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  1. My complaint about lack of variation is about community attitude more than existing ability to experiment, as up 'til now there's been pretty much one "best" build (at least in dragon, it may have been different in other clans) and if you tried to do something other than that build people wouldn't give any sort of constructive criticism to make the idea as good as possible, they'd just tell you to play that build instead. At least that's how the dragon discord is, don't know if it's any better elsewhere or with other clans.
  2. I'm also super duper happy that dragon is finally getting another courtier, and it's a 1 drop!
  3. I like how there's actual choices to make now in deck building, I didn't like how thus far it's been either play the top deck or you're wrong, now there will be actual variation and experimentation.
  4. I wouldn't be too worried about dragon using mirumoto daisho, most of the more competitive dragon players seem to be of the opinion that 2 cost makes an attachment unplayable, and as such dismiss them out of hand. It really gets on my nerves.
  5. psychie

    Unicorn Clan Pack

    I didn't notice the non-stronghold bit, however the farseer doesn't have that requirement, so while using her to flip the SH province won't help much with the other stuff, it could still be useful in a few situations, like flipping it on the turn you plan to attack, or after you've got the others all flipped anyway. I mean, if you play with the intention to flip as many provinces as quickly as possible you are guaranteed to have all four of them up by the end of turn 2, so if you see her at any point after that it's a good play, and even on turn 2 it could be a good play if you are otherwise fairly certain that walking into whatever provinces aren't already flipped is a good idea that turn, since you are getting her ability off after the SHs fate gain for the turn anyway, so if you are reasonably certain that you'll get whatever remains flipped by the end of the turn, and that it is acceptable to do so by walking into them, using her to flip the SH province could easily be a good idea, get that bomb defused as early as possible, and if it isn't a bomb but some other kind of trap, you now know what it is before walking into it.
  6. psychie

    Unicorn Clan Pack

    Farseer can also reveal the stronghold province early, and since provinces with on reveal reactions are still pretty common (biggest example being rally), so that can be used to mess with your opponent's endgame defense. Also, wouldn't the new SH count the stronghold province once it gets revealed as well? and since farseer can do it early, couldn't we reasonably expect 11 fate draws instead of the 10 that everyone keeps citing?
  7. I like how between resto and this, apparently balance means having 4 cards in hand.
  8. psychie

    The Pinnacle of Power

    I mean, I'm gonna be honest, I think the 5 cost that the enforcers should be compared to is agasha sumiko from the dragon clan. They both are 5 cost 4/4/1, they both have conditions under which they are effectively blank, but when used to maximum effectiveness they can both wreck house. Honestly, I consider enforcers to be better than sumiko for a few reasons. First of all, enforcers is cheaper, yes they both cost 5 fate as a base, but enforcers can be on the board for up to three extra turns for no extra fate. Second of all, while enforcers IS effectively blank after entering play, at least you get to control whether or not he get's his ability off, with sumiko, if I lose the favor she's blank, and thus what makes her good is gone. Third of all enforcers is non-unique, for most 5 costers, being unique is better because it means you can afford to pay less for them and still keep them around longer by saccing off extra copies, however because of enforcers' ability most of the time he'll be sticking around for most of the game, if not all of the game, any way, and because you don't need to over pay, you can afford to field multiple copies at once despite the base cost of 5, because you never need to pay more than the base cost.
  9. yeah, frankly, I'm fairly confident that the reason dragon dominates the splash market is that we have let go + other powerful card. Every clan has splashable powerful cards, only we have let go, and that is a problem, because let go is basically the only good way to deal with attachments. Sure there's miya mystic, but she's a mediocre character that sacs herself for her ability, so she's not really worth buying for any reason other than her ability, and calling in favors requires you to dishonor someone, and the rest of scorpion doesn't necessarily mesh as well with some clans the way dragon can. Out of core, let go should have been a 1 cost neutral event, because attachment hate is a necessity, and thus a good attachment hate card will become a staple, so when the best attachment hate card is clan locked, of course that's gonna be everyone else's splash clan. I understand that they gave us the attachment hate card because we're supposed to be the attachment masters, but I think it would have been better if they did the 1 cost neutral let go and gave us an attachment recovery event out of core, like "action: put an attachment in your discard pile into your hand." Call it something like reforge or something.
  10. Cost was redirected not cancelled, ergo cost was still paid. If I go to a store to buy a package of cookies, and while there I run into my buddy who pays for my cookies out of kindness, I still get the cookies, and the store still gets paid.
  11. I agree it's a decent ability and good stats, I just think it would be better on a courtier and in general we need another courtier. There's a build I've been itching to try since we got seeker of fire last worlds, and all that's missing is at least one more courtier.
  12. The dragon card annoys me, we are have the fewest in clan courtiers, the kitsuki family is supposed to be our courtier family, and the mirumoto family is supposed to be our duelist family. Yes there would be exceptions, but flesh out our zarking courtiers before giving us kitsukis that aren't. If she were a courtier she would be a good card, as it would open up a bit of a different playstyle for us that is currently unavailable, a playstyle that could actually make good use of her ability. Instead, of the two-ish decks we've got she falls into the one that does not have a slot for her because it runs two better three costs, and the other one is the monk deck where she really doesn't fit.
  13. psychie

