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  1. I hadn't heard that, is it official? All of FFG's RPG's or? Is there a source? Will they all be continuing? I don't know if this good news or bad...
  2. Our prophet has likely thrown in the towel now lol. (FFG has anyways)
  3. The idea was not to play into stereotypes, it was to add more options for players who would like to be more authentically their species that don't necessarily have that ability at the moment, and, to offer the system a way to continue to grow without adding more specializations to existing careers. For example, perhaps a player wanted to invest in a Wookiee tree. It wouldn't be built on tearing off arms as you suggest but rather may have the ability to climb using their claws, or perhaps they would have a talent for which provides a boost to knowledge Lore checks based upon Wookiee oral tradition. The intent is that the optional system could give designers a way to provide for players to do things they should be able to do, but for balance reasons couldn't be given off the hop. It has the added bonus of being able to be packaged as a set into an omnibus species book with a few species left out, and a few new added in. (Enticing players to still need to buy region books or something to get those species, but offering something new to entice them to buy the species book) As the tree will not be offering more than a boost, remove setback, treat a skill as a career skill and then the biological talent (breath underwater, swim speed, climb speed, scent ability, etc.) and finally, a dedication point. The tree requires at least a 3x3 with species signature buy in talent to not provide a free tree while still providing a path to a stat gain that makes the investment worthwhile to min/max players. Players would be required to purchase 2 of the rank 3 talents to be able to buy the dedication point, making it only 5 xp cheaper than any other tree to get the dedication point, although it has less overall benefit along the way to that talent than career trees for balance.
  4. That's a great point, I'll work from the 3x3 instead since there already seems a preference and this adds more credence to that.
  5. For Twi'lek I think the obvious starting point is their lekku. We have seen that there are subtle ways to communicate using lekku and a possible signature species ability is basically a "sign language" with the thought that this could have implications for players trying to non verbally share information in sensitive moments etc, risked against a perceptive target who might clue in to this. Then since Rebels shared more of their cultural history via Grand Admiral Thrawn, I would suggest at least one talent named for their family heirloom, the Kalikori, which offers a rank or an upgrade in Knowledge Lore checks. (As knowledge ranks are often under-utilized and unappreciated in this system, I think it's nice to put them in the way of other things so that people have to take them and then see their benefit without really thinking of having to choose to invest in it as a 'subpar' option. For example if the dedication point was 'gated' behind the Twi'lek heirloom talent.) An additional talent which provides a boost to coordination checks and narratively associated to a traditional Twi'lek dance may make sense as well. Thoughts?
  6. By Jove... this is it! 15 pt. Signature Species ability for each species, with a 3x4 species career tree. I think a 10 pt buy-in for the signature species ability is fine, so long as there is the realization that these are more flavour than min/max opportunities. I would prefer seeing the big highlight to the species tree being a shorter route to a single dedication as a "reward" for players to invest in their species background and unique culture/heritage. I am open to this final talent being a force point for certain species (Here's looking at your Miraluka) where the species own history is so intrinsically tied to the force that it makes sense, but I'm not married to the idea as it is more likely to be abused. That said let's workshop some typical species' talents or signature abilities and see if we can't start getting some tree concepts fleshed out.
  7. That's actually what I was thinking as well. I don't think it would be OP as there is only the ability to have one species tree, therefore at most it's equivalent of getting a similar tree in career with non-ranked talents that can be skipped.
  8. This thread is devoted to crafting a home brew, optional addition to the rules set which features a limited talent tree for each identified species to allow players the option to build upon their characters investment into being a more iconic example of a particular species. I am hoping that others will join me in trying to craft a balanced and simplified approach to this. The concept is that each race would have access to a free talent tree specific to their species. I would also propose that the talent tree be smaller than the usual career tree, possibly featuring as few as two or three columns and rows, rather than the 4 columns and 5 rows. Additionally, the tree should hew as close as possible to existing canon appearances of the species, and traits or qualities which may not be represented in the initial species stat block could be added here. For example, if a species lacked a swim speed or underwater breathing, those could be concepts to explore as per of the tree, showing the characters personal growth or background in the environment. I am open to examples, although I will try and draft a few. A good place to check may be the species menagerie, as much of these investigations have been done by those industrious folks.
  9. Just wow. Tell me where I can find this game!
  10. Most things in Star Wars are about the cinematic experience more than the practicality. Legends had the Lusanka buried in coruscants superstructure and that was awesome, although it would have cost a significant amount more than even the SSD, which is saying a lot. Sometimes there are reasons given to try and rationalize some of the decisions with varying success. Personally I think it has some tactical sense that in that if a prison location is known or becomes known a significant amount of resources is either expended to defend it or to relocate it. This solves both and could be built using retired ships. A droid command ship captured at the end of the clone wars? Massive and with its own security force. Send it out and it's great.
  11. A good idea may be to have a station sized object (like the Death Star) with a hyperdrive, and crewed exclusively by droids. The "inmates" are contained in a level that is isolated from any of the ship's functions and may not even know it is a ship. (I.E. it's big enough to simulate a prison complex on a planet complete with crops etc.) the station would transit through hyperspace from one location to another on the opposite side of the galaxy and only stop on a pre-set date twice per year. Once to beam a signal to the Imps to signal a meet up, and then again to do said meet up. It creates a nice heist, mixed with a Death Star/prison complex idea.
  12. Amazing, especially since many are near humans. Is this all the canon species that are currently not included or just a selection of those you found interesting?
  13. That is a good point, balance and complexity of the system would definitely have to be considered. I think it is possible to balance, if done carefully, although the system's easy character creation has been one of the hallmarks that make it enticing for new members. Still maybe as an optional rule set it could be considered by more advanced players, but that limits its market. Hmm, you bring up great points.
  14. I think there is also room for FFG to lean on the species more. As mentioned already, the universe is a big place and we all love the region books, even though they don't always turn the profit of career books. Maybe a good version of this would be a line of region books that include 6 new species each and the new feature below... But the real piece de resistance would be species talent trees. FFG announces a species collection book which includes many of the existing species (and new ones so it brings value) but then adds the new species talent trees. More limited in size and scope, these would nevertheless lean on those traits that the species is known for an allow a character to choose to more fully represent that species in gameplay. You would only get one of course and it would be freely unlocked. The new region/species line of books could heavily incorporate this to feature new details on those species and some not included in the large collection.
  15. I would love to see FFG take on one of the most successful but limiting factors of their system... the career trees. The existing trees are awesome and the ability to mix and match keep us all going forever... but, they also limit the potential growth of the system for those central careers. I would love to see a tack on advanced tree for each career to represent a seasoned veteran or super specialized individual. Ranked talents would get additional ranks, some of the supreme talents could be included in careers that didn't already have them and the access to these ranks could be limited by the investment into the tree. I.e you must have taken the tree and unlocked the signature ability, then the advanced tree grows out of that. It would add additional opportunities to monetize content, new player options and would incentivize people to stay within a career longer, where currently min/maxing includes some dipping. I know some would feel we are paying for more of the same, but it would allow the designers to build new talents and improve upon some of the existing trees. Personally, if I had the option to keep delving down (up?) a tree where the "buy in" was unlocking the signature ability, it's a more cost effective approach to use of your points than buying additional specs and paying the penalty.... dependant of course on the content of the the advanced tree. I'd be willing to workshop some stuff with some people in a new thread if anyone was interested in exploring this as a home brew option.
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