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  1. I totally forgot abput that part. Woops. My bad, thanks for reminding me
  2. So I was testing out what combos could be made from the nee stuff and had a theory I wanted to see if it actually works. So you have FN of course, when you play chance cube, he rolls it, you (if you hit one of the respurce sides) get the resolve without its effect. Then when you activate it, you roll it and can fail to pay for it if you wish, sending it back to you hand. Replaying it on your next action though he is exhausted, you get another free an amount of resource in a way right? This process can be repeated. I hope I understand this right anyway
  3. I am trying to find good control combinations what work good with him. Wanted to hear thoughts on what are nice characters that go with him.
  4. Are you able to Cunning your own cards? It is not clear if it has to be your opponents. Just says as if it was your card, such as I want to target my own IG-88 to use his ability. Does this work?
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