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  1. I guess if you used a different silhouette of the Quasar on the Rebel version ship & title cards it would imply titles are not cross compatible as it's technically a different ship, without the need for added text or errata. Though personally I don't see anything with the existing titles that would be too broken with the rebels.
  2. The hard truth is we'll have to happy for repaint reissues for New Waves, because there isn't a whole lot of iconic canon options for new stuff left anymore. There will be a few chances for new ships to be introduced in the last season of Rebels, whatever successor show is in the works, & stand alone movies like we saw with Rogue One... but that is a timetable of years, & we like our Waves much more frequent than that. Of course there is the numerous conversations about adding new factions for Clone Wars Era or Force Awakens on-wards, which if the game stays popular & Fantasy Flight feels their is money to make, will happen; but even that is limited, since Last Jedi's capital ship lineup is scale problematic to say the least; & as I understand it, Disney isn't super supportive of pushing Clone Wars era content. Devil's advocate, maybe it's best things slow down, we see in X-Wing how constantly coming out with more can hurt the game overall, (my own opinion obviously), & darn if i can't say that Armada feels really healthy & balanced right now. My only real desire would be cheaper versions of ships or a higher point cap just so we can see more ships on the table for epic play, which seems to be what the new Thrawn pack is trying to do for the ISD, so for once in my life I'm going to have a little faith in the company powers that be, haha.
  3. I wonder since the Quasar spent more time on screen as a Rebel ship, if we might see some sort of Phoenix Home (2) Quasar Rebel Repaint, making a cross faction ship like they did with Sabine's Tie in X-wing? Along with being a worthwhile easy cash grab, I think making a Quasar also usable by the Rebels would fill their need for a cheap, high squadron value carrier ship to compete with their Imperial rivals advantage with the aforementioned Quasar; as well as give the Rebels a much needed 2nd medium sized ship. They could even go so far as to make an "Rebellion Combat Refit" version with a little more offense. This would make it a little more versatile & likely sell more units than the original Imperial version did. That is based on no hard data but my own collection; and though I like & use my Quasar, I only feel the need to own the one, where most other ships I use/like I own about 3-5.
  4. Without making the huge leap to include New Trilogy stuff, that's about the only ship out there I think that's worth left to include, I've always thought scraping the barrel you couldn't even make a mixed pack like Rouges & Villains. I am shocked that the U-Wing wasn't included with the MC-75, especially after we saw they included a single squadron with the Thrawn pack (a squadron no one was asking for, that just felt like an excuse to balance the wave if a U-Wing came with the MC-75). Since it's a Rouge One heavy expansion pack, including the U-Wing would have made sense thematically. I'm sure smarter people then me have better ideas, but I'd like to see the U-Wing as Rouge (kinda has to given it's movie origins) but with Relay 2, to balance out the advantage Imperial has with the Lambda Shuttle.
  5. My only regret is that I already have 5 Victorys, & yes I have a pretty good list that can fly them all; but that's the max. So, for the rest of you that only have 2-3, no excuse not to get a couple, haha.
  6. So I want to teach other people how to play & bring some pre-made lists to make a few different fleets using my own collection. I want to make full 400pt lists, want to keep it simple not to overwhelm new players; but still be representative of the game (not just fly everything naked). Most importantly, make interesting & diverse lists that would be fun for both a new person & the more experience player training them. I've started a few on my own, but either get caught up making it too optimized like we do, and/or second guessing myself whether I'm keeping it simple enough. I know there are several topics already dedicated to where new players should start, but nothing really geared for an existing collector to curate for a bunch of new players. Plus it always good to update for the new waves. I'd really appreciate the communities ideas for lists, or experience in the same situation. I want to plan a game night for a whole bunch of new players, with multiple games with different lists to give them a feel, so the more List ideas I can bring the better. Assume I'm well addicted, & own multiples of every ship from every wave.
  7. Don't think I don't have that in my wishlist all ready, I'm just waiting till after GenCon to make sure the 99.9% chance we're indeed getting a MC-75 pays out. Not much of a gambling man even with those odds. I wonder if they'd cry foul at a major tournament if you used a different model. Obviously you can paint & make minor mods, but how far would they let you take it?
