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  1. Drukona

    Scarif themed rebels.

    Oh... don' I look silly ? thanks for the info, I was gonna buy some German grey but I wasn't sure... well now I am !
  2. Drukona

    Scarif themed rebels.

    Mmmhmmmm that Is one nice Speeder, nice job ! What colours did you use for their jackets and the likes ?
  3. Drukona

    Triple Arc's

    Yeah I had considered dropping off vectored thrusters as I normally find I don' use it often in a dog fight. I find the Arc's reasonable in performance and Thane I find ok too. I always keep him in formation with one of the others and if/when he gets his free action it can help boost his mate or get himself out of a scrape.
  4. Drukona

    Triple Arc's

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to throw my triple Arc-170 list at you and get your thoughts. I'm still toying with putting Rey on Norra in place of Nien? Anyway here is the list in question ! Norra Wexley(37) R2-D2(4), Nien Nunb(1), Push The Limit(3), Alliance Overhaul(0)] Thane Kyrell(31) Alliance Overhaul(0), Vectored Thrusters(2), Jyn Erso(2), Flight-Assist Astromech(1)] Braylen Stramm(32) Gunner(5), R3-A2(2), Alliance Overhaul(0)] Cheers, Drukona
  5. Drukona

    The UK System Open Is Underway!

    I hope that I can make the next one! Good luck to everyone going ?
  6. Drukona

    What’s your Signature List?

    My favourite list is normally Norra Wexley(39) R2-D2(4), Tail Gunner(2), Alliance Overhaul(0), Expertise(4)] It can be a nasty little number, I then often flavour with an appropriate ace of some description.
  7. Drukona

    Wave XII available according to FFG France?

    Lies !! Proof ?
  8. Drukona

    must have Tie-X

    I really like it, though i feel the solar panels should be a little more blocky. That would make it look more imperial, and starwars like in general.
  9. Drukona

    September Pilot/Ship/Squad Rankings (Meta-Wing)

    Well now this is genuinely an interesting report ! I haven't seen it before, it's interesting to see what ship has moved up or down the table over the last wave.
  10. Drukona

    Y-wing pilots ranked

    I rate Dutch quite high purely because of his synergy with my Nora build. The generics I agree with been top of the list. They can do a lot of work for their points
  11. Drukona

    It's @fuzzywookie Q and A time.

    What are your thoughts on the arc-170 What are its pros and cons ?
  12. Drukona

    Still one missing SKU!!!

    I'd love for a Rogue One Aces pack ! And maybe a little kick the striker needs included. That is my dream wave for sure.
  13. Drukona

    3D printed hangars to contain ships

    Superb concept, and if happily buy a couple for my favourites to put on display properly !
  14. Fantastic model and beautifully painted, is love to see the scenario stuff that you've got for it !
  15. The arc-170 is one of my favourites and this mod is brilliant ! If I get a second ill have to try this mod !