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  1. Hopefully your copy arrives soon – it’s really well done and super fun to play!
  2. Still tweaking and cooking up options. It looks like bombers, specifically B-Wings, are a good bet based on what you guys have said. I read over @Truthiness's article and that helped a lot (though the amount of damage I need to inflict to make Show of Force a wash was pretty depressing), as did the advice from other posters on this thread. I think we're sticking with 300 points for now. This does make it a little tough as you only get 100 points worth of squadrons. I'm wondering if that takes some of the teeth out of bombers compared to 400-point fleets? I'm pretty sure I'll be facing a pair of Imperial Star Destroyers which is a lot of hull to chew through. Anyway, here's my latest fleet based on advice given, and a preemptive thank you for taking the time to read this and offer your thoughts. It's all very much appreciated! AFMK II B w/ Flight Controllers + General Dodonna Nebulon-B Escort Frigate w/ Yavaris GR-75 Medium Transport w/ Bomber Command Center GR-75 Medium Transport w/ Toryn Farr Keyan Farlander, Norra Wexley, Dagger Squadron, B-Wing, X-Wing, Y-Wing That gives me 6 bombers, 7 deployments and 89 points spend on squadrons. With 3 B-Wings, Norra and Yavaris, if I play my cards right I could put some hurt on an ISD. I'm saving Ten Numb for turn 2+. Any other aces I should consider? What about Dutch, Wedge or an E-Wing for snipe? By the way, I've found it's tricky to get the full 100 points of squadrons without leaving a bunch of unused points due to the 1-upgrade card per ship limitation on turn 1 of the campaign. That's why I took 2 GR-75s. I tried swapping the AF for a MC80CC but I lose Flight Controllers and Toyrn Farr. I do keep 6 squadrons so maybe that's okay?
  3. @Truthiness Now that I've had a moment to digest it, I want to thank you - in English this time - for your detailed article on how to both win and defend against the Show of Force special assault. Great work! I look forward to further blogposts on the Corellian Conflict. To reward you for your effort, the Ewok tribe voted unanimously to sign up as Steel Squadron HQ supporters. As Ewoks we don't have much to offer - mostly rocks, pointy sticks and free hair braiding - but every little bit helps, right? In fact, Chief Chirpa was so taken by your article he's made you an honorary member of the tribe. The next time you visit Endor you can drink your beer out of a stormtrooper's helmet! Yeah... it's not as fun as it sounds. With all that extra loot you guys can crack open a cold one when you sit back to watch the next episode of @BiggsIRL's Agent Kallus telenovela. I believe it's called "He Awakened the Force Within Her". And speaking of being immature, here's a sneak peek from Bigg's ongoing Bad Romance of Agent Kallus and Minister Tua: Minister Tua ran two gloved fingers down the curvaceous outline of the Raider's sleek command console and purred "how do you like my ship now?" Agent Kallus replied, "I'm no ordnance expert, but your external racks are impressive. Most impressive." She frowned as Kallus stood on the opposite side of the bridge. What would it take to make him open up to her? "You know you can't hide from me or your own feelings, Kallus. My disposable capacitors are sure to overload your defenses even from all the way across the room." Uh, I'll show myself out...
  4. Ee choya teeha! Yub Nub! Ee chee wa maa, you guys are awesome..
  5. Thank you for your insights, gentlemen, there's a lot of great info to respond to in this thread! I'm mulling over all the advice. If we did start at 300 points, perhaps allow rebuilds at 400 points starting on turn 3? No one wants to play a game with a potential 150-200 point difference between fleets. A related side question: Has anyone here played Station Assault as the defender in either casual or tournament play? If so, how did it go? What fleet did you take and why did you include it as one of your objectives?
  6. I have been devouring your blog - excellent work! Your articles have been a huge help to me, and the jokes are much appreciated. While fully understanding the squadron encyclopedias are above my current pay grade, I'll get there eventually. There's only one problem I had with the blog. I couldn't find a donate button to reward you guys for all of your effort.
  7. I don't think I would've played Armada without the Star Wars connection, honestly. The epic space battle at the end of Rogue One renewed my love for all things Star Wars. Then my brother told me to watch WWPDSteven's marathon Corellian Conflict videos and I was hooked. I could see a WWII naval game using the same system (as Star Wars is basically WWII ship battles in space) if the models were also pre-painted and just as beautiful as the minis for Armada, but it's hard to top giant space triangles.