    Elemental Meta

    I mean, power creep is inevitable, as if the new stuff is not at least slightly better than the existing stuff for one reason or another, you still use the existing stuff, not the new stuff. And if some of the new stuff manages to ride the line of being a lateral move in terms of overall power (which is frankly a very difficult thing to do with game design) then it's even better because it creates variety, which is exactly what we wanted, because it is just as good, but for different reasons, but for one reason or another is competing for the same slot in the deck, or is good in another deck than the first thing that just wasn't as good before. The current iteration of l5r started with a very low power level, this is why bows are relatively rare and readies are very rare (albeit getting less rare), meaning the game can take a lot more power creep before the power level gets way out of hand (like it did with yugioh around the time I quit playing after nine years). And once the power level is actually very high, then there will be a lot of cards on the RL because in this scenario the RL is only being used for preventing unforeseen card interactions that are broken or otherwise unhealthy for the game and not to force variability which will come all on its own as the card pool expands and deepens.
  14. psychie

    Elemental Meta

    I honestly don't understand why HT is getting so much hate. I mean, harpoons are a powerful effect, but it is by no means the only harpoon in the game, just probably the best one SO FAR. The game is still relatively new and the card pool isn't especially deep yet, and frankly there should probably be other harpoons printed for the other clans (or neutral harpoons) in the coming sets because clearly everyone wants to play with them. I have seen HT swing a turn in one player or the other's favor, I have not seen it swing an entire game, frankly, if HT alone is enough to make you lose a particular game, you were probably going to lose that game anyway, because you either got terrible draws, have a worse deck, or are a worse player than your opponent because more often than not, it is possible to recover from an HT hit, I've done it, I've seen others do it, so if you are unable to recover in one way or another then you were operating at a disadvantage to begin with, and HT only served to hasten the inevitable. Honestly, as far as I'm concerned, the one thing the game needs badly right now (and has needed since core) is a neutral event that says action: ready a character. I don't know how it should be costed, but probably one or two fate would be good. Bow effects are absurdly powerful in this game because ready actions are few and far between, and as such cards that are capable of readying characters or stop them from bowing are inordinately powerful. Just within my dragon deck (a monk deck with a focus on readies and anti-bow cards) the cards that do the most work to win me games (conflict side) are centipede tattoo, indomitable will, and my uni splash with gaijin customs, because the more conflicts my powerful characters that get loaded down with buffs and whatnot can be in the better. I have had Togashi Mitsu participate on 4 conflicts on one turn before. Similarly, Niten Master was, and for a lot of dragon players still is, a major powerhouse since core, and I've heard of players winning a game using ONLY Niten Master. Conversely, a large part of why harpoons are so powerful is that more often than not, if you can pull a guy into a conflict where the outcome is already decided then you are effectively bowing him out for the turn, since ready actions are so few and far between. Cards that I have seen ruin peoples day include ANY harpoon used at an opportune moment, void fist, mirumoto's fury, admit defeat, against the waves, a fate worse than death, etc. Bows are massively powerful because there aren't many ways to undo that, and as a result the few ways to counter a bow are way more impactful than they might otherwise be. Frankly a harpoon isn't necessarily as bad as a flat bow, because it pulls someone INTO a conflict, meaning there is always at the very least a chance of that character interacting with the game in a meaningful way, just perhaps sooner in the turn than it might have otherwise. Also, I have noticed that