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  1. I have to agree with Lord Ashram's original post and core sentiments. X Wing V1 was a well matured game that was showing its age and losing momentum. It had ended up suffering to some extent from stats creep and shinney syndrome, plus all the cries on the community on how new ship Z has broken the game, I some times felt that dummies were being hurled out of prams like bomblets from an incontinent Scurrg H6. The game was at a stage where pretty much all the well known ship and lot of the lesser known and some down right "where the heck did that come from" ships were released. When you hear of a good player bemoaning that he got TLT'd to death or Imperor Palpy turning up to a dog fight in a Shuttle game after game, you get feeling that rules and stats creep along with the resultant FAQs and amendments was getting a bit too much to keep up with. So releasing 2.0 as an all round reboot at this stage seems to me to be about right. They have made it quite clear that unlike Warble Hamster new editions, 2.0 won't make any existing models redundant or remove them from the lexicon or what ever other mutilated Latin list name . OK, no one likes to spend out on things like games reboot packs, but lets be honest, you don't by X Wing unless you have decided to allocate some portion of your income as disposable or for entertainment purposes. Your certainly unlikely to be a regular at the local food bank. Therefore compared to many other entertainment options, even dare I say it typical night out the upgrade packs are less than: getting hammered followed by a dodgy kebab (gyro to those in the American colonies) and a taxi home. Also if you play X Wing you are probably in the middle of the normal distribution curve of smart phone users. So linking an app to the game to make points values an adaptive and dynamic process based upon 2.0 evolution and future development makes lot of sense. Though I can see a rush for external battery units for phones occurring as well. I'm NOT an FFG fan boy but in this case the community should cut FFG a bit of slack. At this stage I suppose I should be on the look out for a few incontinent Scurrgs heading my way.
  2. Personally I like it unlike the Rabble bomber. Its the imperial F22 or Sukhoi T50 . it looks great and will do the job well. The cost and one attack naure means its needs to be used carefully. Its certainly not an expendable ship.
  3. I find my self pretty under whelmed by this ship. 2AD, 4 Bombs or a bomblet generator, 9 hull 3 shields, no crew slots, no droid slot, no turret slots, no reload option. It seems to me that the Scurrg or even the K wing is for more bang for your bucks/points and much more versatile combat ship. Another lack luster Rebel ship. Amid growing numbers of far more exciting Scum and Imperial offerings.
  4. The gun boat / missile boat argument seems a bit of a moot point to me. With the two title cards you have both. The gun boats seem like more of an all rounder and its easy to run 3 in a 100 point force. The missile boats are costlier and I think really will need slam but they can pack one heck of a punch. You can still fly them like an imp with Swarm tactics to get in a good early strike (might eve dispatch Han's Duck in one round). Especially when loaded up with cluster missiles. They either need a supporting ship like a Tie bomber transport config with a systems officer or some other useful individual. Or a Tie to cover their backs. In bigger fun games 200points to 300 points they will really come into their own with a some cracking gaming narrative and missions possible. The the gun boat with a heavy laser cannon in my mind is like an Hs129. https://www.militaryimages.net/media/hs-129-art.46913/full
  5. Thank you that's 2 great lists. I think the Gunboat could appear in so many lists as a core or as a support element.
  6. If we have the Tie Silencer I hope we'll see a first order interceptor, a pair of them running along side the Silencer would have a greet look and be pretty theamatic, if the Silencer is the FO Interceptor, The FO have won on coolness alone. This is Sienar Flight Systems teeming up with Lamborghini. I play ships that I like the look of much more that what the current meta is saying.
  7. I'm glad we've go it, it will be fun to play. Seems to me you could run a tooled up pair of these with a pair of Tie Strikers. Pumping out missiles or shooty mc shooty cannon shots. If your lucky you give the Falcon a quick kicking then have a good dog fight with the remaining fighters and your doing with a cool looking Imperial ship. What else do you guys want?
