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  1. @Rabobankrider my intention is for oola to leave the order, through offical means or not, and I'll be dropping out as well.
  2. My intention was only to move you out the doorway so it was passable. I didn't use any other pips on range so you'll be at short from where you were.
  3. OK so I'll spend a Destiny to roll 3 proficiency dice and I still have the reroll on a Force check to use. : 3eP+2eD+3eF 2 successes, 1 threat, 1 Triumph, 2 Light Side, 2 Dark Side Ooooh Baby. @Rabobankrider that enough?
  4. @Rabobankrider Is the shuttle out of range now? Would a crit unleash on an engine be able to crash it?
  5. Is she a beer girl? Whisky? Vodka? We can't just get any drink ANY DRINK, QUICK NOW.
  6. Someone get Oola a drink. She can only fuel her super lightning and hit the shuttle engine with copious amounts of alcohol.
  7. Ok. I'll a destiny to upgrade that check and I have one force reroll i can use if needed. : 3eP+3eC+2eD 3 successes, 3 threat Oof that's a lot of threat. Forgot the Force dice. : 3eF 3 Dark Side ****. So i guess I have to take more strain to use some DS pips. I pretty much think the effort will put Oola out tho as if you spend the threat for strain i'm one over cap. @Rabobankrider
  8. Through Karath's comm he hears multiple expletives. Then the droid under his command floats away, probably fully aware of the wrath that was bubbling just behind the door frame moving him. Then in barges Oola. With a commanding presence far greater than her stature would imply. Karath Flies off the shuttle and slams into his desk then it begins. A verbal assault so vile it would turn a Sith Lords stomach. "THE **** YOU THINK YOU'RE TALKING TO YOU BANTHA **** *****?! THINK YOU CAN ORDER ME THE **** AROUND?!!!! I'LL RIP YOUR ******* **** OFF AND SHOVE IT UP A DEWBACKS ***!!!! YOU ****** ******* WITH ******* GO **** YOUR ******* ******** BLOODY ********* AND A SPOON!!!!!"
  9. Right so first the move vs @Edgehawk. I will take 2 strain to use a Force Power as a manoeuvre. : 2eP+1eA+1eD+3eF 3 successes, 1 Triumph, 1 Light Side, 2 Dark Side Take another 2 strain and flip a destiny to use a DS pip. Use 2 pips to move @Edgehawk off safely to the side. Take another 2 strain to get second manoeuvre. Move as close as possible with the manoeuvre. Then use Move to yank Karath off the shuttle and back in to the room. : 3eF 2 Light Side, 3 Dark Side Took me 6 strain to do this make it count boys/girls.
  10. As long as its OK with @Rabobankrider. What will the rolls be to force move the respective yeetees?
  11. I can use 2 force moves once a session. As long as I'm in range I can do both.
  12. @Bellona if @Rabobankrider allows it, let me go first and I can yeet @Edgehawk out your way and clear the way for the rest of the party.
  13. : 2eP+1eA+4eD 2 successes, 1 threat, 1 Triumph Oh my...
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