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  1. This isn’t limited to just Edge of the Empire, but I didn’t see a general Star Wars section. My buddies and I are going away for a weekend of gaming where we will each be running a game, like our own little con. Anyway my question is, about how long does it take to play through the adventures that come with the GM screens?
  2. As of now I don't have plans to mix personal and vehicle combat. Looks like I'll be using the rules in Genesys.
  3. I’m working on a pulp sci-fi oneshot and I’m looking for the best spaceship/space combat rules. Is the Genesys book the best place to go, or would I be better suited using one of the Star Wars books. If a Star Wars book would be better, which one. I seem to remember there being some variation in rules in the three core Star Wars books. Space combat/travel is going to be a significant portion of the game and I want to to make sure I use something comprehensive, but that doesn’t stall the pace I’m going for.
  4. Without seeing sales numbers to back that up, at best it’s anecdotal evidence. Even if it were true though, the fact remains that while they did produce many wonderful setting books, they also made the generic genre books. This is purely personal preference, but I would like to see genesys supported as a generic/universal system as well, and not just as the core rule book that powers their own settings.
  5. I'm not really sure how you get to this statement from the point I was making. My point is that I would prefer FFG release a book that further expands on using Genesys for fantasy games without the book being specific to a setting.
  6. Yes, but in order to get those rules I would have to pay for a setting I have no interest in.
  7. Some of what's in this book does sound appealing, I just don't want to have to pay for pages of a setting that I'm never going to use. I'm holding out hope that they release material that isn't setting specific.
  8. If the adversaries section of this book is anything like what I've seen in the Star Wars books the extra cost of D&D5E is well worth it for a dedicated monsters book.
  9. I’m hoping they release more than just setting books, and books related to those settings. I would like to see them expand on Genesys as universal system. I’d like to see genre books, like the way Savage Worlds has their companion books that give more extensive rules that are genre specific without being tied to a specific setting.
  10. Regardless of what FFG decides, specifically, to produce, I think they need to come out and say what shape further support will take for Genesys. It was easy with Star Wars, everyone knew we were going to get more Star Wars books, but with something like Genesys where future support could take any number of routes, the fan base deserves to know where the product is heading. Speaking just for myself, for whatever that's worth, I can say if I have nothing to look forward to then I have no reason to include Genesys products in my RPG budget. I will use the book I bought, and probably enjoy it, but the odds of me hoarding my money for something completely unknown are slim at best. I would say it doesn't even have to be specific. A simple statement letting us know, "Hey, we're going to explore our established IP's using Genesys as the backbone." would be more than enough for me to make a decision on continuing to put money aside to purchase products. BUT, if they were to say something to the effect of "We plan to continue to provide more building blocks in future products in order to give you as much as we can to run anything you can think up." Then I will make sure to keep $50 on hand for next release.
  11. Setting books are fine, but I think there is, and should be, room for genre focused books that are not tied to a specific setting. From what I've read Genesys is a great overview of how to use the system to play whatever you want, but books that really get in to a genre and offers was to use it to achieve a desired effect would be very beneficial. There is a lot of fantasy related content, for example, that isn't covered in the core rule book, and I personally don't want to have to buy a book for a setting that doesn't interest me just to get more fantasy content. Plus then I would have to take the time to divorce the setting from the content I want to use. Now, could I create everything that I want with the tools provided in the core rule book, maybe, but I'm not that confident in my skills as a game designer. Besides having more examples would certainly help me in that endeavor.
  12. I know FFG doesn't talk about future products, but it would be nice to have some insight as to where this game is going. Can we expect only setting books to support Genesys, or more tool kits to expand on what's in the core book? One of my favorite things about Savage Worlds is that along with setting specific books they also have their "Companion" line of books which go into greater detail with regards to specific genre's. This is how I would love to see Genesys move forward. Give me a fantasy book, sci-fi book, supers, etc. What does everyone else think? Also, has there been any details on what shape further support for Genesys will take?
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