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  1. Further proof it’s just reprints now...

    Well maybe if you had an Android phone, you could download the Arkham Companion, which is GREAT. Best thing ever to use when playing AH solo.
  2. Eldritch Horror to AH?

    As in "refined," you mean shorter phases. I don't necessarily find it refined, just quicker turns. Pretty much a dumbed down version of Arkham Horror.
  3. Eldritch Horror to AH?

    If you're into Eldritch Horror, you might as well pick up Arkham Horror. In fact, it's truly a must to have both games with all expansions for each in your possession. Arkham Horror has a lot more theme and variety than Eldritch does, and the only negative thing I see with Eldritch is that monsters don't move (exceptions being spawn events). In Arkham, monsters move every Mythos Phase, which makes things very exciting. And there's a monster limit too, unlike Eldritch, and when the Monster limit is reached, the terror level goes up. Arkham is definitely a lot more exciting when it comes to the monsters. And there are more ancient ones to fight as well.
  4. Custom Great Old Ones

    Multiple problems with these AOs. 1) Hyax-Yii: "All cultists morph into Ythians." It would REALLY help if you put the stats for a Ythian in parentheses after that. I'm not going to go looking into the huge monster bag to find out what a Ythian does, and I'm sure nobody else would do that either. As for "whenever a monster is encountered," does this refer to only a combat encounter, evading a monster, or both? Also, "whenever the terror track rises, add an additional 1." What's that mean? I'm assuming it means raise the terror level again, and if so, instead of saying "add an additional 1," simply say "raise it by 1" or "raise it again." 2) Malindra: The worshippers ability is just ridiculous, don't have a clue what that means. In fact, most of that card is ridiculous and everything on it should be revised. "Attacking another investigator"? How the hell do you do that? 3) The Cursed One: Again, "when a monster is encountered"...clarify this according to what I said about Hyax--Yii. Regarding his attack, "Every investigator rolls a die. On a 6, they gain a curse." I'm assuming that a double curse devours them? If so, then please add this after the last sentence: If already cursed, they are devoured. Please add these revisions. You can't use these AOs otherwise.
  5. Quachil Uttaus Attack

    That still doesn't answer my specific question about Quachil's attack though.
  6. Quachil Uttaus Attack

    Regarding Quachil Uttaus attack: "Quachil Uttaus touches the first player, who ages to dust and blows away in the wind. The first player is devoured." I played AH with 2 investigators using this Ancient One. One investigator obviously got eliminated from the game after the first round of combat. Now does this mean that after the second round, my last investigator gets devoured? If so, then this is completely ridiculous. You might as well forfeit the game if this AO awakens!! I'm beginning to think that you cannot play Arkham Horror whatsoever with 2 players. Probably at least four will need to play this game if you are to have any sense of enjoyment out of it.
  7. Where Is Forsaken Lore?!?

    Never mind about Forsaken Lore! I just scored a GREAT deal on E-bay. I got the Eldritch Horror core game plus every expansion except for Cities in Ruin BRAND NEW and SEALED for $212.50 with free shipping! The cheapest I could find these games online, new, is $236 total through So I saved like $25, which is like getting 1 expansion for free. Awesome stuff!
  8. Monster Encounter Question

    What's interesting is that in the rulebook, there appears to be a discrepancy about encountering monsters when they suddenly appear. One part said to return it to the cup whether it's defeated or evaded, and then a couple sentences later it says that you can take it as a trophy when defeated. So they're contradicting themselves. What I do is that whenever a monster appears on the spot, either in an Other World or Arkham location, I either evade it and return it to the cup, or I defeat it and take it as a trophy. When in a location and it says "gate and monster appear", I put the gate down first and then go through the gate to be delayed in an Other World. I don't fight the monster. It stays where the gate is. And a doom token is added to the track.
  9. Anyone think we'll ever get a new expansion?

    FFG is going all Eldritch happy now (they just released a Citiies in Ruin expansion today). Pretty sure they'll just continue making expansions for Eldritch Horror, at least until they come up with an entirely new game in the Arkham universe.
  10. Improved Base-Game Cheat Sheet

    Link is gone!!
  11. Where on earth is the Eldritch Horror expansion, Forsaken Lore? This has been sold out for so long here in the USA, and I just read some comments that it's sold out across the board in England (so by extension, this game is likely not to be found in stores in the entire world). What's the problem? I'm clearly not paying over $70 for an expansion that costs $22! People should be imprisoned or fined just for charging that much! Honestly, this game should have been shipped to stores the same exact day the new expansion, Cities in Ruin, came out (TODAY). I'm sure you've received plenty of comments like this, FFG, so let's get this game out by tomorrow the absolute latest. Thank you!