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  1. Wow! I must have called the wrong places in Lex haha. I called around, but I was able to walk into my more local shops only. I will check out D20. Thanks!
  2. Well I talked more in depth with one of my local game shops yesterday about it. The owner gave me a long spiel about why they don't hold Destiny tournaments. He said that he knows the owners of the other shop and they all agreed not to hold them to prove a point. He said FFG has made it hard for all of them to get product but constantly asks them to buy OP kits and hold tournaments on store credit to advertise their product. The owner said he would only lose money on this deal since he doesn't have product to sell of it while people are there playing, so he would just be spending money on OP kits and losing store credit. He said all the shop in my area have agreed that because they will only lose money on it, they aren't going to do it until FFG / Asmodee ponies up product to them so they can make money on it. Wish I knew that before I spent so much, but it is a very fun game. Maybe I can travel 2 or 3 hours to a tournament sometime. Or maybe they will eventually get what they are demanding and they will finally have tournaments.
  3. That's a good idea! I am not very artistically inclined haha, but maybe I could try to find other local players and host small friendly tournaments. I might call up the shops closest to me and see if there is any way I can convince them to have tournaments with store credit on the line. I certainly wouldn't mind ponying up entry fees. It seems hard to find players around her too though since everything sells out so quick. Maybe it will catch on more with each set that is released and available.
  4. You would think. I called about 10 stores and got the same answer. When I asked about that they all said they only bring in like 5 people if they don't offer product as prizes.
  5. I am fairly new to Star Wars Destiny. I have spent about $500 on it in the last week getting all the cards I wanted, and I have setup some pretty cool decks. I have always been an avid MTG player, but I actually think I like Destiny more. So far so good. Once I had my decks setup I really wanted to play in some tournaments for prizes. I live near Cincinnati, Ohio. I tried stores in northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, Dayton, Ohio and Lexington, KY. They all told me the same thing - we love the game but we can't hold tournaments because we have no product to offer as prizes. When the recent re-release of awakenings came out the boxes and booster sold out in every area around here within 1 day. It has been very disappointing. Has there been any word on proper stocking from FFG or Asmodee? Have others run into this problem? I am pretty envious of the people who post that tournaments are held in their area. Wish we could hold some around here! Wish I could go to the store and buy more packs, but everything is always sold out.
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