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  1. Setback dice are for any and all situational or environmental effects that can make doing a thing harder, so you most certainly be throwing a setback or two on them! But like @Darzil said, most characters with talent-modifying skill checks will also have talents that reduce the number of setbacks on the check. So if they can reduce two, give 'em two or three just to showcase how badâss their character is! As for upgrading, that's a bit trickier. If you flip a Dark side Destiny Point then yeah, that's exactly what they're for. But just upgrading willy nilly? I would be very careful about doing that. Upgrades are usually only called for in very specific circumstances where a talent, ability or Destiny point says to do so.
  2. There's also the Burly talent Only works when wielding a weapon and not when it's in a holster or your bag, but still handy.
  3. I honestly don't think it's something that you need to worry about. They are both insanely rich and don't actually work for a living. They just have the money they need for all the cool toys. Sure, in the comic books Peter does the whole "taking pictures of Spider-Man" thing to make ends meet. But Spider-Man's stories don't revolve around if he has enough money to buy a sandwich at the corner deli. He always makes it work somehow, off-screen. It might pop up and complicate the story sometimes, but that has nothing to do with the "I have a job" rules and everything to do with the GM grinning and spending a Story Point to introduce a fact. Super heroes always have their gear unless it's a story point for them to not.
  4. c__beck


    Especially as how their most recent non-FFG IP, L5R, doesn't use Genesys I think it's safe to say other non-FFG IP will get a similar treatment.
  5. No worries. I'm an old hat and the resident rules expert. So I tend to nitpick everything. Other than that typo your revised lizardmen is good. I likes it.
  6. Umm…Brawn +5 damage!?!?!? That's insane! CRB201: "One-handed close combat weapons (Brawl or Melee [Light]) have a damage rating of +1 to +3, while twohanded close combat weapons (Melee [Heavy]) have a damage rating of +3 to +5." Br+5 is reserved for the biggest most dangerous weapon that can be held in two hands. I'm assuming you're looking for a damage of 5, which is Br+2 (the assumed Brawn of a melee character is at least 3; 3+2=5).
  7. I'm going to assume you haven't read pages 192 to 193 in the Genesys core book, since your starting XP is way too high. For 100 starting XP you get one characteristic at 3, one at 1 and the rest as 2. Your WT is 10+Br, ST is 10+Will and you get one starting skill rank. Any deviation from that default costs (or returns) starting XP. So let's break it down: An additional 3 costs 30XP and having an additional 1 gives back 20XP. +2WT is -5XP (the equivalent of 1 rank of the Toughened talent) -2ST is +15XP (the equivalent of 2 negative ranks of Grit talent) An additional skill rank costs 5XP. The first ability is a better version of the Dual Wielder talent, but I don't think that it's different enough to change the cost. The multi-attack (bad name, I think, since it doesn't allow for an actual attack) isn't worth enough on its own to cost anything. But add that up with Four-armed and I call them both 15XP. The rules for creating weapons are found on pages 199–201. Melee weapons don't have flat damage ratings, but are Brawn +X. In any event, Damage +2; crit 3; Accurate 1, Linked 1 weapon costs 250. Not enough to adjust starting XP. +1 Soak and +1 Defense are 20XP each (per the Defensive and Enduring talents, CRB80). So their hard, scaly skin costs them 60 starting XP! You might want to take a page from the Elf species where it doesn't stack with other forms of Defense since their ability grants defense instead of increasing it, which cuts the cost in half. So if you said their scaly skin doesn't stack with armour, that'd only be 30XP. Still a lot, but much cheaper. And the final numbers: Starting XP: 100 Characteristics: -10 WT/ST: +10 Skills: -5 Abilities: -15 Scaly skin: -60 STARTING XP: 20 Honestly the biggest problem your species here has is the scaly skin. It's taking up over half your starting XP! Honestly, I would change it to either +2 Soak or +1 Soak & 1 Defense. But in either case, I'd make it so it doesn't stack with any armour. That would reduce the cost from 60XP to a mere 20XP! That would give you a starting XP of 60. As written, your lizard species is only good at one thing, and that's fighting, so only martially-inclined players are going to choose it. So the low XP isn't going to be too bad for them since they'd probably raise Brawn and Agility anyway. Without any major revisions don't be surprised if they become your warrior species.
