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  1. Minaith

    Showcase: Sith Infiltrator

    I can't wait for it. I'm diying for it. To jell with Kylo Mipples Ren, I need Maul.
  2. Minaith

    Drybrushing TIE panels?

    You need very dry brush here. The technique is easy, just do it on cheap things until becoming confident.
  3. Minaith

    Showcase: Sheathipede-class Shuttle

    Good bye, Ezra. Hello, Gunray: https://batallitasxwing.blogspot.com/2018/10/fantasma-ii-repintado-phantom-ii.html for more pics.
  4. Minaith

    Showcase: Firespray-31

    One more Jango: https://batallitasxwing.blogspot.com/2018/10/firespray-repintado-firespray-repaint.html for more pics.
  5. Minaith

    X-Wing Template Set

    I like the minimalism look. But no Maul no party. By the way, I miss the medium "horizontal" line on 1 template for the big guys barrel roll.
  6. I used to go with a spray on an accurate colour and then Citadel brushed paints and washes.
  7. Yisus. Unpainted speeder looks like a b&w illustration.
  8. I guess at table-distance, the grainy surface looks just like rust effect. Wonderfull model.
  9. Minaith

    Kieransi's Repaints

    Gloss to the vessel?
  10. Minaith

    Ion Cannon Paper Model?

    It absolutely works.
  11. Like it. 1300 is a ship made to be dirty. ?
  12. Minaith

    Z-95 early war squadron

    Good work. Symbols and numbers look perfect at table distance. I feel a bit weird these historic schemes on Star Wars, but the paintjob is fine.
  13. They make me twist my neck. Cool ones.
  14. Minaith

    Hoth Shield Generator

    I badly wish the generator since long ago, but can't find it at reasonable cost. Feel my envy, my dark envy.
  15. Extra pics. Even with a mask, the Black Sun logo is a croppy sheet. But I can't do it better. ?