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  1. TheSapient

    Genesys Talents Expanded

    I think this will be the last major update for this project. Our goal was to make available a broad range of talents so GM's and groups could more easily create their settings. Now that we have RoT, SotB, and so many great unofficial settings, the need for GTE is no longer very great. Thank you o everyone who contributed their time, effort, talents, and proofreading. I'll periodically update Version 5.X to correct any reported errors.
  2. TheSapient

    Genesys Talents Expanded

    GENESYS TALENTS EXPANDED Version 5.0 IS NOW ABAILABLE changes include talents from Knights of Fate, Ciphers and Masks, and Shadow of the Beanstalk As always, thank you to ESP77, Swordbreaker, Richardbuxton, who put a lot of time and effort into evaluating the Star Wars talents. Genesys Talents Expanded VERSION 5.0 (pdf) Word File for your editing pleasure Excel file for developing your own lists. Changelog Drainsmith's beautiful take on Version 4.2 is still available here.
  3. TheSapient

    Genesys Talents Expanded

    I've been short on time. When I can find some, I will get the GTE document and spreadsheet updated and published.
  4. TheSapient

    Fillable Character Sheet

    Sorry, that's beyond my skills. I just took the official Terrinoth sheet and added form fields. I'm not much when it comes to graphics.
  5. TheSapient

    Genesys and Amber

    Honestly, I think the way to handle this is (and I know this won't work for your campaign) to have the Pattern walk be a high-tier talent. If you don't have the talent, you die. If you do, you live. A failure on a pattern walking roll just means you are strained out afterwards and don't get any of the neat bonuses you might expect (like being able to teleport to any shadow). Actually, you could make this a Hero ability, as per Realms of Terrinoth.
  6. TheSapient

    New form fillable character sheet with auto-calculation

    Very nice! Very, very nice! Because it is so nice, and you have skill with the Javascripting, I'm offering a few suggestions that would make it even closer to perfect to my eye. 1) Pre-entering the standard skills would slightly increase the odds someone would use the sheet. 2) Add a <none> or blank option in the Characteristic field in the skills table. If someone clicks on an empty row by accident, or removes a skill, they currently can't remove the characteristic. 3) For Crits, have the diamonds autofill to the left, so that people can click on the severity once and the whole difficulty shows. This one requires some additional code, and may not be worth doing. I've made a bunch of sheets, but this one may be my favorite. I hope you don't take these suggestions the wrong way!
  7. TheSapient

    Question regarding talents like 'Counteroffer'

    In structured encounters, I'm almost always forcing social checks to be done using the rules on CRB 123, which allow you to cause strain. So a social character could try to negotiate with a "If you don't shoot us, we'll pay you double what you're already getting", and I'd give them boost dice (based on the motivation rules). If this strains the NPC out, or brings their strain to some pre-decided threshold, then that NPC takes the offer or something else narratively appropriate. Counter Offer (Scathing Tirade, etc) gives the social character more options.
  8. TheSapient

    Ecuador overlay animation

    Drainsmith, you are a treasure.
  9. TheSapient

    Fillable Character Sheet

    What software and sheet version are you using?
  10. TheSapient

    Adventure modules for GMs with no time?

    I can't speak for others, but the way I'm GMing SotB doesn't suit itself well to a module format. I like to set up situations and NPC's, but let the PC's attack the problems however they see fit. This means it is very hard to predict how things will play out. To compensate, I make semi-generic resources, like server systems for hacking, that I can quickly modify to whatever is going on. I keep a pile of NPC imaged available. I keep name generators open. I do try to guess how things will go down, but I'm almost always wrong. I'm ready for them to try to enter a Starscraper from the hopper pads that ring the residential levels, but I can handle it if the Eve-model Bioroid decides to charm the pants off the on-site customer service rep after hours.
  11. TheSapient

    Genesys and Amber

    What happens on a Pattern walking failure?
  12. TheSapient

    Adventure modules for GMs with no time?

    I'm converting a Shadowrun adventure for my table. The races only matter in that there is a background of discrimination against orcs. I'm changing that to hatred of clones and/or bioroids. There are some magical monsters that are key to one encounter that are being replaced by the results of some genetic experiments. The rest is replacing SR corps etc with Android equivalents. I'm just using the adversary decks for the NPCs. I don't know that any of this is faster than creating from scratch though, other than I like the idea behind the adventure.
  13. TheSapient

    Genesys and Amber

    I do like the general idea of this. The slow discovery of the Amber universe is exciting. I do have to say that as a player, my biggest irritation is why my character's self-agency is taken away. I understand that there is a story the GM is trying to tell, but I think it is important for it to evolve organically, without my character acting in ways they just don't want to, and without my character losing possessions just to stay on the rails. In this adventure, the character go to Scotland just because the story requires it. To do so, the characters have to spend a good deal of money (more than standard Genesys character creation provides). Surely the players intended to spend that money on gear, but now it is just a tax to play the adventure. Plus they have to leave their weapons behind, perhaps forever. The adventure says that there is a news story about the attack at the Plaza, including several victims, yet the if investigated the Plaza will shows no signs of an attack. The players are going to want to explore that, using the money and gear they have. In the real world, how many pictures of interesting places have you seen? How often does that cause you to give up everything to go to one of those places? I think the story needs a better motivation to travel, and a way for the characters to do it without losing what little they have. You could, for example, have the host of the Gala be a fellow abductee, who offers to fly the characters to Scotland to investigate via her private jet. You could have them, while investigating the Plaza, find a trump painted on a wall that pulls them to Scotland. Maybe there is a problem with the Pattern that has shadows collapsing on themselves, and they simply end up walking to the castle by accident, as Shadow Earth and a neighboring shadow combine. Please don't take this as mean-spirited criticism. I think you have a good start here. I just see some potential for player resentment or the story feeling forced.
  14. TheSapient

    Character making checks for the team

    Thanks everyone. This is very helpful.
  15. TheSapient

    Character making checks for the team

    Often times forcing every member of the PC's to make a check almost guarantees failure for the group. If everyone needs to sneak through a base or lie to get past a bouncer, there is often at least one person who is going to be weak with the applicable skill. But the best can be a guide, or speak for everyone. How would/do you handle this mechanically. Allow the best to make the roll, but add setback for each person they are helping? Or maybe upgrade for each person they are helping? Have them do a leadership check to distribute boost dice? There is probably a specific rule for this that I am just unaware of.