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  1. Old, Long forgotten: Tales of first edition Remembered by some. This game takes ages! A veteran remembers Three deadeye torp scouts. My TIE Defenders: One shot, three dice, no Red Star Not even Palp Crits. 😥 XX,YYY TIE, TIE, TIE, TIE, TIE, TIE, TIE New ed. is worth it. Necroposting is fun. Haikus from the past are good. Fly casual (all*)! *Depending on how you pronounce casual.
  2. Agree with the above. In addition: it is Imperial.
  3. Perhaps have a charge that regens only when you don't shoot? then you can spend it the round after not shooting. Maybe it would need to be 2 charges to regen one shield? I think there could be plenty of options for "unlimited" regen that are not overly powerful, especially if it only has one shield.
  4. This is exactly why I get annoyed when people say "of course it doesn't make sense, it's Star Wars". Well maybe star wars stuff doesn't make sense in our world, BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN IT SHOULDN'T MAKE SENSE IN ITS OWN UNIVERSE! I'm glad there are other people who think the same about these things.
  5. I disagree that they should have 'Generally less firepower', considering most of the rebel ships are actually old Republic ships. The ARC should have identical stats to the rebel one - Doesn't it normally have 3/2 attack? I think the V-19 probably deserves 3 att also. The LAAT will be difficult to balance. It needs to be absolutely bristling with weapons, having probably the most guns per size on a single ship in all of star wars (correct me if I'm wrong, I'd love to see one with more! ?), but also not be utterly broken levels of OP-ness.. I imagine that would make it something like an extreme glass cannon, but that doesn't seem to fit what we see of it in the source material. I'll enjoy seeing what the devs come up with!
  6. Our distributor got them late aand... ? I don't exactly how or what happened except I got a promo deck without preordering. (Along with 7 other lucky people)
  7. It would be quite easy to fix the tilted body problem - at least in principle. This may be something the Painting and Modding group need to work on, but if each wing is made so it cannot over-rotate, the only odd things the model could do would be to have one wing open and the other closed. I can't say I'm an expert, though, I haven't even opened one of the new X-wings yet ?
  8. TIE Hunter! I'm fine with gunboats being extended only (though it would be a little sad ?). I am disappointed that it looks like we won't be getting any new EU ships (like TIE Hunter), at least not for a very long time.
  9. I got my preorders of wave 12 about 6 weeks late... I think that was more an issue with who I had preordered from, rather than a regionwide problem though. (I'm in Auckland)
  10. Infinite_Maelstrom

    Rebel Nym

    I'd like that. For lore reasons. However, several people on these boards have had nasty experiences with old rebel Nym, so I doubt they'll support you in a hurry.
  11. I think I'll find myself several other rocks that look suitably similar to yours. Fields look so much more scenic when scattered liberally with stones.
  12. I suppose you could just take the front off the old dials and put them on the new dials. It may not be the ideal solution but it could work.
  13. Yes, they both share a common linguistic history, coming from the Latin ordinare, but these days ordinance is used to mean 'an authoritative order' or 'a religious rite', whereas ordnance is used to mean 'munitions' or 'a branch of government service dealing especially with military stores and materials'. So, this looks like proof that even when we agree on something we can still fight about it! ?
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