have to do is say "That player must declare a separate character as a defender or take damage [on a hero] undefended." Easy as that.
  7. gpd924

    Erkenbrand and Wolf Rider

    Email just sent to FFG. I'll await the response.
  8. gpd924

    Erkenbrand and Wolf Rider

    I'll just refer you to my last response. The shadow card effect would then need to say "may declare or take direct damage undefended on a hero"...something to that effect. Again, clarification is needed. Please email FFG about this to get it in the next FAQ
  9. gpd924

    Erkenbrand and Wolf Rider

    I'll be playing it exactly like how I said. Until FFG specifically resolves this in an FAQ (which it definitely should be), I'll be continuing the way I've been playing that shadow effect. It MUST be clarified. Even the forums on BGG had conflicting viewpoints about this card. Totally shocked how FFG never addressed it yet.
  10. gpd924

    Erkenbrand and Wolf Rider

    Due to the MAY, I did not and let Beorn take both attacks.
  11. No, the Shadow Card does not go into effect. When starting the Combat Phase, shadow cards are dealt to the enemies as the first thing in that phase. After that, players can immediately take actions. So you can play Quick Strike and attack an enemy without even revealing the shadow card, which is great because that eliminates a card from the encounter deck with no harm.
  12. gpd924

    Erkenbrand and Wolf Rider

    Wolf Rider has the most ambiguous shadow effect in the whole game, in my opinion. Here's how I play it (and FFG has not put this in any FAQ for this particular card): "Wolf Rider attacks the defending player [You]. "That player may declare 1 character as a defender. [you MAY...so if you don't want to, then the character takes the full undefended attack, I'm guessing. Also, and this is the biggest ambiguity, I exhausted an ally as the defender to the original enemy from which the shadow card was drawn. I did NOT exhaust a separate character to defend against Wolf Rider, and I strongly believe you don't have to do that. I used Beorn as my defender, so he defended against both enemies, Wolf Rider and the original enemy. And I did their attacks separately, not combined. Both of the enemies had 2 Attack each, Beorn had a Defense 3. Therefore, none of those attacks went through. That's how I played it, and that sounds perfectly valid to me. Rest of the shadow card has no problems.
  13. gpd924

    Overall Variety in MoM

    Actually, never mind. I find this article extremely convincing: https://medium.com/tabletop-tribe/why-mansions-of-madness-2nd-edition-isnt-as-great-as-you-think-52110ee56b84 The paragraph heard round the world: "Considering the lack of extensive narration, and the numerous 1st edition scenarios ripe for conversion, the initial offerings were fairly meagre. You can tackle each scenario multiple times and have it play out in subtly different ways, but at the end of the day it’s still the same story, and its replay value remains limited." I guess this is a no-buy and FFG's first major flub of a game.
  14. Ok, so I'm on the fence about buying Mansions of Madness and all of its current expansions, being a huge Arkham Horror fan and all that. But what's the verdict on how much variety there is in this game? I'm hearing a lot of conflicting reports. Like with Arkham Horror and Eldritch Horror, I need to have 2 games never be exactly the same. Does MoM also provide this?