FFG doesn't seem to like staple cards existing, even amongst neutrals. I mean, policy debate and charge were both put on the RL pretty much because they were in every single deck, which was because they are both neutral cards that are pretty much ubiquitously useful. This game has yet to see any auto-win exploits like yugioh and magic have had running rampant for years, so even cards that have unforeseen interactions are still mild in comparison. And every card game out there (that I have ever encountered personally, which is a lot of card games, mind you) have staple cards in every meta such that if you are playing in a given meta and you are not running the staples of that meta then you are shooting yourself in the foot. And frankly, as far as I am concerned having staples like that is good for a game, because for one thing you can have at least some idea of what you're walking into when playing against a deck-type you've never encountered before because you can expect the staples to be there, and for another thing it is easier for newer players to be taught about building an effective deck in the game if you can point to, say, four cards and tell them to always include some combination of those because they are important cards to have. For awhile banzai was a staple, and for many decks it still is, because they need the boost, but other decks don't anymore so it gets cut in favor of more relevant cards for the build. Assassination is an objectively powerful card that personally I think should never have been printed in the first place, but it comes with a steep cost that is becoming less and less worth it for most decks with every release, to the point where for a long while in competitive play people were running it as a 1x even if they didn't want to run it just to keep up with the joneses about making sure the opponent plays under the assumption that it is an ever-present threat. However, now that more and more decks have more relevant cards you are seeing the 1x assassination less and less because keeping it ubiquitous in the meta is no longer a good enough reason for most decks (and thank the kami for that). The RL is a useful tool that is good for keeping unhealthy card interactions out of the game, but FFG is using it wrong. They are using it to curate parts of the meta that are not problematic. You curate a meta that doesn't have enough variety by releasing new cards that encourage more variety, not by taking cards away that you feel are overused. That's kinda like when hipsters say that a band being popular makes it a bad band, and thus even bands that they previously liked stop being "good" once enough other people have heard of them. Now imagine that there was some kind of godlike hipster that caused every band to break up once they reached a certain critical mass of popularity. In that world we wouldn't have most of the beatles, or most of the rolling stones, there would be no such thing as popular music. Now, since tastes vary some people probably wouldn't mind if those bands had stopped making musing after their first successful album, I know my life would be just a little bit happier if I'd never heard of Justin Bieber and never had to listen to any of his songs back when they were zarking everywhere, but there's a lot of good music that would never have happened if bands couldn't get popular. There would be a fundamental aspect of culture that would be missing from such a world. It would be a sadder world, a less musical world. Using the RL to force variety instead of just printing more cards that encourage it is like being that crappy hipster god that doesn't want bands to get popular. If a card is in every deck, then chances are it's a good card (this is more true in a card game than in my music analogy, because cards can be objectively good, whereas musical taste is subjective), and so by restricting access to good cards that are not unbalancing the game just because they are everywhere is bad for the game, because if people want to play the card, and the card is not breaking the game, then let the people play the zarking card!
  15. psychie

    The Pinnacle of Power

    I don't see the rival as fitting with lion any more than it does with scorpion. Personally, I think the clan it would fit best in is Crane, with Dragon as a second decent choice.