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  1. We could always hope that a third party might publish compilations, with bonus material, in a manner similar to what Goodman Games has done with Into the Borderlands. Only the licensing might be an issue, then.
  2. I was referring to their use of humor, not their sales. FFG's SW RPG line is doing QUITE well for them, obviously. As for WOTC, their SW RPG lines did nothing but crash and burn right out of the gate, even after the SAGA edition cleaned up the system and made a valiant attempt to be playable at all. But there was no profit in it for them, most of the line was paid for out of their own pockets, out of their love of the brand. Only the MINIATURES line did well for them, and that paid for most of the publication of the SAGA edition. That said, the MINIATURES line wasn't even a fifth as successful as X-WING has been for FFG.
  3. I always just looked them up as needed. don't remember if that was the first RPG I had seen that collected the charts at the back of the book like that, but it sure was helpful in its time. Love how that's become a standard since!
  4. You really don't even need to wait for such things. Just go old school like in 87 - write off your characters onto notebook paper and refer to the charts and tables at the back of the book as needed. Really, I only ever got the GM screen for the adventure.
  5. It's kinda' weird (but nice) I found them a day and a half B4 FFG announced their availability. Guess my FLGS jumped a projected street date? That said, all of you who are getting it ARE getting it at last, so not really a big whoop. Enjoy it to the last!
  6. It wouldn't make sense to continue this line without having produced all the rules upgrades as well (especially when they know everyone can send their files to lulu.com for printing). That said, it would be nice if they could reprint Crisis on Cloud City just to give us deluxe printed versions of the Sabacc cards!
  7. In addition to these books, as it happens, I also received a couple of online orders of West End Games' STAR TREK board games from the 1980's. In the "Adventure Game" (a paragraph game not unlike Legacy of Dragonholt) the last three paragraphs are just adds for WEG's other games! I really miss that kind of humor, and it's exemplary of why STAR WARS was actually such a good fit for their company - people forget that the SW movies are as funny as they are, and that humor is a key ingredient to capturing it's flavor. Its why the Wizards of the Coast material failed so craptastically. FFG haven't exactly rolled in it either, but at least its there and sometimes very subtle. But the best thing about having the 30th anniversary books is to skim over things and finding those golden nuggets of humor. My favorite? The quote for the Loyal Retainer template: "Certainly m'lord. Yes m'lord. As you say, m'lord."
  8. They're most exactly the same as the books of old, so there isn't much to comment about, but I did love the updated ad pages at that back that advertise the other FFG SWRPG stuff instead of Ghostbusters and Paranoia, etc. The funniest was the replacement for the Han Solo collector's plate! The slipcase is nice, but I hated that unsavable paper wrap-around. Maybe should have been a double slip-case?
  9. I think the thing you should forward to the most is fast-and-easy character creation. Be sure to read the backgrounds on ALL of the templates, not just the pilots you are interested in (like even you said, ANY of them can also be pilots - just spend your dice on pilots skills). You'll be surprised at what catches you unexpectedly and flares up your imagination. I had this game for YEARS before I finally read that TOUGH NATIVE template and I pretty much slapped myself for not having read it sooner! Shoulda' been my first character! Perfect for those galactic ignorant creatures who come from that weird TL8 Garden World that is third planet from its sun! You know, the one where it's single-species, but multiple racial society (with varied creatures) is purposely kept ignorant of REAL SPACE mechanics (these idiots actually believe there is no sound in space, [yeah right]) and the citizens are kept brainwashed into believing they are alone in the galaxy? Remember you can keep the template type but scrap the official background and customize it to your liking, or even just use the rules they give to easily customize a whole new template! Why be just a GAMBLER when you can be a GRUFF INTERGALACTIC A-HOLE SUMBITCH' GAMBLER? And the rules for alien creation are in there, so you won't even NEED stats for any that don't already appear! For a game that focuses on only the OT you'll be surprised at the amount of imagination WEG were able to put into this; it is far more open and flexible than FFG's current games - and that's coming from someone who loves what FFG are doing. The amount of humor throughout the book is excellent too. People forget that what made SW so good in the first place is that it had as much comedy as every other genre combined into one film! Supposedly the game takes place after ANH, but then there is an Ewok template! THIS DOES NOT MAKE SENSE! How can a wookie be happy on a planet full of Ewoks? THIS DOES NOT MAKE SENSE! No seriously, be sure to gaze at those adventure hooks, too (one of which is set during the events of ESB, so there you go) ! They're all so superbly written, and so simple you'll be eager to campaign play through all of them, or even write up some of your own! You probably will ditch the idea of mass combat for a while, there is just so much other fun stuff happening in this game. To me Mass Combat in this game was just a matter of GM narrative fiat, but I think they covered it in a later supplement anyway (I'm thinking the Rebel Spec Force Operatives (?) book? Then there was always the D6 Miniature Combat rules for skirmishes anyway. Just use that to cover your heroes and blow out the background with descriptive noise and explosions! Yee-hah! !
  10. Well...since we're bragging rights here.... I have all of FFG's SW RPG material minus the beta books, AOR and FAD beginner box sets (meant to buy them only if things got "slow" but that never really happened). I have three of the dice sets (1 from the EOTE box, 1 from a blister pack, and 1 from the FA box) and have yet to have needed any more than that. I also pass on the specialization decks (just write/type down what you need to know and mark the page number for reference!). If they ever compile them into box sets then maybe I would consider them. I DO get all the other decks though - excellent for random encounters or even quick random PC generation challenges. Wound and damage cards are excellent as temp trackers. I hope they'd make cards of planets/systems for much of the same conveniences. Apart from the Rebellion board games, I also do not buy any other FFG SW game materials (eventually I will get the cargo freighters from the X-Wing line, though). For I am not a millionaire! I have about 70% of WOTC's SW RPG material. The first two editions were pretty bad and the supplements were bland, so I cherry picked only what looked good enough (e.g. Campaign Guide)! They didn't really nail it until SAGA edition (for that I got everything except the GM screen) and even then the D20 system was just slow playing and clunky - decent character creation was about all I ever got out of this one. Eventually I'll pick up what's missing second hand if I can get it at decent prices. I only bought a small handful of the mini's, just out of curiosity - but I'd rather use action figures at the game table anyways! I have the ENTIRE West End Games SW RPG collection (caveat: minus many 2nd edition "reprint" materials, "classic adventures" etc.). I am only missing the adventure journals, and I want them, but rarely see them at reasonable prices. I did get the first 10 minis box sets, and even the Miniature Battles core rules, but I passed when it came to other mini's related materials. To this day it's fun to just grab any random book out of this line and just marvel at how well they really captured the flavor of its universe...even in the early modules where the art and graphics were less than stellar, WEG's true strength was in the writing and the atmosphere!
  11. I like the Cypher cards in Cypher System (esp. Cyphers, Artefacts, Creatures). I think I would bring those, and the play for using them, into the Genesys narrative dice system (my problem with Cypher System itself is that wacky skill generation system. Kill it.).
  12. New...for the End of the World RPG: RPG Licensing Apocalypse! Your friends are all over one night for a session of your favorite RPG, when all of a sudden, they realize the game's license is about to expire! Oh, the humanity! What will you do? Four available scenarios: run to the nearest game store to buy a generic system, storm the publishing house to force them to continue the game, go after the lawyers, or design a new game from the ground up! Each scenario is presented in both apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic outlines! Not new, not coming this fall (or ever) from FFG. !
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