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    I am playing 4x Hyena (proton bombs, energy charge, legs) + generic B22. I admit I bought third and fourth Hyenas only because a crazy offer, but it is fun.
  2. For us who are afraid of making a hole on the space-time by using "ultrasonic things" and "mysterious potions", a 15 minutes dive into alcohol plus an old toothbrush is enough. Maybe the model keeps some colour or looks washed, but repainting it works well.
  3. Julia writed me too. I though I was special. Now my heart is broken.
  4. You only do apples. Yelling over damage ambition. Yet orange die aurebesh. Yatch object defies arrangement.
  5. HMP is a DRK carrier indeed...
  6. Not a ship, but a First Order Palpatine crew. 4 Force charges. He can spend 4 Force charges to put 4 ion tokens on every enemy ship.
  7. I saw the pic before read the text. I was just thinking "what a look it seems like a comic". So you win. 🤣
  8. Well. All parts and bits from the Black One are movable now, in it's new life as debris token. Premium 3D debris token with the BO. Please do it. Pleasepleasepleaseplease.
  9. My advice - choose a colour that you can work easily for this task. For me, there are colours far easier to do engine glows with.
  10. Why it wasn't worth to remove? To discard them is what isn't worth. Tell us more and maybe we can find a way to remove the evil primer.
  11. You can see that mod a few times at this thread. It's easy to remove the droid in a way you can relocate it, no need of putty.
  12. Chertek - Ensnare, Marksmanship. Grievous - Outmaneuver, Soulless, Impervium Plating. Maul - Shield Upgrade, Hate, Jamming Beam, Perceptive Copilot.
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