  8. Ordnance Experts is is usually an automatic include with black shooting ships for me as well, but in trying optimize for the Hammerheads, You can give each Task Force Organa for great synergy & get those re-rolls. It's also why I like using a Liberty as my Support/Flag ship, then you have a whole fleet front arcing at speed 3 to make flying formation to line up those double shots real easy. The Raider is also a good candidate for Expanded Launchers for Imperials, but for only a little more you can put it on it's originator the Gladiator to round out one of people's favorite pound for pound scrappers. I have one of those with a pair of Expanded Launchered Victorys in my Close Quarters Combat List, with is another useful ship to put EL on. But in short, Expanded Launchers is still usable, haha.
  9. Like I said, I have a purely dumb vain aversion to the AFMKII... if I were truly objective about it's balanced value stats, it's probably is the best Rebel ship, & if it looked like anything else, I'd probably own four, & Ackbar Spam with the best of them... but as it is, I only own 1, it was the last ship I went to buy, & I only did so because it was next to free with an Amazon lightning deal. So if the inevitable MC-75 turns out to be close to a AFMKII but with a little more Squadron value to make a Rebel counterpart to the new Imperial Quasar, that could easily become my favorite Rebel Ship... and round out the number So Crabbok can have his True Top 10 List.
  10. In the end the cost is what it is, so in trying to make it work, I see the cost / offensive upgrade of Expanded Launchers as bumping up a given ship a whole class, so it makes sense to look to the littlest ship the Hammerhead. So after you put EL on a Hammerhead with Gunnery Team to maximize it, your left with a 56 point ship double shooting 5 die from a side. This puts it offensively on par or better with Rebel's heaviest hitting little ships like Nebulons or MC-30s, while still being cheaper.... the only trade off being weaker shields. No small trade off admittedly, given your shooting mostly black dice, putting you in close and even more subject to damage. So you need to throw a few in with a list that is going to improve their survivability, maybe Leia as Commander so you can repair a damage each round to boost their low engineering. I like throwing in a Liberty, it powerful enough on it's own if they all get wasted, but with the engineering points to give away & keep the Hammerheads alive with the right cards. Plus with them all being devastating front shooters, you can charge in like a wall of death. However you want to do it, 3 Hammerheads together loaded this way with Task Force Organa coordinating some re-rolls, can easily throw out some 30 dice at a select target for about the price of a fully loaded ISD. Not saying it's the best list in the world, but a fun excuse to build a list centered on utilizing a card most people say is useless. Plus I smile thinking of people running away from Hammerheads rather fighting a Liberty head on.
  11. EL is clearly overpriced, With Rapid Reload, Enhanced Armament, & Spinal Armament as comparison adding 2 dice should cost 8-10... With RR making the conceit that range restrictions on black die make it less valuable an upgrade. Sure it's 2 die coming out the same side, but since you need another expensive upgrade Gunnery Team to make that worthwhile, the cost should be a push.
  12. From a Vanity on the Table Perspective, it easier to look cool flying the same limited # of Imperial ships because it makes sense thematically for the military industrial complex of the Empire, whereas Rebels look better the more ragtag mismatched you can get. We're getting close, but give it 1 or 2 more waves of ships, & I think a diverse Rebel Fleet will look so great you won't want to do anything else, especially with their ability to make a big list with cheapos. But for now, 5 Kittens looks better than Five Nebulons ,or 3 Victorys makes more sense thematically than 3 AFMKIIs. (or the million other combos this board is dedicated to;) PS. Let get those Dornean Gunships made all ready FF to fill out them Rebel Lists even more.
  13. I was relived the AFMKII didn't place higher. It's the only Rebel Medium Ship, & stat wise it's great for almost any role at a good price.... but despite all that goodness, I could never get behind it, for the really dumb & vain reason it's an ugly ship & honestly non-canon; so it's no fun for me to fly on the table. I've been tempted to use it's card & base but fly it with one of those 3d printed MC-75's you can get, because I feel the AFMKII stats are pretty close to what I feel the MC-75 should & needs to be. But we'll probably get a real MC-75 announced soon to kill that plan.
  14. I think it's a balanced choice between this or enhanced armament for an Arquitens Fleet. The savings in cost can be used for extra squadrons or other defense ideas to offset the negatives running them in a slow moving formation of Kitten Death. I know Crabbok loves his Vader re-rolls... But Mep's though on Tarkin passing out tokens so they can all change speed or add to attacks at will, makes an Arquitens Fleet with Quad Battery Turrets a new favorite Imperial List for me. Now I just need to pre-order five sets of the New Wave to get the cards I need, Haha.
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