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  1. Ok, so after going back over the weapon price points for a variety of weapons I concede your point. Pierce at the 100/rank is more inline and appropriate. The app has been updated. Thanks for your patience in waiting for me to come to my senses 😛
  2. Here are the historical release dates: So going off of historical data…anytime between 0 and 28 days after the street date 🙄
  3. FFG rarely visits the forum, sadly. The best way to get a hold of them. I'll shoot them an email and see what we can find out!
  4. It's currently available on the Genesys Product Page under the 'Support' tab.
  5. A quick internet search found this, which I think is the most recent FAQ/errata. My only guess is that it was taken down from the Genesys page because they are updating it to include SotB material as well. But even if that was the case, that's no reason to remove the existing one. Dunno, might have been an error when they added the new EPG PDF materials.
  6. Nah, it's been this way since the beginning, Disney has nothing to do with it. Well, besides not redoing the license. But PDFs have been a part of the "Digital Games" license since PDFs were a thing. It's really nothing like the OGL. It's not an open license. All it is is an agreement that you are able to sell Genesys content on their storefront using only approved Genesys content (right now that's Android and Terrinoth only) or your own IP. You are unable to use any part of the book, but are encouraged to refer to rules and page numbers as needed. And you can't sell anywhere else. And there is a specific type of material you can make. Apps/programs are most certainly off limits. Also, as @Nytwyng mentioned, this was the case when the Foundry first launched, but it has been corrected. You own your IP and only "give up" enough rights to legally allow FFG/OBS to sell your stuff and split the profits.
  7. The flaw in your logic is that the forum community is just a small fraction of the player-base. So yes, a lot of people here want TI or Tannhaüser or whatever…but that doesn't represent the majority of Genesys players. This, basically. Card games are super-popular and Keyforge has been steadily growing since release. From what I hear it has a larger player-base than Genesys and FFG wants to tap into that market and pull even just a little bit of them into Genesys. It's a win/win for them. I, for one, will be purchasing the Keyforge setting book when it comes out. Not because I want to play it but because I want to support FFG and Genesys. The more people who buy a setting book the more FFG sees that Genesys is still a viable business opportunity. I'll be voting with my wallet, anxiously awaiting TI (I'm a space opera junkie, what can I say).
  8. Ah, gotcha. Well, the Foundry has some great art assets. Both the InDesign Template bundle as well as @drainsmith's Additional Assets bundle has the images for adversaries and vehicles. Once you get that, just use your layout software of choice. Affinity Publisher is a current favourite, and a cheaper alternative to InDesign (no monthly fee!). But if you don't want to spend the money, there are several free alternatives for putting everything together. I know that Inkscape works well with vector images and you can use it with the images to make the stat block and then throw it into a text editor for adding the text. Scribus is a free and open-source layout program. But it also feels and looks free. You're not going to get the crisp look of Affinity Publisher or InDesign with Scribus (or so I've been told, I have AP so I have no experience with Scribus). But it should do the trick for your table at home.
  9. I take it you haven't seen the EPG yet, then? There's an entire chapter, about a dozen pages, on this very thing. It also includes the new rules for Adversary Power Levels and appropriate Challenge Ratings for your PCs based on their XP totals. It's pretty cool stuff!
  10. Thanks for the super-kinds words, y'all! And you gave me a few ideas to make it better…
  11. I'm open to suggestions!
  12. Almost none of the currently published weapons use these calculations, so comparing it to anything existing is a moot point. I mean, let's look at the fletcher pistol, also SotB. Book price is 450. My values give it a price of 850 whiles yours, with 100/Pierce, would be 900. Or how about the bog standard pistol? SotB book value of 300. Using the given numbers? 500. That's a roundabout way of saying that the suggested price is just that: a suggestion. if you want Pierce to be 100/rank, then don't use my Pierce values. Make the rest of the weapon and just add it your way. You'll find similar discrepancies with things like the archetype creation rules. Most of the existing archetypes and species have a different starting XP amount than the CRB rules suggest. At the end of the day, I made this for myself and how I do things. I shared with the community so they can use it, too. I just don't have the time, energy or drive to make adjustments here and there for people with a different opinion on things.
  13. Nope, Pierce is working as intended. CRB200: “With Pierce, just keep in mind that until you get to ratings of 5 or higher, you can think of your Pierce rating as the equivalent of adding damage to checks.” So I treat it as adding damage. While a good idea, I don’t want to be the one who tells herself what kind of stuff they can and can’t build. Not only that, but I’m still new to programming so marking such a thing is going to be more effort than it’s worth, at this point. Also, who says knuckledusters can’t have blast?
  14. In season 1 of Rebels, one of these implants was used to smuggle data off-world. So data-smuggling is a thing!
  15. A lot less than most people think. Most of the work has been done for you: Something Strange, by our very own @drainsmith is the best thing to happen to the World of Darkness since nWoD in the early '00s! Not entirely correct. Take a look at the magic system (especially the three new spells in the EPG). If you want your player's characters to have specific powers and not broad spells, just take the Signature Spell talent from Terrinoth and make it ranked. Each rank is a new "power" the character has. Build it just like you would any spell, but (per the Signature Spell talent) it has to be a specific spell with specific effects that don't change. Otherwise, take a look at some of the various offerings on the Genesys Foundry. There are a few new settings, besides Something Strange, that have new talents and abilities that you can use. And, of course, if you have any issues, questions or concerns we're always here to help!
  16. Greetings all! I made a thing! I took the armour and weapon creation guidelines and made them into an app! The site is still a W.I.P., but if you find any bugs or have any questions please post them here!
  17. Also, all of the EPG talents are not the v3.0.0 Talent Tome, found in @drainsmith‘s Dropbox dispensary.
  18. It’s 4 pages of guidance with one example spec tree, the Daredevil Pilot.
  19. People have started receiving their pre-ordered copies.
  20. c__beck


    Question: On page 61 of the EPG, it says to use the rules on page 197 of the CRB to make planetary scale weapons. However, the weapon creation rules don't encompass damage values of 1–3 nor does it have a price for strategic range. How should we address this? Thanks! Answer: The additional cost for damage 1-3 should be 0. Use the cost for extreme range for strategic range as well.
  21. Your topic title and your body are asking two different questions… Combat checks (skill checks with combat skills) are not opposed rolls. They are against a set difficulty. For example, attacking someone with Melee or Brawl is an Average () check. Of course, some talents and abilities can change this, but it defaults to Average. An opposed roll, which is different than a combat check, takes the opponent's skill pool into account. For example, if you are searching for a hidden foe, you would roll your Perception dice pool against a difficulty determined by the target's Stealth skill. Say their Stealth pool is . That would make your difficulty . This is not how it works. The character's skill isn't added to the difficulty. Otherwise it would make more skilled character fail more often! I think someone is misreading the rules. I would suggest a re-reading of the rules to better understand the difference between a skill check, a combat check and an opposed check (I don't have the beginner game, so I'm not sure if it includes competitive checks, but that's a thing, too). The character's skill is only added to a difficulty if someone else is rolling an opposed check against that character. And remember that combat checks are not opposed checks. The difficulty is based on the range to the target!
  22. Sounds like a great reason to add a setback…or three! If the medic has Knack for It they are better able to handle the hecticness of battlefield medicine.
  23. Great episode! But I might be biased 😛
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