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  1. I did it too. It's easier than it looks, just be sure your blade is really sharp. I used medical bisturi.
  2. Steps 6 and 7 are my favourites. Oh, I know that feel bro.
  3. So I guess N'dru would be the hero of this list of flying daggers, even when he dies. Enemys will fear the curse of (golden) tractor beam.
  4. I tried once. I felt the paint tends to run out of that plastic. A serious prime is a need.
  5. Citadel and Vallejo are the Cristiano and Messi here. I guess FFG's paints will be nice too.
  6. Indeed, maybe you should go white with blue drybrush for the engines. Keep on mind that at engines, the deepest part is the hotest and brighterst one. Slave I is the exception due to its engines inversed shape. The usual cilinder-like engines are white at the deep and coloured at the exterior. On the YT freighters drybrush maybe isn't the best way. It should work better layer after layer of watered down blue, each layer brighter and narrower than previous one.
  7. No, it was the ink. Paint-step was ok but the blaCk ink looks absolutely brrrrgh on that ship. I used that yellow paint/ black ink scheme on other cockpits and it worked. Maybe it something in the model itself. Or maybe the paint wasn't dry at all. Dunno. Whatever. I like the engines.
  8. Cockpit looks like a bantha **** on the pics por some reason. I swear it looks not so terrible on the table. ¬¬
  9. ... "or on whatever you use as a pallet". Real men wookies go straigthly from the pot to the mini. ¬¬
  10. Squirtle is close enough to Barris' one. 🤩
  11. How did you do? All paint and then sand? I love them, I'm guess I will copy you. Shields included.
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