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  1. What do you guys use to varnish the chrome without losing the chrome. Aardcoat? but I find Aardcoat still keeps that sticky paint feeling. I usually do a final coat of Mr. Hobby Semi-gloss spray but I know that will dull the chrome. But it gives the perfect touch feel as a factory model.
  2. Or its the closest I'm ever going to get to LEDs in my minis.
  3. Looks epic. Like getting ready to shoot a scene for Apocalypse Now I assume thats done with airbrush?
  4. #29 Been wanting to do this for a while but couldn't decide if it should be a T65, T70 or T85. Well I decided to keep it classic, cheers Mr. McQuarrie. Thank you for your amazing work. 1. Kept the primer light so the details don't get filled in. Mr Hobby helps, the particles are just so fine. But because of that I still did a base coat of white where the original paint was still showing through. 2. I broke my record for thinnest handsfree line on the wings I think. Or maybe it's just the same size which is the tip of the brush. Nerve wracking either way. Had to touch up the white line in the orange stripes on the nose too. 3. Tamiya tape this time for the nose pattern. I also cheated and only did 3 but there are supposed to be 5 stripes. Ssh. 4. Pencil weathering props to Barry Harker for his tips. Some straight up drawn lines but mostly smearing with my finger. For the big flat part under the nose I pencilled my finger first then rubbed it on. Think I over did it though... White Mr Hobby Surfacer 1500 Ceramite White base Yriel Yellow with a touch of Troll Slayer Orange for the stripes Administratum Grey and Dawnstone for the other stripes and details Screaming Skull for the nose Light Grey Tamiya Panel Liner and a bit of Black Ardcoat over the Abbadon Black canopy as usual
  5. oh cool, I was just about to start on one of these and I found the Cosmos version, but the more I look at that compared to the MacQuarrie print and another t70 version I found it seems the patterns and orange isn't correct? Did Cosmo say anything about why they deviated?
  6. #28 Here comes the Dark Lord. With the experimenting I did on the TIE I followed a similar process with this. 1. I did 2 layers of Nuln this time so that the panels are even darker than on the TIE since i'm not going to be adding a colored hade on this. 2. I was more careful with the Ardcoat because I wanted the striping to be more obvious. 3. I will have to do another pass of Arcoat though because I always finish with a coat of Mr Hobby Mr. Super Clear Semi-Gloss so it has the same 'touch' as the factory models. The sticky feel of the straight acrylics is pretty awful. But in this case the semi-gloss almost killed the Aardcoat affect. Black Mr Hobby Surfacer 1500 Mechanicus Standard Grey base for the panels Nuln Oil twice on the panels Detailing with Ironbreaker, Evil Sunz Scarlet and Warpstone Glow Moot Green for the guns Ardcoat over the black primer for the glossy parts and the Abbadon Black canopy as usual [EDIT] Added one more picture of adding a tint to the window to break up the black. a base layer of mechanicus then about 3 layers of 2:1 Carroburg Crimson Shade to Nuln Oil topping off with Aardcoat
  7. #26-27 Going back to what I would say is my favorite scheme is I need a pair of aces to sometimes accompany the TIE swarm, so going with the inverted FO colors. 1. I tried a bit of Contrast Apothecary White but too much grey for this look. I might detail with it a bit later but for now it messed up the crazy bright white that I want to hit. 2. I am sticking with what i think will be my default TIE paneling method which is Contrast Black Templar over the white primer. The recesses are nice and dark but it keeps the raised parts grey. 2 coats makes it more even. And its good for nice 'Contrast' between the raised parts, I see what they did there. 3. Now what to do with the details. At first I just got some Light Grey Tamiya Panel liner but I didn't see much result at first. So I went back to Black, but that got real messy real quick which ended up ok because I went back with White Scar and cleaned up. Then with the more flat-ish panel lines and the gun housing on the wings I did a couple layers of the Light Grey that brought out the details better. 4. More decals again to finish but I think I put too much of the Mr Mark Setter, some of the finer details seemed to get a bit blurry. White Mr Hobby Surfacer 1500 Black Templar Contrast for the panels Tamiya black and grey panel liner for the details White Scar to clean up where the panel liner went crazy Mephiston Red for the color stripes Ardcoat over the main body for Stormtrooper gloss and Abbadon Black canopy as usual Moot Green for the guns
