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  1. Another thing: your popular deck had problems beating Mount Doom. Have you created a deck specific to that quest yet?
  2. Thanks. I ended up beating it with a deck someone had up his sleeve but never published, but I'm sure yours is just as good. Definitely needed a definitive Cross-roads deck published on RingsDB, and yours looks to be it. The others aren't too good.
  3. Did you ever beat this quest at all? From what I've read, I don't think you have. I also absolutely cannot beat it on "easy" mode. Did you give up? I'm thinking of giving up myself and just selling everything I have. What I strongly dislike about this forum is that people don't clearly type out all the cards for the decks they're using, or at least provide a link to an adequate decklist that will beat this quest. They just say "I used hero/hero/hero deck". It's unbelievable.
  4. Can anybody let us know what cards they used to beat this quest? I see people just stating what heroes they used. Does anybody have a card-list?
  5. Question: If you're playing solo with one deck, you can engage Shelob yourself before exploring this location, right? It doesn't say you cannot. So since Shelob is already engaged with you, the "Shelob engages the first player" doesn't kick in. Am I right?
  6. Well, I think that "new one deck" isn't a cure-all after all. It can't beat Shelob's Lair. It's such a long, drawn-out slog. It isn't the most effective or ideal deck to get through this quest whatsoever. I'm going to look for a more efficient deck, and I think Haldir would be the guy to go to maybe. You really have to nail Shelob while the SOB is in the staging area and account for Underground location control. This is ending up being another Journey to the Cross-roads-type quest. I don't think it's easier or harder than that. Same level of insanely hard difficulty. I don't believe that one deck is good for every quest, but I do believe that each quest has a specific deck that can beat it easily. The key is to find out which deck will do it.
  7. Ok, so I'm using your deck on Shelob's Lair, standard mode. The first time I had to forfeit because of the stupid shadow card that said "enemy makes an additional attack after this one." All of my characters were exhausted at that point, so one of my heroes would have died. I forget if I had 1 damage or not already on hero Gandalf, but if there wasn't damage on him, I probably would have still forfeited because I hate losing a hero that early in the game. Second time I played, I got much farther...into the last stage of the quest. Everything was going fine until then. What nailed me were all those resource tokens that Shelob got, and I said "to **** with this sh**" and forfeited the game. The worst part of that stage is this: "While Shelob has at least 1 resource on her, she gains: Forced:When Shelob is dealt any amount of damage, cancel that damage and discard 1 resource from Shelob instead." This is the worst thing because it doesn't matter how many damage you deal to the SOB. It just removes 1 resource token. So I had 7 tokens on her. This means that it would take 7 ROUNDS until I could possibly attack her and cause damage. That is insanely ridiculous. Those resource tokens should just be treated as extra hit points on her (which I actually might house rule this because that Forced effect is way too unbalanced). Before I do that, however, I'm going to switch to "easy" mode and take out the gold-ringed cards. I don't even know why I bother playing this entire game on "standard" mode. From now on, everything will be on "easy." In my 100+ plays so far, it is a fact that "easy" is really "standard", and "standard" is expert (probably just a tad below nightmare mode). FFG is extremely inept when it comes to establishing difficulty levels of things, and I'm sure they know this.
  8. I wish I had the time to make YouTube videos using your deck vs. The One Deck to see which is better on all the quests.
  9. Well, I am very happy to report that I beat it using your deck the very first game! You have some powerful deck here, and from how it plays, I think it's better than "The One Deck." Do you use your deck for every quest? It seems like it's multi-purpose. In Journey to the Cross-roads, I got Vilya in the very first draw along with Imladris Stargazer. No need to mulligan since this was as perfect a first draw as you can have. I don't know how many rounds it took me to beat, but I ended up with 33 threat, 11 allies out (including Faramir, Arwen, Beorn, Boromir, and some more heavy hitters), and a total of 41 (yes, 41) progress tokens on the main quest card. Gandalf was fully loaded with his Wizard Pipe, Shadowfax, and his Staff. I also used the Frodo from Black Riders, and I only used his ability twice. Two cards were under the Black Gate (both Mumaks...I killed one of them very easily in 3 rounds without even losing a character). I went through the whole encounter deck once, which happened in the very last round when I won. This was on easy mode, non-campaign. I'm sure playing on standard mode wouldn't have made much of a difference since only 4 gold-ring cards would have been removed and you don't get the extra starting resource. Thank you again, and let me know if you use your deck for every quest (or if it can be used for the majority of them).
  10. ok, I still have yet to try your deck, but I will this weekend coming up or even tonight.
  11. With Faramir, he's the Leadership ally, I believe. As for Frodo's cancel encounter card effects ability, I've only used that to cancel an encounter card that was just revealed from the main deck (not the Crossroads deck, and never the crossroads deck. I don't think those cards have When Revealed effects anyway.). Also, Frodo's ability can't be used against Shadow cards because those weren't technically revealed from the deck itself.
  12. Ok,so this is a much different deck than the one described by Fingolfin Fate above. Your hereoes were Gandalf, Frodo (from Black Riders), Beregond (spirit), and Elrond (lore), yes? Thank you for the card listing too. I just have to check out what sphere some of them are from and then I'll let you know how I do. Also,
  13. ohhh..I see. Luckily, I haven't come across that in most games I played. Thanks for the heads up. And yes, please let me know how your deck fares against this quest. Post results here, and the decklist only if you win.
  14. Right, but if you commit characters to the quest and then use the card to ready them before or after staging (but before quest resolution), you wouldn't get any quest power at all, so questing would be 0 points. Once they are readied before quest resolution, their quest points don't count anymore.
  15. Hmm, those seem interesting. I think the quest is impossible to beat solo using only one deck. You might have to go through so many losses before actually winning with just one deck, so I'll try it two-handed. Any particular strategies? I also don't know what the Sideboard cards are all about.
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