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  1. That cost is stupid. Search on Amazone as Zealoux told you. Or just here, very cheaper: https://www.nntmodell.com/en/Ships/Equipment-for-Japanese-Navy-Ship-WWII-III.html
  2. Looks like a wookie LAAT, nice.
  3. I've found that pack of bitz for almost 40$ on eBay. I wanted to buy it, but pokerface on than cost...
  4. Alas! That Tie Shuttle makes my Tie Shuttle to look crappy, ugly and ****!
  5. So steal it. Astromushrooms are a really cool idea.
  6. I would like some evident point in common (more than the wires) to make them look like a team. It's the only "bad" I could say! Crazy idea, excellent for a Mario Karts X-Wing mode. Nice paintjob.
  7. Just pics spam to revive the blog. http://batallitasxwing.blogspot.com.es/2017/11/equipos-teams.html
  8. Mmmph. I don't like the Viper but must admit they look nice all together. What is doing that poor Scyk with the Vypers? Is it their scout?
  9. Come to my arms bro!
  10. That marks. I can't live with the marks: without them I feel my birds poor and ugly, but I'm terrified about killing the hull if I try to do it. Then I see yours and go to a corner for crying.
  11. Woah, that brown 2400 is a beauty. I mean colours, not only the mods.
  12. OK. Now they aren't nice, are make-me-wanna-cry-and-burn-my-Aus.
  13. Take a look at the Vallejo paints and choose by yourself. Don`'t think, use the Force.
  14. Nice Aus. Wanna see those marks.
  15. Maybe a thick layer of oil-based paint...