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  1. stun and burn

    Burn quality stays.
  2. Which Star Wars game should I buy?

    A little bit more to add. Each CRB has 6 Careers, but each Career has 3 Specializations (which is what you might consider a class in other RPGs). So that is 18 specializations per CRB, with each Career Sourcebook giving an additional 3. (Some of the Specializations appear more than once, so the grand total is a little lower than you might calculate). I personally own 2 CRB's and 3 Sourcebooks. You really only need to buy books beyond 1 CRB if they contain stuff you are strongly interested in.
  3. Which Star Wars game should I buy?

    But you really can start with one rule book and play for a long time with a lot of options. There are a handful of books that have some of the more popular extra-rules. Special Modifications, for example, has the bulk of the crafting rules.
  4. Genesys Talents Expanded

    Looks like we might have a Version 4 in the works. If we can get final write-ups for these, we can take it to the Google Sheet for a final vote on accepting them and for Tiers. And when I say "we", I mean "you guys". I'll do the admin work, copy stuff to the documents, etc, but I probably won't have time to help with the word-smithing.
  5. Which Star Wars game should I buy?

    One thing about AoR that lends itself to new RPGers is that the Rebel based setting makes it easy to understand why characters are doing what they are doing. Missions can be a little less open ended, with more clearly outlined goals. The most important third party resource is OggDude's character generator. I recommend downloading it from as this server doesn't have the periodic problems OggDude's own server has been having of recent. The generator checks with the server every time it starts up, and if the server has exceeded it's bandwidth limits, the program won't start. All three of the systems have beginner boxes with introductory adventures. That can be a good way to start playing, though you will quickly need the corresponding core rule book if you want to continue.
  6. My preference is a 5 hour session with about 4 hours of actual gaming. I also like to have two sessions like that in a row, for a nice full Saturday.
  7. Genesys Talents Expanded

  8. I think the Rule of Two is a rationalization, more than a justification, for killing off most of the Sith. It was a way for the most powerful Sith to limit the competition he might otherwise face. The ultimate victory of the Sith was likely a secondary concern to the ultimate victory of the Master. An apprentice was a a powerful tool first, and a way to keep the tradition going second. But I don't think that most Sith Masters worried too much about what would happen to the Sith if they personally were killed.
  9. armour attachment: crystal weave

    But he also wants the dark side to be more tempting, so who knows. I guess I don't have a problem with people wanting to play themselves, or characters largely based on themselves, in a RPG. But there is probably is a GM issue, the way this is all being described. If the players are not feeling the urge to use those dark pips, then not enough peril is being introduced into the story. Sure, you may be able to win a fight without using the dark side, but will you win fast enough that the civilians will be saved too? Frankly, a game where characters don't have to struggle with those kids of decisions sounds boring. And role playing a character who doesn't struggle with their actions doesn't sound fun either. A character should get mad, even though the player is not. A character should be afraid at times, and act on that fear. People should do whatever is fun for them, but this table is so far from what I enjoy that it is hard for me to understand.
  10. armour attachment: crystal weave

    Everyone sees themselves as the hero. The Force only cares what you do. The Force didn't become light-sided for Anakin simply because he thought he was doing the right thing. All that aside, Stormbourne, you say your group has only used dark pips twice? You think the dark side needs to be more tempting? Every item you have proposed gives force users more access to light pips. Your first robes proposed increasing a force user's pips by 75%. Your crystal weave whatever turns force die rolls into straight light pips. How do your items help with the problem you have identified in your group? I don't want to hear about feelings or intuition. Let's have a concrete example where your Crystal Weave or Sage Robes would make the dark side more tempting.
  11. Would DoR hit stores tomorrow then?
  12. armour attachment: crystal weave

    Here are some items that can help high power force users. Medkit, Toolkit, Slicer gear, climbing gear, blaster pistol, blaster rifle, filter mask, wilderness survival pack, CR-90 Corvette, ration pack, stimpak, lightsaber, armored robes, shadowsuit. I can list more if it helps.
  13. Shadowrun Conversion Thoughts

    What about this? This system would include cybernetics that count as a partial cybernetic (e.g. data jack = 0.2 cybernetic). Cybernetics both reduce the maximum difficulty spell that can be cast, and makes casting more difficult. Cybernetics Max Spell Difficulty Setback 0 5 0 0.1-.9 4 0 1 4 1 1.1-1.9 3 1 2 3 2 2.1-2.9 2 2 3 2 3 3.1-3.9 1 3 4 1 4 > 4 - - I think this allows for minor enhancements for casters, or minor casting for more enhanced characters. Of course, to cast at all, you need to have a career that grants a Spell Skill, so the dedicated Street Samurai is not going to summon the occasional spirit.
  14. armour attachment: crystal weave

    You just ignored everything I said. I'm done.
  15. armour attachment: crystal weave

    I didn't say you have to write a half page explaining your items. I said you need to be able to. If you can't, you don't know enough, and you haven't thought enough, about how and whether your idea fits in the game. Listen to the Order 66 podcast when Sam Stewart is on. When he is asked about their design decisions, it is clear they try hard to make new additions balanced with existing materials, and they look to the Star Wars universe for inspiration. He never says "Our intuition thought this was neat". Consider your most recent offering. Once you conceived of it, you should have then considered if and how it interacts with, compares to, and supersedes other things already in the game. In this case, you are committing a FD to get 1 success and 2 advantage (after mods). A whole bunch of things should jump out at you immediately. I'll just talk about this. A Force 4 character using this with the lightsaber skill is getting 4 successes and 8 advantage on every attempted hit. That is a little better than Draw Closer and Hawkbat Swoop COMBINED. Almost every attempt will be a hit, with a good deal of damage, auto-crits, strain removal, and other qualities triggering. There are a ton of places in this game where auto successes and advantages are crazy powerful. And this is not about "following the rules". New items, talents, etc always add to the rules. It is about understanding the mechanics of the game. It is about understanding the existing materials. We are complex beings. Just because you prefer to go with your gut feelings doesn't mean you have to to the exclusion of rigorous thinking. I suspect most of us here are drawn to this sort of narrative roleplaying, at least in part, because we enjoy the creative aspects of it. We like the story telling, creating personalities for our characters, and world building. I prefer to let my characters grow organically, according to the events they "live" through. My most recent character only bought a lightsaber spec because he felt that it was the will of the force when he received a "lightsaber". I used quotes around "lightsaber" because this thing was a new item my GM created. It is an archaic, dark-sided technology. It takes a maneuver to ignite, and requires a force roll, with the wielder calling on the dark side (using a dark pip, taking strain, and flipping a Destiny Point). This item breaks the rules of the game, in a way. It even expands the universe. Using it is sub-optimal. VERY sub-optimal. But it, and my character's reaction to it, are creative. He hopes he can redeem it. He thinks he is supposed to redeem it. There is a good place for intuition. It makes the game fun. (In the two sessions since he got this thing, his morality has triggered twice, and despite taking a good deal of conflict, his morality is surging upwards. So he knows he is doing the right thing). Take the time. Do the work. It is disrespectful to everyone here to just thoughtlessly drop ideas here, expect us to fix them for you, and then ignore what we say anyway.