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  1. This was ruled that you cannot. The card state another ring, you are playing void off an air ring, hence this card cannot do air. All and Nothing (the card you’re asking about) interacts with Kaede in this way: You resolve the original element (in this case, Fire) alongside Void. When resolving Void, you may choose another ring (meaning any ring that isn’t the one currently resolving) and resolve that effect instead. So you could not choose the Fire ring to resolve with All and Nothing, as you’re already resolving it—it’s not “another ring.” ~Tyler Parrott Card Game Developer Fantasy Flight Games tparrott@fantasyflightgames.com
  2. This will also proc Miyako, same way watch commander was ruled to still proc when pheonix plays a spell using their stronghold during a conflict. As it says the same thing, playing the spell as if in their hand. This one is playing a character as if played from your hand. All in all its just a busted card, with absolutely no cost for what its doing, unlike the other busted 1 off Kanjo district and Kadara district. Kanjo requires setup and losing the favor, kadara is a 2 fate swing. This is just play it when ever my bro, doesent matter.
  3. Its worth it because scorpion has the best conflict character game and already drops bear. This just makes it even easier and more rewarding. Im not sure why this card even exist considering the state of the game, oh well.
  4. Its also a downright brainless argument. If every clans end up with the same 2-3 roles, MABYE, JUST MABYE the problem is in the roles and not the fact everyone has access to these roles. The drama only just began about this too, ffg gona need to pull its head out of its *** eventually. Last time there was drama and the roles pick barelly mattered because no clan even had a full real deck. Now take pheonix for example, people playing dishonor want a keeper role, probably keeper of air. But people playing conquest pheonix want any kind of seeker, preferably void or fire. Who ever gets to pick this role, gl. You are killing one part of your own clan community because ffg forces you to. Im sure there will be no drama when one player has to decide which decks are viable within a clan and which decks become obsolete. The bigger the card pool with more different deck per clan with all those role locked cards, the more this thing will cause drama. I dont think FFG actually think these thing using any kind of brain matter. Its like they did not have the balls to create a card rotation, so instead of doing it themselves, they got this brilliant idea, lets force players to do it for us. So that the community can be as toxic to one another as possible. But it wont be our fault.
  5. I think setting honor win to 20 is a legitimate idea. There is no reason it takes this more honor gain to win then honor loss to lose. The interactivity is frankly a bull argument, dishonoring your enemy is not in any way more interactive then honoring yourself. Its you doing the same action on yourself, instead of doing it on someone else. Considering its easier to dishonor and the fact it requires more of it on top of it is a ridiculous idea. Consider this, the only clan doing well against Crab and Scorpion often enough is Crane, not because they honor win. Simply because destroying their honor is harder. Lion, unicorn and even Pheonix needs better way to either honor or just be like crane and not be totally helpless against dishonored mechanics. As a pheonix player, i am rather peeved at the fact we have an awesome lore Clan champion, one that you decided to make the first clan book about, one that we simply dont get to play because dishonor destroys her more then anybody else in the game and dishonoring clans are all the strongest by design, because you think dishonor victory are more interactive for some reason. I dont know how interactive it can be to flip your stronghold every turn to take one honor from someone so that they can never reverse pressure, but im guessing NOT A LOT.
  6. While i think the OP is overplaying the game problems. There is a slight design problem from the start and i hope they actually learned from two cards: Policy debate and Charge. To be honest with you charge was already a card in my head when i had 3 core set, that should simply not exist at all. If you think about it 30 seconds really hard, you instantly understood how it greatly impact the future design of the game, aka its dumb to have a card that will forever force the design of the game in one way only with a 1 cost event NEUTRAL. Its even worse when you take into account the nerf to the unicorn clan before the game even released, things like their original champion being not even close to broken stuff like charge. Policy debate, another card that you can tell somebody did not think about long enough. The text might as well be Look at their hand, discard a card. You cant lose it if you dont want to. Cost nothing. Destroy every clans that needs to pull off any kind of combo. Its a throw away card, that you dont even want to use an interrupt on. Every single clan can run it without even thinking about it. You think about it 10 seconds and you figure out its a stupid card. Now that those card are forced to be put into a restricted list. I hope the lessons were learned and we just dont need to add 2-3 more of these, kind of super obvious from the very start, cards on the list. Because we all know the only reason for all these restriction are charge, pd and dragon splash. The reason they had to be stuff from other clan is to remove, without removing them from the game, these two cards from almost all clans. And making it so not most clans just run dragon splash still.
