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  1. "Maybe then the Jedi need to learn new ways Master Kavar. Lun knew that. And the sooner all the Jedi do the better this galaxy may be."
  2. "No, ******* you ain't right I was there with my Master. Jedi Master Lun Pyra. A great man who did great things during the war. Mostly handing you mandos backsides to yourselves. And me and the big guy here were there with him. We saw all the **** you jerks pulled. The death and the suffering. So you say I'm cold? No I'm a burning inferno and if it was up to me I'd have let Revan reduce your entire race to ash.
  3. Oola steps from behind the droid. "Or you could know your place and shut your trap. I haven't forgotten your interference before and mark my bloody word's you'll be getting what is coming to you for your actions." It was hard to determine if the crackle of static was from the force or the tone of the words she spoke to the Mando.
  4. "I remember hoping you would have worked that stick out" Oola throws the quip over her shoulder.
  5. "What in the fu..... What's a Varn? And You?! WHY IS YOUR CHASSIS ALL DENTED?! WHAT IN THE ******* **** HAVE YOU BEEN UP TO?!" Scorn of untold proportion began to emit from Oola as she steadily move towards the droid.
  6. Uh sorry @Beto666but can you rewrite you IC so I can determine my own characters actions?
  7. "Hmmm, well this old wiring was done with a different alloy from todays. You need a medium that allows the current through since it behaves slightly different when in the new metal." Cani folds her arms and has a hand to her chin for a few seconds. Then a" ah" escapes her lips and she picks up a trooper helmet that was left lying near by. Flipping it over she starts tearing out padding to get to the small amount of electronics that made up the helms comm unit. She then took the wire that connected transmitter and receiver, snipped it to size with a small tool from her belt and brought it over to the problem. A few minutes of welding later the small wire was haphazardly joining the two power systems together. "Fire that up. Should work. Gonna need replacing often though. Wasn't designed to handle that kinda power. I'd recommend getting a 89c if you can."
  8. : 1eB+2eP+2eA+2eD+2eS 7 successes, 1 threat Gonna use Eye for Detail, suffer one strain to convert a success into an advantage to make it 6 success total no threat. Will get a IC post up when I have more time.
  9. "What I'm here for is classified. But my rendezvous ship is called...... The.... Weather Bird? Wait I've got it down here somewhere. Uh Stormcrow, I can't say I'm familiar with one of those. Not enough gears for my liking. Hey! Is that the 23d-IS multi adaptor coil over there?" Cani dumps her tool bags on the gravsled and walks over to some engineers that are working on a ship in the docks.
  10. "Hey, do you mind I was fu.... having a Private conversation with the Master here." Oola looked stressed and worn. Was it from her ordeals or was it from all the self censoership?
  11. The docking tube hisses and pops as it connects with the ship and the durasteel door swishes open. At medium height fairly indescript woman is standing behind it. She has 2 duffle bags, 1 one on each shoulder. They clink and clang as she walks onto the Dock propper, obviously full of some kind of metal impliments rather than clothes or personal effects. She looks around with a slightly lost expression on her face.
  12. "Dude, we're Jedi. JEDI. You think anything we want safe will be harmed? Check it out." Oola's familiar purple cage of lightning springs from her splayed fingers and around the mando. "We can even protect you from other Jedi, look" She ignites the saber that was in her hand and attempts to flourish it in a spin. Then promptly drops in on the floor and lets out a small shriek and hops back to avoid her toes being chopped off. "******* STUPID GLOWY PIECE OF **** "
  13. : 2eP+1eA+5eD 1 success, 3 threat Ooh. Check to use power on a PC : 2eP+1eA+1eD+1eC 2 successes, 1 advantage And the Protect roll. : 2eP+1eA+2eD 1 success, 2 advantage Oops forgot the Force dice. : 3eF 6 Light Side @player3333902 is now shielded from 8 damage total. though this is more to try convince him that we can keep hims safe. And I will try use my lightsaber on the shield to show as much. : 1eB+1eP+2eD+1eS 0 successes, 2 threat Well ****. Used a Destiny point to upgrade that and a boost since I assumed hes prone or something. Not that they helped.
  14. I'm not feeling too good right now so I'm going to take a bit of a backseat on the game.
  15. I'm gonna drop outta this. I'm not really in a good place and don't really want to play multiple games right now. Sorry.
  16. I don't really feel like starting a new game tbh right now so I think I'll pass.
  17. I have tried GMing in person and hated it so I think by pbp it would be 1000x worse.
  18. No gameplay and is published by EA. "Good" is unlikely.
  19. Roll to see ....... something ....... : 5eD+2eP+1eA 3 failures, 2 advantage Well then. : 2eP+1eA+1eC+1eD 0 successes, 1 advantage And nothing, so I'll just stand there like an eejit.
  20. Med check to see who's alive: 2eP+1eA+1eC 3 successes
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