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  1. Minaith

    Showcase: Kihraxz

    That piece is simply glued, don't worry. Just pull it off gently. I removed one of them unwittingly after put the ship in alcohol for blow off the paint. It is safe.
  2. Minaith

    My repaints and scenery!

    Thanks! I feel they are the first engines I like from myself.
  3. Minaith

    My repaints and scenery!

    Freighting again! http://batallitasxwing.blogspot.com.es/2018/01/otra-vez-un-1300-1300-one-more-time.html
  4. So Poe flies a shuttle now.
  5. Minaith

    Spellscape X Wing Painting blog

    Pic isn't too clear but I think I like it. Could you photo it better or closer?
  6. Hammer-thing from Rogue One?
  7. Is that Falcon repainted on a sepia tone, or it is just the photos?
  8. Minaith

    Spellscape X Wing Painting blog

    Totally nice. A repaint that doesn't look a repaint.
  9. Minaith

    RepaintRoom repaints

    Daaarghh. My eyes. BTW paintjob is amazing. But my eyes are bleeding.
  10. So cloaked it infiltrates in Gunship thread.
  11. Minaith

    Tell me what to repaint!

    Maybe it depends on the paint you choose. For me, yellow is the absolute impossible and tormenting one. Red and white, I can do it with sprays and/or super-pigmented paints. They are a teeth pain anyway.
  12. That red kills me. I can't paint it. Feel my envy.