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  1. Because if they want to do a second edition they can do it without me. There's no reason to restart before you have even scratched the surface.
  2. That is a fresh take. Lol Seriously though, love the idea.
  3. Yeah, she gets tickled and has a force vision. Guess that makes you the strongest person in history.
  4. Jyn trained her entire life from childhood to be a fighter by a guerrila force known for their ruthless ways... yeah, whose writing off female leads?
  5. An established bounty hunter known for his incredible prowess who became the loving embodiment of the genetic map for an entire army... that guy you think doesn't have enough established credentials?
  6. Nope. Luke and Anakin are repeatedly shown to be training and honing skills. When they tried to have Anakin do the same thing as a child they got raked over the coals, and the phantom menace was lambasted. Don't let time cloud your memory.
  7. That's why she shows up to train with Luke and handily defeats the only Jedi Master in the galaxy in her first ever duel with no training? Yeah, when you look up Mary Sue they put her face in the book. Alternatively, Jyn Erso is an amazing female lead with a great story arc and a history that promotes the things she's able to do and show her limitations in others.
  8. Wow, the argument becomes if you don't like the character you must not like the idea of a strong female lead. Yeah, that's why the same people believe Leia is a Mary Sue? Or Ellen Ripley in Aliens? Or Dany Targaryen in Game of Thrones? No, not everything is gender politics, some of it is just plain old bad storytelling.
  9. Agreed. I know that there will be many who stand up and defend the sequel trilogy, and I don't post to rain on their enjoyment of a thing, but I think that the story would have had much more acceptance had there been some sort of training shown and reinforced, along with some more establishment of her growth per what we have come to expect from others (Luke, Anakin, Ezra, Kanan, etc.) The limited time with Luke and the very real challenges that have been overcome just feel unearned in some ways, and that's probably due to trying to fit in a lot of story in a limited time. But that's where things like Canto Bight might have been pulled in favour of a journey of self discovery and growth alongside Luke etc.
  10. Anyone can scavenge, not anyone can be a mechanic capable of building a racing vehicle or Droid from junk. Clearly if it was between the two, he meets the higher of the two pre-requisites. Not that it matters, trying to say what specs Anakin/Vader belongs to would be equivalent to printing lists of half the careers.
  11. @KRKappel saw you mentioned inside the cover of this one, you should be proud, this is one of the best products FFG has ever released. It sets a new standard for future releases. Bravo Zulu.
  12. Got my book tonight, looking good! The art is magnificent, I don't know if there are any artists who worked on this in this thread, but you should be proud.
  13. Killing a major lore figure is a tricky subject. To some it's tantamount to letting players run amok and poor GM planning/imagination... to others it may be an opening to tell a new story within an established cannon. However you feel about it, you should make sure your GM and players are of one mind. I am not opposed to alternate timelines, as long as they are well thought out and supported. For example, what might have happened with a CIS victory and what might that victory look like? How might Palpatine have used his role leading that force to secure his grip on the galaxy. What force might have risen to oppose them? How might other figures lives been changed. What would rally public support or outrage? How might the power dynamics change within society and organizations? It's a fun thought experiment, and that would be a campaign I would like to see play out, if done right. All that said, if I were in a group that set out to kill Jyn Erso just to wield her linked weapon, well, I wouldn't be with them long. Murder hobos and munchkins are not narrative, they are just self aggrandizing.
  14. Your logic is flawed. If there was only a few then they wouldn't have needed the inquisitors. There were whole temples and holdings throughout the galaxy... a galaxy of billions of billions of people. There were more Jedi than we think there were, and there were huge amounts that would have required being hunted down and killed, the effectiveness in order 66 was ending the rule of the Jedi, breaking their leadership and command structure and turning the galaxy against them, all at once. Palps painted them as traitors because he needed people to turn on them alongside him. You may feel that there are too many survivors, but that's how I feel that the officia numbers say there are millions of star destroyers. It's just an incalculably huge galaxy.
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