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  1. Keep in mind that Dangerous Driving is only when the pilot "performs an improbable feat of operating prowess." So with a capital battle in the background there's no check needed. Due to the way that other games handle Piloting checks most people assume they're needed all the time. But they're not. Flying near a capital ship isn't enough. But flying around a capital ship while dodging enemy fire? Sure, make a check, otherwise you might crash. And I think that's the litmus test: is there a real chance of colliding with something? If yes, Dangerous Driving.
  2. Being in control of a vehicle isn't an action or a manœuvre, it's more like a state of being. Either your character is in control of a vehicle or they aren't. An unconscious character, for example, is unable to be in control of a vehicle. Nor is one who is not in the cockpit.
  3. We have the most recent version of the community font available for download here.
  4. That doc is…well, there's no polite way to say it: it's bad. It's full of homebrew talents that have no concept of balance nor any idea of how Genesys is different than SWRPG. And a fair number of the SWRPG talents have been condensed into a singular talent in Genesys. For instance, SWRPG has a host of talents that basically say, "remove one setback per rank to [specific skill check] in [specific circumstance]." Which, in Genesys, is replaced by the Knack for It talent. Or the plethora of "add +1 damage to [combat skill] attacks per rank" is replaced by Lucky Strike. As a rules guy, the lack of balance and scattershot nature of that doc just makes me cringe.
  5. Note that the three threats in the table say another character is affected as well. Meaning the spell still hits the intended target. This option for Barrier makes it target the other character only. Small but important difference.
  6. Most likely a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand was doing. RoT and the CRB were in development at around the same time, so it's very possible that an early version of Reflection worked on all attacks and was changed after the necromancer was designed. Or it could be that the author of the necromancer just didn't read the Reflection effect properly. No way to know for sure, unfortunately. In any case, it's best if you follow the CRB Reflection so your players don't get upset that the adversary can do something they can't. Unless, of course, you add a new ability for the necromancer that makes it work on all attacks 😉
  7. You're still thinking in SWRPG terms. This is Genesys, things work very differently. Characters don't get magnitude or strength upgrades, there's a base effect, and anything else you want to add to it increases the difficulty. Range, targets, etc all increase the difficulty, they don't require more strain or additional purchases of talents. Also, your Poseidon has a talent that gives ranks in other talents…and either you meant to say Rapid Reaction or you're, again, using SWRPG things, because Rapid Recovery doesn't exist. And if you want to do a mod for SWRPG that's fine, but this is the Genesys boards. We critique things in the way they work using the Genesys rules set.
  8. I mean that the power tree itself is a bad structure. It taxes players XP for things that shouldn't cost XP. Take a look at the magic system, you'll see that there are no trees to be seen. It's all about your character's skill level and what they're willing to add to the difficulty.
  9. First thing that jumps to mind is never give ranks in talents to your archetypes. It messes with the talent pyramid is wonky and bad ways. I go over this (and much more) in Archetypal Species, my Foundry doc about making your own stuff. Second thing I notice is your Starting XP (for those archetypes you have it on) are wrong. Zeus should be 105 starting XP and Poseidon should only have 95 starting XP. And it seems you're following in the (bad) footsteps of SWRPG Force powers. Please don't do that, there's a reason things are more simple and easier (with less of an XP tax) in Genesys. Please assume SWRPG doesn't exist, because so many bad design decisions have been corrected in Genesys.
  10. c__beck


  11. What do you mean by "a graphic"? I don't understand the question.
  12. Mindshaper from the psionic species?
  13. Control water sounds like a focused form of telekinesis. Which I would say is a –5 XP ability. Underwater survival is –10 XP (amphibious, CRB193). Creating a hurricane could be the Conjure spell with a limit on water-based things, or the Attack spell if it's used to deal damage. Attack spell with the Lightning additional effect. So my suggestion for a modified Signature Spell talent feels right. Super high Charm skill? Knack for It (Charm)? An ability that adds some boost dice or upgrades to social checks?
  14. As with anytime someone asks about "super powers" (which, let's be honest, that's what demigods are: super heroes!) I always go to the Signature Spell talent. Make it ranked and each rank is a new "power" for your character. Of course, for more "always on" powers that don't require skill checks, just make some talents. If you can get your hands on the Keyforge book, Secrets of the Crucible, there's a bunch of new abilities and talents to steal from. That being said, which option you use (specific magic or talents) depends on what you're looking for with the powers. It's been a while since I've read the books, so I'm not as up-to-snuff as I could be. If you provide specific examples it'll be easier to give concrete mechanics for you to use!
  15. I highly suggest RPGSessions for their online game table. It's got Story Points, initiative tracker, PC sheets, the works! Vehicles and adversaries aren't working in the Game Table yet, though, but it's an amazing tool!
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