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    Have you looked into Realms of Terrinoth? It’s the fantasy supplement for Genesys. Or, if you prefer, 5e GCRB has some of the fantasy species in the example fantasy chapter. It’s just that RoT has three or so ‘sub-species’ for each species, so it gives you more options.
  2. I’ve been working on vehicle creation for Genesys, and noticed something interesting. For the most part, vehicles have a cap of 1 weapon per silhouette. Large vehicles (silhouette 5+) instead have a cap of one weapon emplacement per silhouette. An emplacement, it seems, can have up to 15 identical weapons in one fire arc. of course, some military ships break this cap—most notably the ISD and the LAAT/I. But that’s could be a “military chassis” that increases the limit by 50% (which would allow for about 80% of the vehicles I checked this against).
  3. No, it’s only applies once. If the target is two or more Silhouette smaller, increase Difficulty once (add one purple die). It doesnt matter if it’s a sil8 shooting a time a sil6 or a sil1, it’s still just one extra purple. On the flip side, of you’re target is two or more Silhouette larger, reduce the difficulty by 1 (remove a purple die).
  4. c__beck

    Fallout Genesys Hack

    That’s not what Astrocartography is. “The Astrocartography skill covers the understanding, use, and development of star charts, including mapping undiscovered systems. It also covers your character plotting courses for interstellar travel.“ (CRB57). If you want map reading and compass use, that’s Survival.
  5. c__beck

    Discord Dev Chat, Part 1

    Hey everyone! A little bit ago the admin team of the Discord server, Facebook Group and subreddit had on FFG's own Sam Stewart, Tim Huckleberry and Tim Cox to discuss Genesys. For those who were not able to attend the live chat, I now happily give you part 1 (of 2) of that chat. Enjoy! A special thanks to @SkyJedi , @Korlall, @drainsmith and @eowarion for their participation in this. Great team! https://excess-advantage.com/18
  6. c__beck

    Mounts and Encumbrance

    Why not? It’s encumbrance, not carrying weight. Encumbrance measures the bulk of an item, and a sil0 creature doesn’t have that much less “bulk-capacity” than a sil1. in addition, if a sil0 creature didn’t use the 5+Br rule, it would be noted in the Small ability description. It’s not, and thus there are no special encumbrance rules for them.
  7. c__beck

    Discord Dev Chat

    Nothing new was discussed, no. But it’s was a good chat talking about design decisions, personal input on the game and the like. FFG staff are not allowed to talk about things that have yet to be announced, so it was all just discussion about exisiting things.
  8. c__beck

    Dice Probability Question

    Don’t forget the incredible AnyDice page. You can change around your dice pool, the set it to show you ‘at least’ to find out the chance of success.
  9. c__beck

    Custom Rules/Talents for Vehicle Repair

    Three things come to mind immediately: The Aid manoeuvre. One character can do this twice to add two boost dice to the carpenter’s check. Two assistants means four boost dice! That'll help for sure Create a tier 1 ranked talent based off of Surgeon (CRB74) that increases HTT recovered by your number of ranks Allow your carpenter to spend one, maybe two, Triumphs to make the roll again in the next round. Akin to how the regen potion in Terrinoth works
  10. c__beck

    Discord Dev Chat

    I currently haven 2 episodes to release, so in a month or so, most likely.
  11. c__beck

    Military Vehicles?

  12. c__beck

    Discord Dev Chat

  13. c__beck

    Discord Dev Chat

    Live interview with FFG Genesys Game Developers Join us tomorrow (Oct 19 6:15pm Central, 7:15 Eastern) for a live interview with Sam Stewart, Tim Huckelbery, and Tim Cox. The whole Genesys community is invited to listen in on Discord. We will be discussing their thoughts on the development of Genesys, getting into the process behind some of the mechanics, and getting their reactions to how the community is shaping up. We hope to see you all there! https://discord.gg/yu82RTQ
  14. c__beck

    Player Locator

    North America Canada — Kamloops, BC — eowarion USA — Little Rock, AR — Kaosoe USA — Gilbert, AZ — pendrake777 USA — Maricopa, AZ — Hutchback USA — Los Angeles, CA — Morphology USA — San Francisco, CA — verdantsf USA — Dunnellon, FL — ESP77 USA — Jacksonville, FL — Hawkwerd USA — Atlanta, GA — Vyzzini USA — Overland Park, KS — GrumpyBatman USA — Wichita, KS — Simon Retold USA — Lexington, KY — RAPigeon USA — Waldorf, MD — Bobus X USA — Grand Blanc, MI — lord_luapssor USA — Pine City, MN — Gandalf9700 USA — Andover, MN — TheSapient USA — Rochester, MN — JDKain USA — Ramsey, MN — Zszree USA — Kansas City, MO — Jedifish USA — St. Louis, MO — Gilbur USA — Heidelberg, MS — ObiWanBilbo USA — Omaha, NE — Captain Kent USA — Brooklyn, NY — Yeti1069 USA — Cleveland, OH — c__beck USA — Toledo, OH — HaphazardNinja USA — Ashland, OR — lecudas USA — West Warwick, RI — kurido USA — Darlington, SC — Kakita Shijin USA — Lockhart, TX — DrainSmith USA — Princeton, TX — BlamedCat (CST, UTC-0600) USA — San Antonio, TX — ArtWend (CST, UTC-0600) USA — San Antonio, TX — sillywilly4 USA — Orem, UT — SwivelDiscourse USA — Newport News, VA — Ahrimon USA — Virginia Beach, VA — TheSourceHD USA — Woodbridge, VA — Fanggrip USA — Poulsbo, WA— Lyinggod USA — Seattle, WA — Noldorian USA — Milwaukee, WI — GM Stark Europe CET (GMT + 1 November - March, GMT + 2 April - October) Austria — Vienna — PzVIE Austria — Vienna — Klort France — Auvergne — WolfRider Germany — Düsseldorf — DarthDude Germany — Mannheim — Mehsaa Germany — Munich — JohnChildermass Germany — Ratisbon (Regensburg) — FeBommel Germany — Stuttgart — Siabrac Norway — Oslo region — Morridini Italy — Rimini — Lord_Lele UK — England (BST in Summer, otherwise GMT) — West Midlands — Martinslair Denmark — Copenhagen — Kalanthros Middle EastIsrael — Lod (GMT+2) — Derrigan_Bluewave  Oceania Australia — Sydney, NSW (GMT +10 May to September, +11 October to April) — endersai Australia — Geelong, Vic (GMT +10 May to September, +11 October to April) — Richardbuxton Australia — Adelaide, SA (GMT +9.5 May to September, +10.5 October to April) — RagingJim Australia — Adelaide, SA (GMT +9.5 May to September, +10.5 October to April) — tafattel Australia — Radelaide, SA (GMT +9.5 May to September, +10.5 October to April) — just_chris Australia — Radelaide, SA (GMT +9.5 May to September, +10.5 October to April) — Kavemank