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  1. Options that sound fun: 1. Jedi Master duels. 2000xp + equivalent money. All contestants must be force sensitive. Weapons must use the lightsaber, melee, or unarmed skills. No cortosis armor. I'd love to see the interaction of high level force powers and lightsaber techniques. Do you go for lightsaber skill + calming aura/suppress to ignore force powers? High level protect/unleash and focus on ignoring all damage? This scenario would also be awesome for 2v2 combat. 2. Obstacle course of death/group trial. Like other people mentioned, some kind of group challenge with multiple contestants and one GM. It could be flavored more like a Jedi trial, or maybe something more dangerous. Escaping an exploding Star Destroyer? Trying to reach the last ship out of Mustafar before the landing platform and connected buildings fall into the lava? Navigating deadly traps on the forest moon of Endor (possibly playing as Imperial survivors)? You could have social skills to talk your way past guards, athletics to get through the blast doors before they close, computers to hack doors, etc. 3. Disparate player powers. One powerful PC vs. two or more less powerful ones. It'd be harder to balance, but we could try out battles like Darth Maul vs. Qui Gon and Obi Wan (1800 xp vs. 1200 xp and 500 xp?), or Palapatine vs. several Jedi (3000 xp vs. ~1600-2000 xp?)
  2. I enjoyed it. It's not as fast moving, and is mostly focused on investigating instead of combat. But it's got an interesting story and a fair amount of leeway for investigator decisions changing the final result. For what's it's worth, the one time I played it it took me about 4 hours. Average time going from the spreadsheet is around 4.5 hours.
  3. We should also try Jedi Council level combat. Maybe something like 2000 xp, 120,000 credits, all lightsabers and force powers are legal. I'd love to see some of the monstrosities people could come up with.
  4. After this round it might be fun to try combats with a higher xp value. Since the characters here have to be more well rounded to face a variety of opponents, we might get more interesting duels if each participant had more xp to play with.
  5. Yeah, I'd love to see people build endurance style characters based on absorbing/avoiding damage, recovering strain, healing, and slowly wearing down their opponent. Also, we should at some point expand this to 2v2 matches. You could make a Soresu Defender who protects a ranged Hunter or Gadgeteer, or go all out offense with a pair of Ataru Strikers, or any number of interesting combinations.
  6. I'd be very hesitant to give awards to characters for winning matches. I'm interested in this in a large part because I'd like to see different character builds fighting on an even playing field, so any type of noticeable advantage would throw the balance off. Scars would probably be fine if they were assigned due to the narrative, since they'd tend to be largely flavor changes. But the "everyone fights everyone" model is awesome. It allows for a sort of meta-strategy: do you make a generalist build who has a fair chance against all opponents, or a focused build who can take down certain types of enemies?
  7. I think the elimination rounds should be high vs. low, so 1 vs. 8, 2 vs. 7, etc. The goal is to let the best builds go into the final rounds. And of course the occasional upset victory would be fun to see. Also, I think an Extreme range start should be a possibility. Maybe something like 25% chance for each of Short, Medium, Long, and Extreme. I'm inclined to only book legal species.
  8. I think that's a really good point. A major part of what made the duel so much fun is that the participants knew approximately what type of opponent they were facing. I think general guidelines like this (possibly agreed upon by the participants beforehand?) would be a great way to handle this. E.g., "lightsaber user vs. gun user" or "lightsaber and force user vs. melee fighter".
  9. I made an account just to say how much fun I had watching this fight! I think it really showcased the variety of dueling styles in this game. Initially I thought the cortosis armor would give a heavy advantage to Gavin, but Hasal's combination of high Parry, strain recovery, and strain damage put him on top. I'd love to see more combats like this. Great job both of you!
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