  8. That's disconcerting and unfortunate as the special raids are objectives we both looked forward to playing. Because we're starting at lower points, could we adjust the resources earned from SoF downward? Say by 25-50% so each station is worth only 20-30 points maximum, and the victory tokens are 10-15 points each? Would that make it more playable? BrobaFett and thecactusman17, I really appreciate the suggestions. I've been hanging around these boards a while and have always valued your input. I'm brand new so still figuring out the squadron combos. It seems like the Rebels have great aces, but how to combine them effectively (and at only 300 points) is tough for me. I read the squadron treatises on Can't Get Your Ship Out but my brain melted about halfway through the Large Fighter Coverage article. Taking your advice, I cooked up this fleet. I wanted to take an MC80 because without a large ship at the start I'll never get one in my fleet, but it's hard to find the points for it and a bomber swarm: THE B-SQUAD AFMK II B w/ Toryn Farr + Garm bel Iblis Nebulon-B Escort Frigate w/ Yavaris GR-75 Medium Transport w/ Adar Tallon GR-75 Medium Transport w/ Bomber Command Center Keyan Farlander, Ten Numb, Norra Wexley, B-Wing, Y-Wing I'm only at 80 squadron points, and I'm not sure how well the lone Y-Wing works in this list, but in order to take more squadrons I'd have to cut the second flotilla along with Adar Tallon. I'd love to get an E-Wing for the snipe or even an X-Wing for escort. Question: With only 1 upgrade per ship to start, what do you consider is more effective for a defensive bomber-focused build trying to prevent a Show of Force sweep? Gallant Haven, Adar Tallon or Toryn Farr? If you could only take 1 of those, which would you choose?
  9. Do you feel one MC80 version is better than the other? Would it be harder to defend the stations with Home One's broadsides than the Liberty's front arcs (especially if you're not the world's greatest pilot)? I wanted to pair Norra and Keyan together but it's hard to do at 300 points and still have enough squadrons to take out a swarm of TIEs. How many squadrons should I be looking to field? Four at a minimum? More than six (capped at 100 points)? Another rough draft example: MC80 Battle Cruiser w/ Gunnery Team + Garm bel Iblis AFMK II B w/ Flight Controllers GR-75 Rebel Transport w/ Bomber Command Center Norra Wexley, E-Wing, Dagger Squadron, B-Wing
  10. Thank you for the reply, this is very helpful. Would you suggest a pair of Assault Frigates, one with Flight Controllers and the other with Boarding Engineers and then a bunch of B-Wings? Or perhaps Luke Skywalker along with Norra Wexley led by General Dodonna? For a rough example: AFMK II B w/ Flight Controllers + General Dodoanna AFKM II B w/ Boarding Engineers GR-75 Medium Transport w/ Bomber Command Center Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles, Ten Numb, Norra Wexley, Dagger Squadron, Y-Wing Five of the six squadrons are unique so I can make use of the Veteran special rules from the campaign.
  11. I'm sure there's an unleash the General Cracken joke in here somewhere.
  12. Is it possible to successfully defend against Show of Force? At 300 points no less? Here's my story: Long-time Padawan Lurker, first-time poster. My brother and I finally pulled the trigger on Armada. We're going to play a 2-person Corellian Conflict campaign with each of us commanding 3 fleets. He's the Imperials, I'm the Rebels. Because we're both new to the game we're starting at 300 points. This will be a fun way for us to hang out over the summer, but I still want to crush the Empire! I've been taking a crash course on Armada tactics from great sites like Steel Squadron HQ and Can't Get Your Ship Out, but I haven't found much info on the campaign's Special Assaults. I'm worried about one objective in particular - Show of Force (which is sadly not the title of a Chuck Norris movie). This seems like an easy way to score an extra 120 resources per turn and then steamroll the Rebels by building bigger fleets. I expect my brother to take a pair of ISDs with Gunnery Teams or an ISD + Interdictor to win SoF. What can I take to counter this? Is it even possible to win this objective? Help me Forum-Wans, you're my only hope!
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