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  1. Infinite_Maelstrom

    Is Oicunn the best large base ship?

    Wouldn't you want Ablative plating over shield upgrade? It's only one more point, and if you are intending to be in your own blast radius, it will give you 2x protection.
  2. Infinite_Maelstrom

    What does "ca" on "TIE/ca Punisher" mean?

  3. Infinite_Maelstrom

    The big Clone Wars thread.

    How will Cloak work on this, given that it is large based not medium?
  4. Infinite_Maelstrom

    The big Clone Wars thread.

    It would be cool if they release the Martyr, Grevious' personal ship before becoming a cyborg.
  5. Infinite_Maelstrom

    Whoo Republic and CIS!

    Somehow I have used up all my reactions. Despite not using this forum since yesterday.
  6. Infinite_Maelstrom

    How strong will adult Anakin be?

    I doubt he will be more powerful. He switched to the dark side because he thought it would make him more powerful than otherwise.
  7. Infinite_Maelstrom

    How strong will adult Anakin be?

    Good question. I would not be surprised if Jedi Knight Anakin is the same force and initiave as Darth Vader - I6 and 3 force.
  8. Infinite_Maelstrom

    GAT-12 Skipray Blastboat

    Yes, this might make it into x-wing 2.0. But maybe not. If they ever finish re-releasing the 1.0 Empire ships before 3.0, then maybe, but there are actually heaps of other EU Empire starfighters that are equally deserving to be included in this game, and (although I am slightly biased against the Blastboat (Not saying I don't want it, mind!)) some of them are probably better - esp. TIE/hu hunter or TIE/ad avenger, imo. TL;DR: Want, yees. Expect, not so much.
  9. Infinite_Maelstrom

    Shouldn't all Bounty Hunters (or at least Boba Fett) be Scum or Darth Vader only?

    Oh! I assumed they would be imperial, so checkecked all the imperial unboxings - then I looked through the fourms to find a thread dedicated to them. Failing to find them both times, I assumed it was wishful thinking on behalf of fourummers, and hoped for an ark angel expansion so that we could get them! BTW, do you have a link to the unboxing - that was like three weeks ago, im nit sure how I would find it anymore! Thanks - I've been waiting for these charachters to appear in x-wing for soo long!
  10. Infinite_Maelstrom

    Shouldn't all Bounty Hunters (or at least Boba Fett) be Scum or Darth Vader only?

    What is all this I've been seeing recently about BT-1 and 0-0-0? (did they get spoiled!?😮😁)
  11. Infinite_Maelstrom

    Happy Friday - Epic

    12. Of course we want full squadrons of TIE fighters.
  12. Infinite_Maelstrom

    TIE/ln article is up

    Are there seriously only 3 black squadron pilots! This seems like a huge unbalance in the numbers of pilots per squadron: 5ish for inferno squadron, 3 for black squadron, and 2 for Obsidian? The only two significant individual squadrons* that appear in the films have less pilots than a random squadron from some EA computer game, where all the pilots defect anyway? I mean, they could have chosen to use Inferno squadron because they use modified TIE's, so that they can have more upgrade slots, but I think if they did that it would have been mentioned in the article. If they haven't done that, I will be as annoyed as when the Silencer didn't have a missile slot (perhaps slightly less). On the other hand, these look like really great abilities with heaps of synergy! *Debateable
  13. Infinite_Maelstrom

    Lets create fun joke upgrades

    This could be a system upgrade, or a pilot. I don't know what ship it would fly, though! Experimental Autopilot; Initiative 0 During planning, do not set a dial to this ship. Instead, when you activate, roll one attack die. On a <Blank> result, perform a straight manoeuvre. On a <hit> result, perform a bank manoeuvre. On a <focus> result, perform a turn manoeuvre. On a <crit> result, perform either: a 180 manoeuvre, a stop manoeuvre, or a reverse manoeuvre; OR if your ship has none of these, any red manoeuvre (and if it has none of these either, your opponent chooses a manoeuvre). You may choose the speed and bearing (left/right) of any manoeuvre you execute. If as a system upgrade, remove the Initiative 0 and add: After performing an action, you may perform any other action on your action bar, treating it as red.
  14. Infinite_Maelstrom

    What ever happened to BoShek?

    The search function works?!? ...Must see this insanity. s'cuse.
  15. Infinite_Maelstrom

    Oh Nooooooooo it’s Friday....... Happy Saturday

    One Imperial raider, no upgrades. Woz funnage. I squashed more ships than shot them, because no one was used to predicting its movement (a bit unfair, but hey, casual night)!