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    Rakghouls and the one hit KO problem

    Love the approach, I wish more interest was given to the horror niche in this RPG. I don't need a full blown Horror RPG but there should be at least an adventure that deals with these themes, just like there are adventures dealing with war, politics, romance etc. It's a big universe, and a lot of it can kill you.
  2. I would buy that book twice.
  3. I got my copy already, although it’s much less exciting than I had anticipated so I haven’t been enthusiastic about it. Definitely not one of the best books and not in keeping with the tradition we’ve seen in the more recent offerings of excellent material.
  4. Lol, touché. No, I just am suprised. For the last half dozen books we have had full lists of ships, items, talents, people, planets... basically everything. I know, I’ve done two of them. Took me hours to type out, but it’s the courtesy to others when you have the baton.
  5. Someone want to actually dive into revealing details of this book? Really shocked how little has been shared.
  6. We have had content developers state they have been working on as yet undisclosed products for the lines so the rampant speculation and rumours have less to no credibility. That said, the silence from FFG’s PR department is just terrible. How a company expects to operate a line like a rudderless ship is beyond me. I’m gonna submit a ticket to their PR department and point to the discussions in the forums, bc obviously they are clueless as to the fan thoughts on the matter.
  7. Considering Azmodee bought up Settlers of Catan this year and has gobbled up every other competitor in sight, I think there is no need for such examples. Waiting sucks, but it’s what we get when the company has a track record of being terrible at communication.
  8. Humans need develop tails and then sublimate them back (mostly) during the earliest stages following conception. Additionally, humans can no longer process many raw meats through their appendix... While they may be amphibian, I doubt they are aquatic, and I think that’s the reason this was purposefully left out, intentionality. I would have done the same. You can ask the races’ creator though, @KRKappel.
  9. That I can completely agree with, even if I would never buy such a product. At the end of the day they will do what they think is best for their business though, and I doubt anything we have contributed for or against such a venture will factor very large in those considerations.
  10. So angry your existing customers by making minor changes that aren’t needed and forcing them to buy $300 in core books for something that doesn’t even warrant a relaunch? No, the people pushing for a second edition have missed the simple beauty of the existing system. If they are seeking to utilize Gensys then buy the book.
  11. No. Nope. No. No, no, no.
  12. On the basic premise of your response. That of speaking in terms of all or nothing. Did everyone ever get entirely polarized over anything? I stated and will reiterate that the films have polarized the fans. All the fans? No, but a significant portion that arguments, discussions and exchanges just like this and much worse, play out every time the new content is discussed. You can agree with the statement or not, but that’s my opinion based upon what I’ve witnessed in every exchange on every medium since TLJ.
  13. I wouldn’t marginalize the discontent, the polarization is more than just some people. I know many lifelong fans who have turned their backs on Star Wars because of the latest movies. I don’t think you would think I was being fair to say some fans liked it. Both could be true from a perspective but a more accurate statement would be to say it was polarizing. The polarization is the single largest contributor imho to Solo’s lacklustre performance for what I thought was a great movie. It’s marketing was robust, there wasn’t a lack of Solo plastered on tv and posters etc. I’m sure the budget for marketing was comparable to Rogue One.
  14. No I wouldn’t support such a wild claim. I find most people invent stats to suit their needs when they speak informally. I do stand by my belief that the films have resulted in polarization. Although I bet the difference of opinion would be on how much so.