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  1. Both the GenCon adventure and it's sequel are now available as one module! Check it out.
  2. Operating is indeed the skill for large ships (heck, even the 3-masted frigate on CRB231 lists it as the operating skill). And Gunnery is the mounted-weapon skill. I remember a similar issue arising before about the lack of nautical support and it was concluded by the community that since Terrinoth is a massive continent and there is little support for water adventures in the various other games that it was omitted by accident. Heck, the assumption is that everyone is on land; hence the addition of mount rules.
  3. c__beck

    Cybernetic Hardpoints

    What types of things would you expect to be installed in said hard points that couldn't/shouldn't be done with another cybernetic instead?
  4. c__beck

    Removed from Asmodee Catalogue?

    I'd reach out to their international distribution or retail department and ask, as FFG rarely pays attention to this forum.
  5. c__beck


    Like in real life (😱), a monthly stipend is mainly used for maintaining a quality of life. So instead of giving out an actual amount of monies you should let your PCs sustain a certain quality of life. A private hopper with advanced AI, enough spending money to be in the latest fashion and eating at all the chic restaurants. Having gold-plated weapons. That kind of thing. The money they get for adventuring is what's used to upgrade their gear. Stipends are used to maintain.
  6. c__beck

    Bioroids: Combat Skills - Hurting Humans

    According to SotB (page 10): So the Belt and the Trojan asteroids sounds like a great place for the "wild west frontier" of the setting. Granted, I don't know a lot about Android, so I could be wrong, but mining arcologies on the Trojans or in the Belt would be a great fit, IMO.
  7. Because they used the character sheet background for the vehicle sheet background and the XP fields are part of that background.
  8. c__beck

    Verse and Rune Magic vs Arcana

    Rune mages just need one runeshard to cast magic, not one shard per spell.
  9. Also, the Quick Draw talent reduces the Prepare rating of all weapons by 1 (to a minimum of 1) while not affecting the Slow Firing rating.
  10. c__beck

    Official Release Date of the PDF

    And here’s the link for all y’all!
  11. The prepare manoeuvres don't need to be done in the round it's used, no. But the prepare manoeuvre is different from the aim manoeuvre (your post makes it sound like you're Aiming [game mechanic] as the Prepare).
  12. Please also post this in the general FAQ channel thread to keep all the dev answers in one place! thanks for finding this out
  13. c__beck

    Barrier Reflection Useless?

    @Silidus, please note that the FFG devs do not frequent this forum, so you will not get your questions answered by them here. If you want other ask the devs directly, please see the FAQ thread; there is a link to the Contact Us page where you can send them a question. If you do get a reply, be sure to share in the FAQ thread!
  14. c__beck

    Street Fighter Talent?

    Soak only applies to damage. In this instance, the target is suffering wounds, not taking wound damage. No damage, no soak! Also of note is that it’s not a seperate ‘hit’ either, so no chance of a Critical Injury.
  15. c__beck

    Anyone designed a good Genesys game mat?

    Like this one, by @drainsmith?