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  1. Unlimited Power, page 52. I assume the bolded word is intended to be "They"
  2. In Dangerous Covenants, page 61, there seems to be an artifact of a previous page format or something for the Jamming missile. However there is no separate area for the Jamming Beam, it just continues on in the next sentence describing what it does without ever referencing a jamming beam by name again, meaning that pointer text does not point anywhere at all. My best guess is that there may have been a dedicated weapon or some other thing that also used a Jamming Beam, and the text wasn't changed when they took the sidebar out and merged the mechanics text into the missile block.
  3. Even bludgeoning weapons, which do improve with weight to some extent, you could reduce weight overall but concentrate it near the striking surfaces
  4. This question might be something as simple as a basic typo, but the Lightweight Frame entry from Cyphers and Masks is confusing. In just about every attachment, the final line says something to the extent of "This attachment can be applied to..." and so you could look at that sentence to know whether you could use an attachment with a given weapon. But Lightweight Frame breaks that convention if the rest of the entry is to be taken into account. So do I follow what seems to be the RAI of it only applying to ranged weapons, or read it like every other attachment in the game?
  5. Unfortunately, any redundant career skills are wasted. It stinks, but the specified ones tend to have lower costs.
  6. Enduring round after round of torture, Rylkiden stood strong despite the pain. Looking over the officer entering the facility, "Pickle Rick" interrupts him: "Are you here to finally ask a question? Your lackeys beat first and extract information never." After explaining his crime, Rylkiden laughs. "What the **** is a fork-sensitive? I'm a mechanic! My crimes include boosting speeders, stripping vehicles for parts, and occasionally committing some commercial sabotage for overly competitive clientele. I'm an *******, certainly. Even a criminal. I can point you to all sorts of small-time crooks and even some gun-runners operating out of Alderaan, but I can't help you with any sensitivity." Tarkin probed the mechanic for all the information he could provide on the gun-runners, then probed further on the Force-sensitivity. When the Grand Moff was sufficiently appeased of the mechanic's ignorance, he sent the Chadra-fan to death row, as a cleaner-prisoner (under close scrutiny). If the fool was among the Force-sensitives, he could be used to crack any break-outs. If he wasn't, then he would just be executed after the cells were cleaned fully. A useful tool, slated for cleaning duty, then execution.
  7. So by my reckoning, we are up to 6 Light and 1 Dark.
  8. Destiny!: 2eF 1 Light Side, 1 Dark Side Off to a stellar start... Average Resilience: 1eA+2eD 1 success, 2 threat I actually succeeded! Now let's see about the Discipline... Hard Discipline: 1eA+3eD+1eB+2eS 1 failure, 2 threat And that's more what I expect from someone with no Resilience or Discipline and with 1 in both characteristics! Edit: I'm just realizing that I should only have one of those Force dice. Still, let's handle this like children. I cut the sandwich, so GM's pick on which one goes into play!
  9. Well I debated between a lot of options including skills and talents. I could have gotten Imbue Item instead, but it feels a little weird as it feels like a very conscious Force power. Mental Tools, on the other hand, fits with someone who uses the Force to make tools work that really shouldn't, but isn't aware of their own Force-sensitivity. Skills would also work, but I like the idea of the guy relying more on natural talent.
  10. My Artisan is finished, and I just need to move his stats into a character sheet, but I am stuck with my phone until Monday. So here is Rylkiden Tuilliard: Chadra-fan: 1/3/3/2/1/2, Mechanics 1, Acute Senses, 9+Brawn wounds, 11+Willpower strain, silhouette 0, 90 XP, extra 25 XP with 20 as the chosen benefit and 5 from having the commonly-used nickname "Pickle Rick". Which he hates. Sentinel: Computers 1, Stealth 1, Skullduggery 1, Perception 1 Artisan: Mechanics 2, Computers 2 Intellect 4 (-40), Cunning 3 (-30), Agility 4 (-40), Mental Tools (-5) "Pickle Rick" was a scrapyard mechanic and scavenger for his childhood, but soon found that his talents were destined for less savory applications. He could get into the tiniest and work on the difficult-to-reach objects, and all without bringing any tools. He always seemed to have the right tools for the job, even when the job included powered tools "Pickle Rick" would find a way. His hated nickname came to be when an associate of his published an account of some of his more daring adventures without permission, and it sold quite a few copies. It also seems to have grabbed the wrong attention, considering Rylkiden was just abducted... So there. Not only is he called "Pickle Rick", but that is actually why he was captured by the Inquisitor!
  11. I will have my sheet written up by tomorrow morning!
  12. Which of course opens up the idea that someone could grab multiple Force Rating boosts without having an original rating, then spend however much for FSE and jump from no Force potential to incredibly powerful.
  13. Is it alright if my PC offloads combat to the rest of the party? I think I can do a lot more good as a Force-empowered technician than trying to get combat going. I can always pick up a rifle and fire off a few rounds (Agility 3), but I won't be contributing as much. Think Mini Man-Bat Mechanic, a chadra-fan Artisan that uses Stealth and intelligence to sabotage. And occassionally performs tune-ups.
  14. Question: will the crafting rules from the various books be allowed (obviously pursuant to finding the materials)? I was thinking of an Artisan as a Tinkerer who is ignorant of his Force-sensitivity and just believes he is a really good mechanic. The kind of person who makes solutions to problems out of scrap. I wouldn't however want to put pressure on the GM to constantly adjudicate his creations, and so I'll pick something else if there are no go-to rules for trying to build my explosives and makeshift equipment.
  15. I have plans for my PCs that potentially extend hundreds of XP in the future. I don't often use that end strategy, but it helps me figure out where I am headed as a character. That sounds weird, but hear me out. Characters have dreams and desires, goals, things that they strive for and are learning about. My monster with Reflect 9 across 3 specs isn't necessarily what I expect my PC to become, but a daydream of a character who wants to turn away all enemy fire. My Droid Tech may dream about becoming a DT/Scientist/Outlaw Tech that is fluent enough in Binary that he can basically program droids with his voice (7 ranks of Speaks Binary for 7 boost dice to all his droids). But as the characters progress, they may make compromises, or they might change their dreams. The DT finds that the party captures a large vessel and starts using droids to operate it, then goes into Rigger because he is now operating the ship as his own.
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