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  1. I very much agree. I feel a little embarrassed explaining the setting when teaching people to play Keyforge. I suppose this book was motivated by a desire to advance the card game more than a desire to advance Genesys.
  2. There are some of us who started the game after 2.0 released, and are only buying ships as they come out in their 2.0 versions. Speaking on behalf of all one of us, I'm excited to get my Wave 5 Rebellion and Imperial ships. But I also want card packs ASAP, and hope they can fill in the many gaps that a person like myself has in their collection.
  3. Ugh. Thanks. I need to learn to read!
  4. Still new to the game, and probably misunderstand things. Do Death Troopers prevent "spending" stress tokens, such as with Ten Numb's ability?
  5. As a new player who is only buying 2.0 stuff, I'd love packs of upgrades.
  6. Rebel YT 1300. The B Wing and Decimator show up in the faction lists in Collections, but I can't add them to squads. This is on the Android app.
  7. Wave 4 stuff in LBN is incomplete and incompletely coded.
  8. Heh. Well, I don't know what cards exist outside of my collection. I'm just using Launch Bay Next to build squads using the cards I own. But sometimes I want one more copy. A Post-It that says "Outmaneuver" is easy enough.
  9. At some point, I think I'm going to want to beef up my card collection. I'm finding it hard to build two teams the way I want. Would it be better to but another core, or one conversion kit? Or just keep buying expansions? I do hope to eventually have one of each 2.0 Rebel and Empire faction ships.
  10. We went out to pick up another core set. Lost control. I can confirm that games work better now, even if neither of us can help running into obstructions, each other, and our own ships far too frequently. We also frequently forget to use all of our upgrades to the fullest. I kind of love the Decimator. The Falcon has been getting creamed (or is rolling poorly).
  11. Thanks for all the advice. We ended up killing or first game after destroying 2 Ties and an X Wing. It just takes too long for the for box Escalation game to get anywhere. If we decide to invest, I think we'll get a second core box, and stick with 2.0 expansions (unless some 1.0 collection shows up on Craigslist). With the Rebel Falcoln about to be released, I suspect my wife would be happy. And I'll just play the Empire with some Tie interceptors and one or two other ships. Scum is what really attracts me, but if I already have 4 Ties.....
  12. As you say, the R3 astromech allows for two locks. It is part of the Blue Squadren Escort quick build.
  13. I......guess the defense dice are just over-performing. After maybe 6 passes, the X-Wing's 2 shields are gone, and two target locks are in place. Hopefully things will pick up when we get back to the game. Thanks for the replies. It gives me hope. I really want to play and enjoy this game over the long haul.
  14. My wife and are are totally new to miniature games. We purchased the 2.0 starter set, and are playing the suggested Escalation set-up. We mostly just spin around each other, or flip to joust, and then shoot. But the vast majority of shots do not land. With focus and evade, defense rules. It takes forever to get to the reinforcements. I'm ok with it, but my wife is bored. If my wife is bored, I can't justify pouring money into this. How does the game pace change with more ships? Do shots do damage more often? Are we maybe doing something wrong?
  15. Sure. It makes me wonder if Death Touch was written with Taoist Blade in mind.
  16. So the enhancement effect of Death Touch is basically useless for the Togashi Monk, but quite good for the Taoist Blade.
  17. I don't agree. Saying "Yes, this ability only applies to kihos that specifically meet the written conditions" is not lazy. What I think is most likely is that they will errata Water Fist to include "unarmed profile" language.
  18. I think it more likely that either will say that they meant what they wrote, or say nothing because they already wrote what they meant.
  19. Way of the Earthquake is a good Kiho for the Togashi school ability. I would not get too hung up on which Fist Kiho is going to absolutely do the most damage. Think about your character overall, and build him/her accordingly. The fist Kihos are similar enough that your experience will be fun with any, I personally have made good use of The Earth Need No Eyes (or whatever it is called). In battle, Breaking Blow has been super enjoyable. The game rewards team tactics. One person makes an enemy prone, and another takes advantage. One player breaks enemy armor and another bashes them. I started with Earth and Fire 3, Void 2, Air and Water 1. At rank 2 now, I've increased both my Void and Water by 1. If you really are trying to optimize, you'll want to follow your school curriculum, as that will rank you up the fastest. Start with a high Fire. Build up Water at Rank 2 and take your Water Kihos then. Etc.
  20. What? Sheesh! Thank you! EDIT: If you are using unarmed martial arts with an active Kiho, is the DLS from the Kiho or from the weapon? I think it is from the weapon. I think the Kiho DLS would be from a burst effect.
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