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  1. Will do this thursday and gonna give you informations how it was maybe I could check both squads, yours and mine on real opponent, time is the key anyway, thanks again for help
  2. Ok I played few games with AI on my PC with yours and with my squad. Targeting computer, it could get used but there is no time to target someone, I have to boost, bank all the time to stay out of shoot line or at least many enemies. So it's good but only at the moment when I have their tails already. Extra hull saved me once, but only for one more round. Empty Turr has got only 7 skill and it was to little for my opponents, so VI is basic for him. Thinking 'bout royal guard pilot, have to use him few times, 'cause Turr stays behind other guys. I let him other route but sadly his ability is sometimes just not not much to get out of their range as you said, maneuvers, maneuvers, maneuvers, maneuvers aaaaand once again maneuvers. My Soontir shoot down Poe and Ray alone in last game, but green dies where on my side. Thank you Blade anyway, thanks to you I checked other squad list and made sure that my is playable and that I can play them. Still have to check it versus real opponent, as we know human is still much better than AI
  3. Thanks guys for your advices, I'm thinking most of making them deep black with some colors on few elements, but white can be pretty too
  4. Hi, My figthers will be at home this week and I'm thinking about painting them, making them indyvidual like they will be best pilots in Imperial Navy. And I'm looking for inspiration to paint them. Is there any other squadron like 181st that painted their fighters? Don't wanna make red strips or copy others, but make it in canon way, mixing something that is in SW Universe already
  5. For me, Roque One is just brutal war movie in SW world Even if you're "good", you have to do bad things to other people, 'cause this is war and this is what you do to win and survive But I can't say that I like hammering ISD... And movie say to us that Imperium lost war 'cause Darth Vader was lazy, couldn't make quicker moves to kill last Rebel soldier in corridor before he give DS plans to his fellow
  6. I made decinions after thinking about this what you said to me, that basic fighters (pilots) are not powerfull and I shouldn't use them, so this is what I made: - Soontir Fel Push the limit Autothrusters Stealth Device Royal guard TIE - Carnor Jaxx Push the limit Autothrusters Stealth Device Royal guard TIE - Turr Phennir Veteran Instinct Autothrusters Stealth Device Royal guard TIE Is it playable? I mean, for fun for sure but can I win battles with this? What I should change?
  7. Academy pilot Academy pilot Howlrunner + Swarm tact Turr Phennir + Vet Inst Soontir Fel + Push the Limit I flew few times this squad on and it made well, but I'm thinking what I could change to make it better a little bit more. My tactic is to fly Tie/ln front to the enemy, or close to the asteroids and Tie/in are goin' from the flank
  8. And what would you suggest to buy to make good squad? I mean cards, I could get them separately on ebay or something
  9. Thanks, I will check this out Thanks, where I can find your build? Thanks, will think about making this one
  10. I mean when I have ship in front of me and behind me, I can attack 1 in front with addidtional die (2+1) roll OR both with standard 2 dies on each of them
  11. So, I'm attacking ship in front of my TIE and at this moment I can roll addidtional die...or don't and attack other ship behind my TIE And when I do the roll I attack only ship in front of me, right?
  12. Hi, I'm new to this game. I'm goin' to build triple T70 squad but Dark Side tells me to make some Imperial squad too and I'm thinking about using my two Tie/FO left from core set. At this moment I want to add 2x Tie/SF - Quickdraw and Backdraft. Now, when I check points I see that 2x SF & 2x FO are very expensive and there is no place for additional cards so... what is better? - empty 2x SF & 2x FO - 1x SF & 2x FO - 2x SG & 1x FO What additional cards should I use? Later I could get better pilots for Tie/FO but for now I can use base pilots