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  1. We are genuinely happy to see this document continue to be used and modified for people's needs. While we claim no ownership over the content (as it is largely FFG materials, with modifications and tiers added by the document authors), we do ask that those who would share their own versions use the following guidance. ---- Version naming: Please use the format "Version [versionNumberOfDocumentUsed] - [yourName] {yourNumberingConvention] - [dateOfRelease] For example, if VeronicaSupreme were to modify GTE Version 5.0, they would label their document as "Version 5.0 - VeronicaSupreme 1.0 - May 15, 2020". Authorship: Please do not change the author list, which reflects those individuals who came to a group consensus for each talent in the official document. Please DO add a line to the title page stating the document has been revised by you. For example, VeronicaSupreme would add "Revised by VeronicaSupreme". Description: Please add text to the Introduction section describing, at any level of detail, the changes you have made. For example, VeronicaSupreme might add "VeronicaSupreme has removed all magic-related talents, and changed the tiers of several talents." ----- If we do decide to update, modify, or expand GTE in the future, will continue to increment the version numbers from where we left off. Using the guidance above will allow users to release multiple branches of the document, as per their own needs and understandings, without creating confusion over what is actually contained in any. Thanks for your understanding, and especially for using this resource!
  2. TheSapient


    I've not been playing any Genesys of late, and the Keyforge setting really does not interest. But, this is likely the last official book in a long time. Maybe ever ,unless there have been announcements I haven't heard regarding FFG's RPG future. I guess I should buy this, just to complete the collection.
  3. I'm not at all excited about the setting. Honestly, the announcement makes it seem like FFG isn't all that excited. But the new rules seem like they will be extremely useful. I love the idea of players getting to craft their own species.
  4. The Keyforge setting is so loose and undefined, it desperately needs a material to better define it. So why not write such a book framed as Genesys rules? That's some good cross-pollination.
  5. I'm very happy you have been enjoying the results of this project. We've talked it over some more, and are content to let GTE be a finished and final product as is. GTE was created to provide tables with a broader range of options when Genesys was new, and resources were scarce, With the large number of official FFG talents now available, and the massive amount of community created content, the need for GTE is greatly reduced. For those looking for a complete and actively updated list of official Genesys talents, I refer you to DrainSmith's Dispensary of Everything You Need. Thanks you for all the enthusiasm. We do appreciate it.
  6. Both, really, but the latter is what takes more effort. For example, when SotB gave us the Parkour! talent, it replaced Freerunning taken from Star Wars's Endless Vigil. Deep Pockets replaced Utility Belt. Etc.
  7. For what it is worth, for every Talent that gets added the rest of the document has to be examined to see if that new Talent completely replaces, or has significant overlap with, a, existing entry. The feeling was that there is so much material now available to the community that the value/effort proposition of continuing this document wasn't there.
  8. Just to make sure I remember correctly, Arete in Mage tells you how many dice to roll. Ranks in Spheres tells you what effects you can accomplish. Yes?
  9. Using Spirit and Life, I resurrect this thread. I'd love to see an implementation of Mage in Genesys.
  10. I very much agree. I feel a little embarrassed explaining the setting when teaching people to play Keyforge. I suppose this book was motivated by a desire to advance the card game more than a desire to advance Genesys.
  11. There are some of us who started the game after 2.0 released, and are only buying ships as they come out in their 2.0 versions. Speaking on behalf of all one of us, I'm excited to get my Wave 5 Rebellion and Imperial ships. But I also want card packs ASAP, and hope they can fill in the many gaps that a person like myself has in their collection.
  12. Still new to the game, and probably misunderstand things. Do Death Troopers prevent "spending" stress tokens, such as with Ten Numb's ability?
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