  8. Sorry if this is a daft question. I've looked through the rules update and FAQ pages and I can't find any mention that as general principal you are allowed to give any ship more than one modification. Where was this rules change been posted. Can some one please provide a link or path? If I've completely missed the point or miss-understood the original post, please feel free to administer a sound metaphorical slapping.
  9. Olddog

    How To Fly Casual?

    Fly casual to me is don't just play 100 point games, play 150, 200 and more. Play same type squadrons with a mix of pilots. Don't include Vader, hand and luke just because they are so good or are hot in the current meta. Play missions and just have fun, think about the story rather than just the game.
  10. I think like any game X Wing will have life span I think the key period will be after episode 9. Disney will risk burning out the franchise and IP if they keep up with a film a year for too long, so a break is inevitable. If Fantasy Flight delve further into episodes 1 to 3, we might have a multi period game like FOW's early, mid and late war army lists. This could give us: [Episode 1 to 3 plus EU Clone Wars]. [Episode 4 to 9 plus EU]. & [Cannon future and Non cannon future] Adding squadron rules/packs, 3D terrain, narrative mission and campaign packs would add more depth to the game. The game will be solid and well supported up to 2020/2021. What happens after that I think is much more uncertain. I think it would be better for the game to die off or go dormant for while. Then have a reboot as Star Wars is rebooted to a new generation of fans with Episodes 10 to 12 some time post 2025.
  11. I think Rogue One opened the door to the non core theme film idea, I'd like to see it explored more. Top of my list is a Mandolorian and Black Sun film. One Kelvin's comment about an all out Star Wars political thriller is an excellent idea. In my mind it would be like a Tom Clancy story on Coruscant. The other genre that Star Wars is already quite close to is the India Jones / Tomb Raider style lost artefact discovery and pursuit. Such a film could retain a family and younger appeal while exploring threads from the history of the Star wars universe. Personally I'd still like to see more gritty Star Wars war films. Things that pay a homage to Full metal Jacket or even Stalingrad/Enemy at the Gates. A good grim up close and personal meat grinder of a battle between Rebels and Empire where you end up having sympathy for both sides. Imagine a Rebel Vasily Zaytsev facing an Imperial Storm Trooper cut from similar cloth to Major Erwin König. The second style that appeals but I think would be unlikely to be seen would be a film that looks at the lives of regular pilots especially the Imperials possibly in the form of a documentary or the story of an Imperial documentary maker assigned to a Star Destroyer or carrier.
  12. I think we will see Krennic as Tarkin mentions Stardust to Thrawn, (latest season 4 Rebels trailer). if Thrawn survives season 4, the story path could be open to seeing more of the Chiss. Personally I don't Claw craft as I don't see them as uglies, (Though I'd like to see uglies in x wing for the Scum and Villiany). Think seaon 4 will be good for X wing. Hopefully we'll get more Mandalorian ships as a result, that can run as S&V or Empire or even possibly Rebs as well.
  13. I think wave 13 / SW VIII will be a boost to the Rebels. The new A Wing and Resistance Bomber leading the way. Kylo Ren's TIE Silencer may well be the main new FO ship. Bearing in mind we haven't seen the Force Awakens Resistance Transport yet or the FO Troop Transport yet. (though not sure where that one will fit in to X Wing). The film will no doubt give us few more as yet un-revealed new ships, that might find their way into X Wing. After all who would have expected the Quad Jumper to show up?
  14. The 3 3 3 2 or 3 2 3 3 stats seem reasonable. Looking at model reviews its not all that small. I can see it being blisteringly quick but a bit of a pig on turns. Green 5 Red 5 loop Red 4 Loop ok on the banks but limited on the turns, nothing at speed 1. Target lock, Boost (or Slam), Focus and Reinforce (to bolster the shields). Slots would be Cannon, Missiles and System or 2 upgrade slots. This ship would be seen a lance to work along side the TIE fo and TIE sf. An upgrade card could be to fit a cannon up to 3 points and add 1 dice to the main attack.
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