  8. #25 I was going to do an idea I had for Vader but I realised I had no idea what was going to happen so I decided to test it on a TIE first. Basically wanted to theme something according to his outfit and I'm glad I did as I know how I want to proceed with that now. For this one I'll use him if I run Midnight. It has a sweet Death Trooper feel to it. 1. Black primer since the idea here is to test my theory on whether Aardcoat alone is enough to make a differentiation in black vs gloss black. 2. The panels looked too close to the rest of the black so I put on 2 layers of Mechanicus but then it looked too bright so I added a generous dose of Nuln and after drying it looks pretty good against the clean black 3. And the result of my test happily enough a single layer of Aarcoat gives a nice Vader glossy look and it does stand out against the uncoated matte primer 4. Also took the opportunity to try something new. The Mechanicus panels with Nuln look pretty good but I thought to try to give a bit of a tint to break the blackness so mixed 2 drops of Drakenhof and 1 drop of Biel-Tan to make a Teal shade and threw that all over the panels and some of the struts 5. Also saw a trick with decals. Instead of dunking in a pot of water I just pressed the cut pieces on the sponge in my wet palette. Then used a straw to put a waterdrop on each one. This means no more risk of over soaking and the decal floating off into the pot. Plus it seemed to lift off the sheet faster. Black Mr Hobby Surfacer 1500 Mechanicus Standard Grey base for the panels Nuln Oil then 2:1 Drakenhof:Biel-Tan and Nuln again Moot Green for the guns Troll Slayer Orange for the Twin-Ions Ardcoat over the black primer for the glossy parts and the Abbadon Black canopy as usual [EDIT] Added one more picture of adding a tint to the window to break up the black. a base layer of mechanicus then about 3 layers of Biel-Tan Shade topping off with Aardcoat
  9. #24 2 for 1 deal! (I didn't get around to uploading but had proceeded with this because I was excited to get to it) Another Shapeways model. Better than the last but still has a bit of fuzz along some edges that can only be seen after the primer went on, especially at the starboard intake. This will be my default Corran if I ever fly him... 1. First time with Green I think and its very splotchy. 2 good layers and my first time using a colored shade to even out the uneven parts. Quite satisfied once that third layer of shade went on. 2. These are also the thinnest lines i've ever freehanded. Too thin for tape. Big advice: Get a magnifying lamp. I'm really sure this has allowed me to level up significantly. White Mr Hobby Surfacer 1500 Warpstone Glow layers Biel-Tan Green shade Ardcoat over the Abbadon Black canopy as usual
  10. #23 It's been a while due to house moving and packing but the paints are finally out again and i've decanted into dropper bottles too. Got my hands on some Shapeways from Mel and knocked this out. Disclaimer, The ships are way cooler than the story... 1. Shapeways is a bit dodgy. The left bottom half of the wing is all rough and there is hardly any detail at all so not to happy with that part. On the flip side (literally) the detail of the wing is pristine and every edge is so crisp and clean. You can still see some of the 'layering' effect from the 3D printer. What do you guys normally do? Am I supposed to sand these down first or something? 2. Otherwise this was a really simple clean straightforward job. Just fills and layers. No patterns or fancy masking. Just a bit of detail work around the cockpit and the grey squares on the panels. 3. Funny how now that I've looked at these magnified photos on my computer I can see a few areas where I messed up but I completely missed it all with my eye. Maybe I should take proper photos... Black Mr Hobby Surfacer 1500 Abaddon Black Base on the panels Mephiston Red on the frame Mechanicus Standard Grey for the details and panel squares Nuln wash over the panels with a bit of black mixed in to darken the panel squares Ardcoat over the Abbadon Black canopy as usual
  11. I've been slathering Apothecary White over a couple of white primed ships and not really seeing much benefit other than thickening the base. Seems like a null result experiment. I'll try the black next time.
  12. Ever since I tried Mr Hobby's Mr Surfacer 1500 i've never gone back to Citadel Primers...the particles a re so fine. I threw away my 2 other cans of corax and chaos. Had really bad frosting with those.
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