  7. Makes the most sense, nothing in the card contradict the rule book to begin with. Just because another card does, doesent mean all the cards saying You now contradicts the rule book.
  8. There is no third option or need for it. The card would already mention that you must activate this ship next. Like it does for Raddus preventing him to play the ship first. If you are forced to activate/not activate something a card mentions it, like Raddus and Pryce. Strategic Advisor does not mention your next activation, because it doesent matter. When it is your ship turn to activate (this is every single turn your large ship has not yet activated), he can exhaust this card and skip the turn. You are given the window, when it is your ship turn to activate (this is every single turn your large ship has not yet activated), the cost exhausting the card. That is all you need. Once your opponent begin his turn, the card effect is over. Once their new turn is over, you get to play which ever ship you want. You cant just make up options in your mind without card text supporting it. The only debate is about whats on the text when ever this can be used when the large ship has already activated or not, to me its obvious that it cannot, because in order for the ship this upgrade is on to be his turn to activate, it can only mean any turn when he has yet to be activated. To avoid useless drama again like in the past, going for the plain text should always be paramount, until dev says otherwise. The rule book says upgrade cards you means the ship its attached on. The card still works and does not contradict this. Unless FFG give us word on a different ruling on this, this is all that matters for now. That it works and follows the rule book.
  9. I mean does the wording really matter this much? It is your turn activate, exhaust this card and pass your turn. Meaning the ship doesent activate and your opponents has to activates, unless hes doing strategic advisor right after. After your opponent plays his turn, you are free to use any ships, since the cost is exhausting the card, you did not activate anything. If your large ship activated without using strategy advisors, you can no longer use it. There are other You cards from before even bail that gives you the opportunity to use something when you arent activated, like interdictor title, g-8, but they tell you exactly when you(the ship) can use them. Same for fleet commands. So the logical wording is that when it is your large ship turn to activate (this is when ever you want it to be, you may exhaust this card to pass your turn. Meaning your large ship just skipping a turn and is not activated. The window of this card ends, this is now your opponents turn. Match resumes as normal. Every single turn that your large ship is not activated, it is his turn to activate at your choosing.
  10. You are spending the accucary, but the rule book is clear during an attack a defense token spent, cant be spent twice, it doesent matter who spent it. Thats how it was ruled as after all the drama. The Faq is not changing anything, just making it 100% clear. In fact pretty much all this faq outside of CC changes were all stuff ruled before. They are just printing it now. At least we can put most of these debate to rest forever now. Just glad Thrawn and Raddus got ruled before release, i wish it always happened like this.
  11. That was already what FFG ruled before. They simply put it in faq so that people can shut up about it. Same thing with Leia. And soon to be Raddus and Thrawn. Good on them for just stopping drama before it happens this time.
  12. So support of the unicorn will be the best unicorn card when their clan pack releases.
  13. Cut them, only for other attechement. With pack 6 im running spyglass and talisman as Pheonix, had to cut katana.
  14. Yeah this has been discused to death before, no point in bringing it up. There is no double token or double command for Leia and Thrawn. It does not exist.
  15. Remember to put Kuroi Mori on your stronghold, then you are very, very annoying to kill for every clan, except another pheonix and dragon since both are mostly balanced in both. It pretty much forces unicorn to save all its flip cards, but it also have to make them think long and hard about when to put some of their better - political character in the game. Because as soon as you switch the conflict, they bow and go home. Meaning they gotta spend a **** of a shitload of resources, which they might have had to spend on the first three.
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