  8. Sure, I'll give it a go! I'm not a big fan of the falling rules in general. I think they're a bit harsh. I mean, when the best option for using the move Force power is to lift 'em up one range band then drop them, you know there's something wrong there. So while you're not wrong that the falling rules are a great place to start, I would definitely change them a bit. Also, as you know, I don't think that strapping in would obviate the need for a check, but rather change the consequences of said check. Either changing wounds to strain or reducing the modifier on a critical injury roll. The idea being that a rugged individual will still gain less trauma from being strapped in than a weaker person. Nothing wrong here. makes sense in light of the rules. I would instead have the speed be a modifier on any crit roll. Like the crit has +10 per speed or something. This seems like double-dipping to me. You're already suffering more based on distance fallen and speed of the vehicle, so why combine them into yet another damage modifier? I don't like this one. Symbols are always spent to do things. There is no existing rule that allows for symbols to be used twice like this, and just makes an odd corner case that you have to remember. I don't think it's worth the hassle. As I stated above, this I like. But, also like the your "increase speed per range band fallen" it's double-dipping. You're already using Speed to modify the wounds/strain in point 4. Choose one or the other (my vote is this one). I hope that helps!
  9. Good [insert time of day here]! My name is Christopher and I love Genesys. I'm the resident rules lawyer and am always willing to point out page number and help find rules you may be struggling to find. I had a podcast that has since ended. I do rules-related copy edits for anyone who asks (my only Foundry stuff thus far is Brain Drain and Something Strange). I don't currently have anything published on the Foundry, but you can find my Fate publications here.
  10. Yeah, reading over your initial post I realized that you're on to something with the wounds/strain suffered being based on the distance of the crash. The higher up you are, the more it's going to hurt. Off the top of my head, I'd say 5 wounds/strain, Resilience check to reduce, them multiply by 5 for each range band beyond close. That way your PCs still have a chance to survive (since the multiplication is after the skill check) but high enough to probably still hurt (unless they're super Resilient, they won't reduce it to zero so they'll still take some wounds/strain). Again, just off the top of my head.
  11. Having been in several automobile accidents, I can tell you that having the passengers suffer a Critical Injury makes total sense. And crashing from a flying vehicle is going to be even worse. And I would highly suggest not rolling for random wounds/strain suffered. It literally doesn't work like that for any other part of the game. It's always static numbers (usually +1 per success, but sometimes it's -1 per success if you're resisting the effect). Also, using anything besides a d10 isn't a good idea because there's no guarantee that anyone else will have them, since SWRPG only has d10s with numbers on them—and you can't exactly use any of the other dice to "reverse-engineer" a number, since all the SWRPG dice have at least two faces with the same result, they're not unique.
  12. What about using the rules for (major) collision on AoR page 256? Everyone takes a critical injury with a -5 per point of vehicle defense. You could even say that all parties onboard suffer 10 wounds, but can make a Hard (DDD) Resilience check to reduce that by 1 per uncanceled success. If they're properly restrained then it's strain instead of wounds. And note that since they suffer wounds/strain and don't take wound/strain damage soak does not apply.
  13. Ok, so they're not looking for the actual price of the item, but if it's worth a frick-ton. Sounds like a Perception check to ascertain if it's for the filthy rich.
  14. I'm going to go in a different direction and say it's not a skill check. It's a Story Point expenditure. The player is declaring a story detail. In this case, the detail is that their character would know how much something would cost. I can't think of any occasion (of course, I could be wrong) where appraising the value of something is an important story detail. Sure, you may want to examine (Perception check) to see if it's real or a forgery, but the MSRP isn't that important. For non-important details like this I would go to Story Points, declare facts, and move on.
  15. I'm not sure where this is coming from. The rules explicitly allow this. The talent say, "When the character suffers a hit from a Ranged (Light), Ranged (Heavy), or Gunnery combat check…" you can reduce the damage. A blaster set on stun is still a Ranged (L/H) combat check, so it fits within the guidelines. Nothing in the Stun setting description that says it can't be reflected. As far as I can recall, the only "evidence" we have of parry not working is from Tim Zhan's Heir to the Empire trilogy. I can't think of anything else that says "you can't parry stun bolts". And, as @EliasWindrider mentioned above, we do see Ahsoka doing it in what is considered canon now-a-days. So rule-of-cool says you can. Rules-as-written says you can. Hêll, even Lucas Film/Disney says you can. The rules don't say you can't because you can.
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