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  1. Ghosthacked

    Showcase: Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter

    pics or it didn't happen
  2. Ghosthacked

    Showcase: Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter

    OK, who's the first to chrome that nose up?
  3. Ghosthacked

    Showcase: VT-49 Decimator

    Yeah that always bothered me too. I much prefer yours.
  4. Ghosthacked

    Kleeg's Repaints

    i use imgur
  5. Thank you! I'm probably going to do some aces in this theme as well. It's something i've been planning and waiting to do since the beginning while i practiced on the rebel ships.
  6. #17 Finally! Feel prepared enough to take on my swarm. This is just about putting together a team of 5 TIEs with numbering and some decals for details 1. So this is the first time I'm taking on multiple ships of the same treatment so I have my assembly line setup. Tackling each ship a stage at a time. It did get a bit tedious and take a lot longer than i expected but then I remind myself its a x5 factor. 2. I use Mr Hobby's Mr Finishing Surfacer 1500 instead of Citadel. It has a much finer finish. My first few rebels was done with Citadel and I often ran afoul of frosting because of the humidity in Singapore. Since switching it seems much better. Also, white because I figured it's easier to paint black panels instead of trying to do white frames over a black primer. I think I have figured out the level of thinning as well as 2 coats of black with a bit of touch up was enough. 3. I used the Vallejo masking fluid again for the windows before priming, but a bit of the edge came up or was masked so still had to touch up the edge and ended up painting the frames white anyway. 4. Ulthuan Grey gave a nice 'off white' base so that the white scar pops a bit more 5. Stripes were freehand, too small for tape. a good brush makes a big difference here but still not as consistent in the width as i wanted. 6. Decals! First time with these. I bought a few Gunpla sheets from a hobby store that had the numbering i wanted. So the process is: a) cut out and dunk in water for 3mins. b) Brush on Mr. Mark Softer on the model. c) use tweezers to remove the decal paper and blot off excess water from the back. d) slide of the decal using a soft blunt tool (mine is the cut end of a paperish cotton bud). e) position the decal, i even had to move one using a knife when i realised i put in the wrong location but the Mr. Mark Softer gives you a bit of time to play with it. f) Use a cotton bud to carefully press the decal into place and soak up excess fluids g) carefully brush Mr. Mark Setter to 'fix' the decal and melt it on to the plastic 7. I went over some of the white parts with watered down nuln oil to bring out the definition but I might have overdone it more than i wanted. They ended up looking dirtier than they should be. 8. I wanted these to have that stormtrooper level gloss on the major white parts so went over it with Aarcoat but not really getting the right type of shine. White Mr Hobby Primer Ulthuan Grey for the white parts base Abaddon Black for all the panels White Scar for highlighting Mephiston Red for the designation stripes Wild Rider Red for the Twin Ion Engines Nuln Oil watered down and Tamiya Panel Liner And Aardcoat for that stormtrooper gloss
  7. Ghosthacked

    Ikka's scrapyard

    This is great. Thanks! You're right that does sound really simple. I'll figure out which scummy one of mine gets to feel the rust.
  8. Ghosthacked

    Showcase: RZ-2 A-Wing

    I've got a bad feeling about this...
  9. Sorry if this is a #necro but only just found this awesome thread! https://imgur.com/gallery/DURHk
  10. Ghosthacked

    Ikka's scrapyard

    Love the texture. Can i ask what technique did you use to get the dirty steel effect?
  11. #16 another TIE with still no priming. Not so quick this time but good practice for how to deal with the panels and struts. 1. No frills here. No Primer. No tape. I figured to just cover up grey parts with red so had practice to paint without touching the black although still managed to smear here and there. 2. Managed to keep a pretty steady hand for the red but the grey edging was hard to keep consistent so its thicker in some parts than others. Theres still a bit of the original grey peeking through in some parts too. 3. I was considering using a Carroburg Crimson wash but thought that it might end up making it look different from the interceptor and defender. 4. I did Nuln it though which brough the definition into the grey and gave the red just the right touch and dirt. Mephiston Red for the...red Administratum Grey for the details and edging on the wings Nuln Oil for definition in the Grey and texturing in the red Abbadon Black for the tiny window panels on top of the cockpit and trying to cover up a bit of the smear from red
  12. #15 another quick TIE with no priming. 1. No frills here. No Primer. No tape. No basecoat. Just went straight to freehanding. 2. For the wedges I started by painting the center line and building outwards from those 3 so that I could keep them the same size. 3. Going over again in black helps with cleaning up lines 4. The Nuln helped on Iden Versio so I'll probably do that for this guy too Ulthuan Grey for the stripes Abbadon Black for cleanup
  13. Heh, So guess #13 wasn't the last for a while. But this one was a quick one anyway. #14 quick 1 color job for Iden Versio's TIE and my first Imp! 1. No frills here. No Primer. No tape. No basecoat. Just went straight to freehanding triple stripes in a few places. 2. Its a bit tricky to go over the little ridges in the panels and keeping a straight line but if you take it slow and build out from the middle line you can keep it pretty straight and clean. 3. I cheated a bit by going over some parts in black to clean up the corners 4. I might go back and Nuln it a bit, but it seems the Imperials don't get dirty....? Mephiston Red for the stripes Abbadon Black for cleanup
  14. Thanks!...But i chickened out of the chequerboard. =P Maybe in the future I will try on a Quadjumper or something that has a bit more space and will do some Tamiya tape cutting so its nice and crisp.